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Registered: 07/09/16
Posts: 7,661
Last seen: 3 hours, 4 minutes
Yeah man, lsd, its the bees knees
01/31/21 10:33 PM

Shroomie Detective
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Registered: 12/05/20
Posts: 1,002
Loc: Flag
Last seen: 9 hours, 31 minutes
Thanks man
01/29/21 03:42 AM

Thanks man for standing up to me.
Always good to see your posts in MHI.
It's the psychedelic movement!
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Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 32,445
Loc: High pride!
Last seen: 8 hours, 38 minutes
01/09/21 12:47 PM

Thanks for your support. Very nice of you to say. Glad I could help you.
PS - Fuck MCSteveyC :lol:

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Registered: 12/03/13
Posts: 433
Loc: Maxico ☼ Flag
Last seen: 2 hours, 54 minutes
01/08/21 09:55 AM

Not Your Average Bear
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Registered: 10/14/19
Posts: 3,221
Last seen: 5 hours, 36 minutes
Shulgin love ftw
11/09/20 12:19 PM

Peace be with you brother

Last Edited 11/09/20 12:20 PM
Money-less Wanderer
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Registered: 04/16/09
Posts: 1,968
Loc: Mitten Flag
Last seen: 1 month, 1 day
01/11/20 07:19 PM

Good understanding of the therapeutic aspects of the psychedelics.  Probably a good person to have around when there are trippers.  Thanks for the nice response.  :thumbup:

Benzo Enthusiast
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 03/20/14
Posts: 4,732
Loc: daterapeville,USA
Last seen: 12 hours, 5 minutes
not smart
12/26/19 04:08 PM

Tries to seem intelligent, comes across as a moron.  Backs up arguments with disingenuous statements and ad hominems and appeals to authority,  Cannot recommend
Hellbound Hell Hound
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Registered: 05/14/17
Posts: 11,199
Loc: 🍨Meth Mountain 🍨 Flag
Last seen: 24 days, 13 hours
Thanks dude
12/17/19 12:41 AM

Appreciate your comments


Registered: 05/15/16
Posts: 9,796
Loc: behind you Flag
Last seen: 6 months, 23 days
Have 5
10/16/19 06:30 PM

Holds on to urban legends a bit, but doesnt get butt hurt and can laugh about it

Thats how we advance

Worthy of 5 in my book
Ἧeẍeᾐmeḭsṫeŗ ͛
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Registered: 01/28/14
Posts: 5,261
Loc: Europe
Last seen: 5 hours, 43 seconds
10/15/19 05:59 AM

5 shrooms for you my friend! :sun:


Registered: 07/04/16
Posts: 871
Seems okay by me...
09/24/19 07:05 PM

Sure acts like a nice guy. Sounds like he's been working hard getting his life together.

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Registered: 07/09/18
Posts: 2,889
Loc: this is hell
Last seen: 1 month, 26 days
dumb fucking fucker
10/26/18 02:29 AM


your speculation could get someone killed so do everyone a favor and shut d fuck up
InvisibleBig Bear
Earf Child
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Registered: 06/11/14
Posts: 5,415
Loc: In love, On time
Low quality poster
09/12/18 09:42 AM

Typerwritermonkey has bragged about selling 50 mic hits as 100.  He frequently takes low blows and has emotional outburts due to his insecurities.  When people don't share his opinion, he puts them down and attacks them.  My dog is more respectful than this clown. 

Oh also, he's a fucking liar :facepalm:

Last Edited 10/27/18 05:25 PM
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 02/26/08
Posts: 12,025
Awful poster
08/02/18 05:15 PM

insulting, spreads misinformation, lies about certain groups and the LSD xtal they move, and thinks because LSD xtal gets made in China that it will somehow be different than if it's made in the USA


Registered: 10/08/15
Posts: 1,809
Cool dude
05/26/18 05:27 PM

Quality poster :thumbup:
Trip till nothins intense

Registered: 03/27/11
Posts: 418
05/26/18 05:22 PM

FSM acolyte
 User Gallery

Registered: 07/29/12
Posts: 8,512
Loc: FNQ
Last seen: 1 hour, 23 minutes
good on ya!
05/19/18 04:49 AM

Taught an old dog new tricks. Thanks mate.
OfflineCanadian Jesus
10 minutes to Hydrocodone

Registered: 07/11/16
Posts: 4,436
Loc: Canada Flag
Last seen: 1 year, 3 months
Great guy. Has. a good heart.
03/29/18 06:52 AM

I truly appreciate your advice. I know I'm hard headed and it probably seems like I don't take it, but I do really listen to what you have to say and think about it and keep it in mind.

You truly do care about others on this board. It's people like you that make me like this community and stay here.
InvisibleGrateful Dead
A Growing Ambivalence
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Registered: 11/19/12
Posts: 2,467
Loc: Parked Car, Playing NPR
12/19/17 08:22 PM

Knows his pharmacology.

Last Edited 11/22/20 11:29 AM
OfflinePsyche delics
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Registered: 09/24/15
Posts: 3,610
Last seen: 5 hours, 41 minutes
Nice reply
06/29/17 11:25 PM

Mushroom enthusiast
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Registered: 12/11/16
Posts: 543
Loc: Look behind you
Last seen: 1 month, 4 days
You're trash
06/08/17 02:42 PM

LSD god
Ask Me About Bigfoot

Registered: 11/10/14
Posts: 1,405
Loc: Frying Like An Eagle
Last seen: 2 years, 1 month
For helping me out in a rough time
06/04/17 10:23 AM

Sorry for ever doubting you, man. You know what you're talking about and clearly everybody that wants to just call all LSD the same are blind to the obvious evidence.

Last Edited 12/18/17 03:22 PM
Known To Disturb An Ego
 User Gallery

Registered: 01/10/17
Posts: 1,696
Last seen: 3 years, 12 days
The people who downstate you cause of acid
05/26/17 07:03 PM

Are just internet warriors.

Fuck em
Horizon-bound meteorite
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Registered: 02/07/15
Posts: 5,759
Loc: Franklin's Tower
5 for you!
03/23/17 03:33 PM

 User Gallery

Registered: 08/20/10
Posts: 14,531
Tired of the misinformation posts
03/09/17 12:23 AM

stop breeding ignorance.
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