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02/06/17 04:18 PM

Take 5.
last to leave the party
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01/12/16 10:49 PM

"Take it to PM's if you feel that strongly.  You always seem to have some off hand "Moonshoe knows best" comment to add."

hit the nail on the head. kid needs to move out of his parents house and get a grip on D real life.
CS actual
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11/06/15 01:51 AM

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Your vibrational content

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11/02/15 07:53 PM

A bore.
Probably Relapsing on Heroin
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Here's 5
11/02/15 08:24 AM


TheGreenArrow responded on 11/02/15 10:28 AM:


HotSauce Lover

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08/22/15 08:00 AM


TheGreenArrow said:
I watched a buddy of mine accidentally dose himself 2 times and ate 50 mgs at once.  He completely lost reality around him and started "ohm-ing" for 3 hours.  It was funny but holy shit man  I've got neighbors.  :lolsy:

satta massa gana
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Really cool WCA dude
07/10/15 01:45 PM

and if I recall correctly a talented jazz trumpeter. Mad respect for that. Your presence has definitely been missed in WCA the past week or two, hope things are going good with you man.
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06/25/15 10:13 AM

Cool dude. Speaks the truth and seems genuine.

Stay Safely Altered!

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06/06/15 09:53 PM


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luv this
05/22/15 08:20 AM

Re: Re: My Final Report.

Great description. .....

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I stumbled upon a post
04/13/15 10:39 PM

that said you were listening to No Quarter.

Backstrap Fever

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hork some cooch
02/17/15 08:28 AM

funniest way I have heard to zoot some pow

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Registered: 05/16/11
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Introduced me
01/28/15 08:43 PM

to a new book. I didn't know you were into this shit mane!!! Thanks again.

Registered: 01/16/14
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have 5!
01/28/15 12:15 AM

I generally like your posts.
Lammen Gorthaur
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Love & Respect
01/23/15 11:52 AM

Re: Re: EMC

Great Poster!  I haven't done ratings in a while, but hopefully this fixes the situation.
Master Cultivator
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The voice of society.
12/24/14 01:04 PM

I rock out with my cock out and so should you.

Thank you for posting in my thread and giving me your opinions and views.


Registered: 05/25/07
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You seem like a cool cat yourself
11/25/14 01:13 PM

Like I said Im not one to chill with strangers but who knows :shrug:
OfflineVriska Serket

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bretty cool guy
11/21/14 11:22 AM

5/5 only because 8/8 is not possible
Burke is love, burke is life.

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10/27/14 12:51 AM


TheGreenArrow said:
Actually the guy OP punched sounded like the bully forcing himself on Women.  It's fucking crazy how many people there are on these boards that wouldn't stand up for a woman's rights.

Granted, after talking to my fiance about this thread she specified she'd have probably slapped ol' boy and walked off the dancefloor after the initial lean in.  But if she's so drunk she can't get that together while I'm ordering shots at the bar and some 45 year old fuck bag starts trying to make out with my fiance.  I'm absolutely making that guy swallow his teeth. 
Honestly even if it was just a friend (the woman in the situation)  That shit aint kosher man.  You can't just walk up start dancing and automatically start making out with randoms...That's assault. Technically in court this would've been a headfuck. He said/she said bullcrap I'm glad OP and the 45 year old weren't chickenshit about any of this and handled it like men. :manofapproval: on that. 
So much bureaucratic bullcrap associated with the legal system anyway.  I grew up in a place where we took care of our own and sometimes justice is just fucking RIGHT.  And that's not the legal system America has in place unless you live in certain rural spots. :lol:  I'm sure it's the same way in other places in Rural America and around the world. (good ol' boy system)

I wanna go back to the time were men threw fisticuffs about problems instead of dragging cops into it.  What ever happened to that?  Hell I've made some damn fine friends that way. :lol: 
Men are beasts.  Naked Apes, a good fight from time to time keeps ya younge and nimble ladies and gents.  Good for the soul I say.

OfflineChakra Shock
Waxing Prophetic

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Love and Life
10/23/14 09:09 PM

That night will echo the halls of eternity with the ringing of 10,000 trumpets.

that, sir, was a beautiful story and you deserve many, many shrooms of +5

epic story
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