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I care!!
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This guy is awesome
06/23/20 10:53 AM

He diagnosed my friend's overdose after they just said they had cold feet.

I'm sorry for being a dick to you in the past man. I hope you come back, you're the man!

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ɢᄋᄋd ԲᄋЯ ᄁᄋȚᅢΙᄁɢ ᄂᄋ₩ᄂΙԲᄐ
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08/07/16 01:24 AM

OfflineSevero Blizzard
Viva La Résistance!
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from shallowbastard
09/28/15 02:25 PM

from the bastard


Registered: 08/24/13
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09/18/15 05:00 PM

She can't dump you if she's chasing you!


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08/13/15 05:52 PM


The Doobie Dude said:

Xplicit RelapzZ said:
But in all honesty who needs sex on mdma when you are cuddling with your girl and tongue wrestling with her goods down stairs if know what I'm saying

I don't even think you know what you are saying.

HotSauce Lover

Registered: 05/04/13
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08/10/15 10:42 AM

Could be :zoom:


The Doobie Dude said:
Drugs do not show you the truth.  You are delusional.

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07/21/15 12:58 PM


"Bassfreak we all know you are not going to do shit to this kid, you're too beta.  Besides you don't lift, your "punches" will be like a middle school girls slumber party pillow fight.  I bet the kid didn't even do it either, you're just a custy and can't accept it. "
Bluefoot Bandit
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You're pretty cool yourself
06/12/15 12:03 PM

It's always good to think things through.


And of course I love the Dead.
۞̷ ̶۞̷ ̶
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Permaban Doobie Dude 2015
06/02/15 06:33 PM


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The Doobie Dude responded on 06/03/15 04:12 AM:

Are you really trying to egg on a clearly emotionally unstable individual to call the police and have a well respected shroomery member arrested?!?!  You really need to check yourself man.

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you go glen coco
05/26/15 11:21 PM

seem like a chill dude, good posts. :sunny:
Satan's Grandson
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fuck you
05/19/15 04:48 PM

you're chill... i guess.
Lord Moldy-Butt

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05/18/15 03:26 PM

Keep it up!
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Awesome dude!
05/14/15 11:32 AM

Love your posts man! Keep up the good work :seriousthumbsup:
Oh baby what Is you doin??
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Back at ya
05/12/15 09:58 AM

I wish you'd change your avatar back though :sad:
OfflineEllis Dee
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An amusing personality!
05/11/15 11:02 AM

We could use more pot stirring fellows like this good old boy!

Seal Whisperer
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Good tipper
05/02/15 04:19 PM

Thank you not only for your rating, but for having the understanding that people can actually appreciate what they can do for one another out ov respect instead ov obligation.
otd president
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04/21/15 12:06 AM

your need to sexualize everything is what is disgusting.  maybe if you'd get laid sometime you will stop leaving disgusting and inappropriate comments in the forums.
Trippage! / Loving
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+5 for Jak and Daxter
04/19/15 03:10 PM


I've seen you around dude! :cheers:


Registered: 05/22/14
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04/16/15 11:08 AM

I had to give you a new rating after that post. Thanks Scooby Doobie Dude!

Registered: 07/22/13
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User below driven by emotions
04/13/15 03:33 PM


Troll game on fleek  :rofl:
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