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OfflineTaco Chef
I found dead John Cheever
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Registered: 03/03/06
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delete user
02/26/18 10:49 AM

another pseudo-intellectual racist.  also defends pedos and holocaust deniers, plus calls for mass murder of drug users.
OfflineThe Ecstatic
Chilldog Extraordinaire

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02/19/18 09:55 AM


xzylocybin responded on 02/21/18 05:20 PM:

Fucking 8 year old

Jackass of All Trades
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02/19/18 12:43 AM

Seems like we are on the same page
InvisibleBurke Dennings
baby merchant

Registered: 11/29/04
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02/08/18 10:29 AM

This user supports Duterte-style mass murder of drug users here in America.


xzylocybin responded on 02/13/18 02:16 AM:

for things like heroin, meth, fent, RC’s, yes that is correct.

Last Edited 02/13/18 02:18 AM

The Other One
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Registered: 06/06/09
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Loc: Houston
01/27/18 12:06 PM

Terrible poster. Posts speak for themselves.
Psychedelic Student
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Registered: 07/11/17
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This dude made me lol
01/26/18 10:28 AM

InvisibleONE OZ SLUG
Health Fag

Registered: 05/22/13
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Loc: TX
01/20/18 04:11 PM

InvisibleAhab McBathsalts
Other User Gallery

Registered: 11/25/02
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holocaust denier
01/11/18 11:07 AM

I'm speechless.
I loved and lost but I loved-ftw
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You win
12/12/17 11:33 AM

Re: Re: Give the poster above you a serious hurtful insult

Insult of the year
petty crook and transvestite
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Registered: 10/28/11
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debating skills of a brain damaged 6 year old
12/03/17 01:01 PM

when he can't articulate himself or back up his claims with evidence, he descends into calling everyone trolls and saying that their brains just "don't work right"

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Registered: 05/26/11
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Pedo apologist
11/24/17 01:05 PM

Eat's You Alive :)
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Registered: 08/17/01
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Loc: In Your Head
11/18/17 03:37 PM

good ones man!
Goblin King
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Registered: 02/07/12
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youve got a..
11/08/17 08:30 PM

dwarf in your drawer:creepylurker:
Professional Cereal Box

Registered: 03/01/01
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Loc: Nagoon Lagoon
10/31/17 06:14 PM

Bad Influence
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Registered: 04/11/15
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Bigoted asshat
05/16/17 12:42 PM

Can't participate in a civil discussion. Good riddance.

"This website has become a cesspool of retarded drug addled liberals who think they understand politics and the economy. You can't have communism and a democracy at the same time, they are antithetical to each other so fucking obviously.

If you think you need some kind of privilege to take care of yourself in this world then you are part of the problem and most likely never had a real job in your life. I am done wasting my time in this shit heap of a website."
Semper Fidelis
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Registered: 01/11/05
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Here ya go
03/18/17 07:32 PM

Be safe and be prepared!
Ole' Salty
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Registered: 02/13/12
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Loc: Western Slope, CO Flag
Just reading..
03/05/17 05:21 AM

Random threads in The Pube.
I like the way you think, or rather are a rational human being.


+5 For ya. :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2:
Being of Great Significance
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Registered: 04/04/05
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Loc: Time and Space
Good guy
01/27/17 10:03 PM

xzylocybin brings a strong heart and a good head to the community :cheers:

xzylocybin responded on 02/08/17 07:48 PM:

Thanks I appreciate it! :smile:

InvisibleBrain Fart
Mushroom Nerd
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Registered: 12/19/07
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I lol'd
01/13/17 09:55 PM


xzylocybin said:
threw a banana skin at an unrestrained howler monkey while maintaining eye contact, if there hadn't been a bunch of Thai dudes with long whipping sticks close by I probably wouldn't have a nose or a dick right now. The fear and panic in the eyes of the trainers when they saw what I was doing still gives me chills

Aquatic Patterns

Registered: 08/04/10
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06/22/12 01:50 AM

Re: Re: Questions about ego death

Appreciate the reply
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