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OfflineBlue Cthulhu
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Registered: 05/27/19
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Love your posts
01/09/24 08:53 AM

and the wise reflections through hard earned experience
Homo sapiens sapiens, lol

Registered: 07/25/17
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You are a moron
12/17/23 07:22 PM



wolf8312 responded on 12/18/23 09:59 PM:

Huuum. :strokebeard:

Could a rating that reads "You are a moron" have any chance itself of not having been posted by an utter moron?

Checks out!

Last Edited 12/19/23 01:53 AM

Offlinetree frog
eats bugs
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A clown that somehow doesn't scare me
12/06/23 05:01 AM

I do tend to get into dichotomies especially when I'm going through it so I enjoyed your comments.
Taoist, Writer, Student, Artist
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To laugh and to cry.
11/19/23 11:10 PM

Comedy and tragedy. The duality of existence.
The true clown experience.
Makes good contributions.
But still has that sense of humor.
Have a 5! 3 for perfect duality.
Consistently defends conspiracy theories.
Makes attacks on character when ran out of argument points.
Seems like a really cool trippy guy other than that though.

To clarify because of the response. This person is vehemently anti-trans, anti-vaccine, and genuinely seems to enjoy
“triggering dah Libs.”
This person is not a very deep thinker. They just like their talking points that they’ve had hammered into their head by pundits.
Calling somebody names is insulting someone’s character. Pointing out the duality of your existence is just tragic. It isn’t funny and I’m not making fun of you for it. Your opinions are flawed and concerning.
If you don’t like somebody. But then Democrats don’t like them so you begin becoming their fanboy. That’s gross sycophantic zealot behavior. You should analyze why. Because you’re acting like a pawn in someone else’s game.

AstraZeneca doesn’t cause blood clotting. People that got the Johnson & Johnson or Astra vaccine while they were already sick with the common cold were at risk of blood clotting.

Covid vaccines are safe.
Go ahead and provide more propaganda to try and disprove that. I will still be here.

Last Edited 05/09/24 09:46 PM

wolf8312 responded on 05/04/24 04:13 AM:


To be fair though, is calling someone a 'conspiracy theorist' (or delusional as in the link above etc.) not a quintessential example of 'an attack on a persons character having run out of argument points' GC? :smile:

Lets be fair here. When it comes to mocking and attacking those who question state (and Shroomery political forum) approved or mainstream narratives (Ukraine, COVID, Trans issues, Trump, etc.) you can give as good as you get GC, and are not exactly polite in how you go about it! That's fine by me, but I will push back.
Questioning government/media/social media narratives is perfectly rational behavior, what's absurd IMO, is that so many have allowed themselves to be convinced that anyone who does question these billionaire oligarch-controlled command structures must be mentally deranged!
Less and less people are buying these smear-tactics post COVID though it has to be said.

And is questioning the state not certainly far less irrational (giving that history was basically a ceaseless series of horrifying atrocities) than questioning the nature of hyperspace or consensual reality, which happens every day on this forum?

Also GC, ask yourself honestly. When it comes to something like the COVID vaccine.
Are you open minded or an absolutist? 
Myself I wouldn't go near it! But I also suspect that perhaps disinformation is being fed in from both sides!

AstraZeneca just withdrew its ‘vaccine’ by the way admitting finally that it does indeed cause blood clots!

Last Edited 05/09/24 08:14 PM

OfflineLoaded Shaman
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Registered: 03/02/15
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A Very With It Member
01/05/21 05:36 AM

:wizard: :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2: a very magical 5/5!
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Registered: 12/03/13
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11/22/20 09:15 PM

:print: shroomery rocks!
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Registered: 03/16/05
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Intelligent Poster
11/11/20 07:56 PM

You did really well against Enlil in the Joe Biden political forum thread.  Very impressive.  :thumbup:  :mushroom2:
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Registered: 07/04/20
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Very smart with security
09/26/20 01:31 AM

Even as people say "you're paranoid" to things like that.
It's good to be careful.
Din of Doom
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Registered: 12/21/08
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Just Because
06/09/20 10:00 AM

InvisibleThe Blind Ass
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 08/16/16
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Competent poster & a solid shroomery member
06/04/20 02:03 PM

+ 5 for you
Grand Old Fart
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Registered: 02/17/04
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Time for
03/22/20 06:38 AM

Re: Re: China steps up as global leader against coronavirus

5 more...:vinsue: . . . :peace:
splelling chceker
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Registered: 07/29/12
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Good guy
09/14/19 04:35 AM

I've enjoyed reading your honest and relatable posts. Stay true, you're awesome.  :peace:
Shamanic Panic
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Registered: 07/31/09
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Loc: magic sugarcastle
Lovely post on Aya
09/23/16 07:24 PM

Made me see my experience in a new light - and I like that its written candidly! Thank you for sharing :flowers:


wolf8312 responded on 10/07/16 08:16 AM:

Thank you! Do you mind if I ask out of curiosity how you perceived your own Aya experience before reading?

Last Edited 10/07/16 08:18 AM

bunbun has a gungun
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Registered: 05/09/03
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Awesome Info!
11/21/15 02:51 AM

You know a LOT about chem obviously.

Thanks for all the awesome posts!
HotSauce Lover

Registered: 05/04/13
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good advice
10/15/15 09:39 PM

good advice

Registered: 01/30/15
Posts: 2,594
You're a very wise person.
08/07/15 07:04 AM

I read your replies on a thread titled "My mushroom tolerance has been raised pretty drastically all of a sudden" & I couldn't agree more with you. That is why I am giving you this rating. I hope to see you around the Shroomery. :thumbup:

wolf8312 responded on 09/27/15 12:56 PM:

Aw shucks! Thanks dude you cheered me up with your kind message! :thumbup:

Restful Soul
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 03/11/13
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Fuck yeah
02/27/15 02:58 PM

:justastonishing: :manofapproval:
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Registered: 05/31/07
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04/04/14 11:12 PM


Registered: 02/25/13
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I like your posts man!
01/02/14 12:29 PM

Keep up the awesome!:peace:
Cause theyre always great to read.

Good vibrations!:flowerchild:
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Registered: 08/04/09
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Take 5
08/28/13 03:58 AM

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