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Millennial Hippy
Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/22/13
Posts: 563
Last seen: 5 years, 5 months
Christanity and whatnot
03/12/15 03:34 PM

Haven't seen you around too much, but I have to give you a :thumbup: for your ideas and theories
Yoga Gypsy
Female User Gallery

Registered: 12/27/98
Posts: 11,167
Loc: Ontario
I tried
03/10/15 09:12 PM

...but you're just spiteful, mean and self-righteous.

Registered: 01/03/11
Posts: 1,598
Last seen: 3 months, 16 days
if i could give you 6 shrooms i would.
03/10/15 03:55 AM

your posts are pure gold. I have many of them printed and saved.

thank you for taking the time to make so many well-thought-out, articulate posts. you're the fuckin man

Spacerific responded on 03/11/15 06:10 AM:

Printed! Made my day to read this.
I shall most definitely refer back to this rating when feeling down and need a boost :biggrin:


DMT is metaphysical
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Registered: 07/21/08
Posts: 8,728
Loc: Ontario, Canada, Flag
Last seen: 1 hour, 23 minutes
Can be quite the character...
02/18/15 03:12 PM

But gives really good advice. i like you :hug:

Registered: 01/18/15
Posts: 1,073
Last seen: 2 years, 11 months
You´re a genuine great guy
02/11/15 07:47 PM

Who knows about stuff

Last Edited 03/18/15 01:04 PM
well whatever nevermind

Registered: 01/23/15
Posts: 245
Loc: the eternal friendzone
Last seen: 5 years, 8 months
02/01/15 04:13 PM

For always giving in depth advice to people on their problems
The Farfarer.

Registered: 09/28/12
Posts: 2,552
Loc: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Flag
Last seen: 7 months, 9 days
We don't always agree
01/31/15 11:00 PM

And half the time I think your completely fucking bonkers... but its obvious that your passionate and you care about others, and I think thats pretty awesome... even if you could do with laying off the tin-foil chewing from time to time :laugh:

Spacerific responded on 02/01/15 12:28 PM:

What? But all my alien friends recommend tinfoil chewing as an excellent immune system booster and all around tonic :lol:


Registered: 01/28/10
Posts: 1,142
Last seen: 3 years, 6 months
01/26/15 12:38 AM

Some people get it, most don't, but you do.

Spacerific responded on 01/26/15 08:04 AM:

:raisemyglass: :biggrin:


Registered: 10/05/12
Posts: 856
Last seen: 2 years, 7 months
Clean Spirit
01/12/15 02:02 AM

Great opinions. Please stay honest like you do. I think your a valuable person in society and I would love knowing people like you exist.
Invisiblepoke smot!
floccinocci floofinator

Registered: 01/08/03
Posts: 5,244
Grow up please
12/29/14 04:50 PM

Came asking P&MWB about how to deal with ignorant people, and along the way shot down every suggestion other than his own. Less-than-succinct responses expound his intolerance of anyone living in a manner outside his approved prescriptions.


I hope you find some peace, guy. I hope my words weren't wasted. :scaryshroom:

Spacerific responded on 12/30/14 02:58 PM:

They were wasted. You are in fact a big bundle of waste :aliendance:

Heart of the Sun

Registered: 03/26/13
Posts: 263
Loc: Strange North
Last seen: 5 years, 5 months
12/14/14 03:58 AM

Re: Re: Nutrition and diet book/ website or just any recommendations

I really feel I know what you're going through, just keep pushing and don't let anyone stop you from doing what you know is right! :congrats:
Test Subject

Registered: 04/30/11
Posts: 748
Well informed
12/13/14 09:34 PM

Been enjoying reading some of your posts on nutrition and solo-prenuer life style. Keep it up :thumbup:


Registered: 10/19/11
Posts: 483
Loc: belgium
Last seen: 6 years, 1 month
Cool dude
12/08/14 06:16 PM

Thanks for the travel tips

Last Edited 12/08/14 06:16 PM
Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/03/10
Posts: 4,226
Loc: New Zealand Flag
Last seen: 30 days, 19 hours
One onto it dude
12/03/14 11:01 PM

I particularly enjoyed you whacking Ped with the TruthStick haha
Magical Badger Catcher
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/20/14
Posts: 414
Loc: Galloway
Last seen: 4 years, 1 month
gave me some good advice
12/01/14 09:10 PM

And some good vibes. Rock on man :smile:
won't you please help my dog
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Registered: 11/17/09
Posts: 12,167
Loc: PNW Flag
Last seen: 12 hours, 17 minutes
Here's 5 more
11/28/14 06:48 PM

Can't believe I've never rated ya!

Devourer of Chicken Wings

Registered: 06/23/13
Posts: 1,699
Loc: Earth
Last seen: 2 years, 6 months
stellershnaps post- great advice
11/26/14 10:45 PM

i see even stellarshnap gave you credit for such a blunt and honest post, albeit he is still wrestling with some of the illuminations you have revealed about his character/behavior. you are one of the few voices of reason on this site. kudos and i bequeath onto thee 5 shrooms.

Last Edited 11/26/14 10:46 PM
Poet who doesn't know it

Registered: 05/24/12
Posts: 646
Last seen: 4 years, 1 month
11/26/14 07:46 PM

You gave me some real advice. You seem like you can be kind of an asshole, sending women back to their pussy bf's and what not, but I digress. You took the time and effort to make that post. I appreciate that a lot. I think you have some misconceptions regarding my goals, probably cause of the way you perceive the game. You are however undeniably right in many regards, and I respect that you bluntly and frankly illuminated my obvious shortcomings. I respect your opinions, despite my disagreements with some of them. You've got a voice worth hearing. Have a good one man. 

Last Edited 11/26/14 08:11 PM
The Thread Killer
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Registered: 11/14/10
Posts: 1,003
11/21/14 04:18 PM

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." —Warren Buffett
happy mutant
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Registered: 04/06/00
Posts: 10,848
Loc: Portland, OR
11/14/14 06:16 AM

I can't tolerate you getting rating raped by those heavily imprinted with domestic, socio-sexual tribal morals... So 5 shrooms off-balance the social networking hive mentality...

Spacerific responded on 11/14/14 09:48 AM:

Much appreciated and returned in kind :heart:

Refreshing :biggrin:


Registered: 08/04/09
Posts: 5,808
I have mixed feelings about you
11/14/14 12:14 AM

Sometimes you come off overly pompous and narcissistic but I think you have great advice and in that narcissism there's a person that maybe does care.  Even if it's a fasad, your advice can be mulled and applied by viewers with positive fruits and your long-windedness is evident of something synonymous to caring.  I imagine some of your posts take quite some time to formulate.

I'm not sure that I like you or dislike you or what the fuck you are, but you're a poster that I read when I see you in a thread, so keep on keepin on and thanks for the little back and forth in that tread where I touched on my melodrama :cheers:

Spacerific responded on 11/14/14 09:41 AM:

Thank you kindly my good man, it's a breath of fresh air to see some sincere thought out ratings, after so many rushed snap judgments from others :thumbup:

I think if you have mixed reactions to my stuff then that's actually good. It shows I'm a complex being (as are we all) and have not been afraid to show both the regular and the strange sides of my personality. Makes posts worth reading and adds spice and edge to life, if we get more complex emotional reactions going :biggrin:

Some of the posts do indeed take time to write, and I actually like it that way, as it both helps me clarify my own processes and beliefs, as well as drive the point home that life's problems rarely have quick fixes. It's a pleasure conversing with you, so I shall return the nice rating (if I haven't done so already). :cheers:

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out
 User Gallery

Registered: 09/08/10
Posts: 14,327
Narcisitic manipulator
10/24/14 05:08 PM

Manipulates weak / insecure women for his own gain, all while pretending that he is some amazing shaman healer doing them a favour and changing their lives by manipulating them into having sex with him.
InvisibleInto The Woods
Quarantine King

Registered: 04/20/13
Posts: 10,864
That poor girl did nothing to deserve what you have done to her
10/23/14 12:24 AM

Forcing your rotting penis into a tender woman's vagina is unforgiveable.

Spacerific responded on 10/23/14 10:44 AM:

Hehe, envy and jealousy.

Life's a bitch sometimes, isn't it? :satansmoking:

Burke is love, burke is life.

Registered: 01/18/12
Posts: 6,755
Last seen: 3 years, 11 months
This fucker...
10/22/14 01:59 AM

Uses his hippy logic/belief systems to con women into waxing his pole.

That thread really disgusts me dude, and that says alot about the shit you said in it... Not alot does disgust me ex junkie. Lay of the psychedelics and come back to reality or go back on your own medication. Stop fucking with other peoples lifes. One day there will be consequences.

Edit: after what yogabunny said about you trying to lure women away at shows who have boyfriends. Your a piece of shit man. I would gladly ruin all the shroomy vibes at a fest. a put you in your place, by that I mean knock you out. You have this fucked up vision of life that you are better, enlightened, so you are entitle to do what you want to who you want. You are the definition of a sexual predator. I can only pray to whatever higher power may exist that you don't make the jump to children.
Like really I understand violence isn't always the answer, but I would most definitely be able to justify going aggro on you if you tried that shit with a cousin, sister, or girlfriend.

Last Edited 10/22/14 01:57 PM

Spacerific responded on 10/22/14 08:48 AM:

The disgust is in your own head homie, has nothing to do with me. You're just finding excuses.

Also, you are bullshit for rating me zero stars, after saying with your own mouth that my earlier advice was sound and actually helped you. It shows you rush into things and are easily drawn into negative emotions. None of that has anything to do with me.

The fact that you're disgusted speaks about you being esily disgusted with life, not about my thread. Here, link for anybody interested. I have nothing to hide.

InvisibleSophistic Radiance
Free sVs!

Registered: 07/11/06
Posts: 43,135
Loc: Center of the Universe
10/21/14 09:27 PM


Last Edited 10/21/14 09:28 PM
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