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I loved and lost but I loved-ftw
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Fair enough
05/08/19 04:53 AM

Re: Re: i just got a nosebleed from sitting beside a cute girl in class today

Good reply. A fair point of view. Why assume someone feels or thinks something based on body language if they did not actually say anything? GOOD POINT!
It seems quite some time since you posted on this forum. The discussions were quite a bit intense for quite some time.
Yet now all discussions seem so tame. I guess this place could not handle arguing so discussions are just so held back as compared to before.
You brought life to the place though. Even if I did not always agree.
:thumbup: good contribution
Professional Cereal Box

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02/10/14 09:31 PM

You make awesome contributions.
Oh baby what Is you doin??
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Great Post
08/23/13 10:56 PM

Hope we both reach our goal someday! :thumbup:
I'm a teapot

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08/22/13 08:18 PM

disagree on some shit but also agree with you just as much. liked the quote you posted.
King of the Neckbeards

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07/27/13 05:58 PM

We disagree a lot but I think you are a good person. :thumbup:
OfflineAll We Perceive
Sea Cucumber

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thank you for your contribution to my thread
07/07/13 10:58 PM

on hooking up with chicks with bfs and the ethical issues therein.  You have given me a lot to think about.  :sunny:
o lucid one
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Intelligent and highly aware
07/05/13 03:42 PM


JoieDeVivre said:

circularvortex said:

This.  It's not that people don't know.  I'm 100% convinced of this.  They don't want to know.  Willful ignorance doesn't get you a free pass from me.

If you're 100% convinced, what has you so convinced? Certainly not the facts. Sounds like you have your mind made up based upon your own personal experience/biases, which isn't evidence. You're condemning people without understanding the problem.

Nutrition education in America is incredibly poor. If what you're taught in school isn't good enough and doesn't give you a full picture or a good sense of what is healthy and what isn't, how is someone supposed to realize that on their own?
Willful ignorance is when you receive the facts about something and deny them. If you're not receiving the facts from the people who are supposed to be educating you on this matter (your parents, your teachers, etc) then how in the world are you supposed to even know that your knowledge base is lacking? Simply put, you can't. So you're condemning people for being ignorant and placing the blame entirely upon them despite the fact that what they're ignorant of isn't common knowledge and most of the time they aren't even cognizant of their own ignorance.

Nicely said

Last Edited 07/05/13 03:52 PM
Kiwi Cat

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5 caps
07/04/13 05:39 PM

Made a cogent point in a thread that really needed it then followed it up with a Grumpy Cat rejection. :peace:

Seriously though, I like your style. :headbang:

Last Edited 07/10/13 11:28 AM

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Just wrong.
07/01/13 08:03 PM

So wrong, all the time, about everything.

JoieDeVivre responded on 07/01/13 10:26 PM:

Wow what a salient argument! :mindblown:

If I'm wrong, you should interact with me and explain why not randomly rate me because we disagree. Your worldview is not inherently correct, unlike your brain would like you to believe. Maybe some day you'll learn to value different perspectives other than yours and appreciate them as something to learn from and discuss, but I doubt that. :wink::thumbup:

Interdimensional space wizard
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Good poster
06/25/13 07:21 PM

I'm sorry so many people feel the need to attack you on a personal level sometimes. Pretty immature bunch at times. Here's 5 for ya
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Smart girl
06/25/13 02:04 PM

Bass Head
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Yeah. You're gonna be a doctor.
06/17/13 01:20 AM

Extremely, aggressively, outspoken moron.

I don't know if I've seen a single post you've ever made that had anything close to a semblance of sense in it.

JoieDeVivre responded on 06/17/13 02:21 PM:


I'm already halfway there and there's plenty of people who disagree with you about my posts making sense. I'm also the least aggressive person you'll ever meet, I just like to discuss things online. You're projecting your own aggression onto me just because you read a discussion where I vehemently disagreed with someone.  There's a difference between you disagreeing with me and me not making any sense, maybe you've got a superiority complex going on? :strokebeard3:

I'm a teapot

Registered: 11/15/12
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Cool person and is on the same general career/college path I'm going into.
06/16/13 08:42 PM

You also make very good points on various topics, regardless of if I occasionally disagree with them.

Last Edited 06/16/13 08:43 PM
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06/14/13 10:33 PM


JoieDeVivre said:
That's not the substance, it's the user. Anything can be majorly addictive, but with substances with high addiction potential you have to be careful. When you're not careful, things like that happen to your life. It's certainly not the fault of the substance.
inb4 someone jumps on me about how MXE is addictive, I know full well it is. So are opiates and I've seen how those can devastate someone yet I have no problem using them without them wrecking my life. I maintain that while certain substances have a very high addiction potential, in the end it comes down to the user and their level of self control.

Couldn't agree more, and I'm the same exact way with opiates and other things people often let get out of control by lack of self control...I often say the same exact words when it comes to drugs & addiction, no joke.

Also dig your posts and 2-cents around here :thumbup:

Registered: 03/29/07
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06/13/13 09:30 PM

Great vibes! LOL hard not to smile when reading your posts.

Registered: 03/24/12
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Intelligent, determined, and thoughtful.
06/09/13 07:15 PM

You are one of my favorite posters.
Here is five shroomies for you. :mushroom2: :biggrin:
Jolly African Potato

Registered: 06/09/10
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Par savoir vient avoir
06/03/13 11:52 AM

A well spoken, scientifically minded member who's posts are often well presented and easy to read. A welcome, pleasantly contentious member of this amazing and diverse community. I wish you all the happiness in the world and the best of luck with your studies.
I'm a teapot User Gallery

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i like the new avvy
05/09/13 08:03 PM

You piss me off in general with your arguements and feminist bullshit but your undeniably a very intelligent and articulate contributor to the forums, so thank you :happyweed:

JoieDeVivre responded on 05/11/13 02:47 PM:

I'm really not even a feminist. I get accused of that a lot but in every case where I'm accused of feminism I'd have the same opinion if the genders were reversed.
Thanks though!:hippie:

Ohm Swastiastu

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nice arguments
05/09/13 11:43 AM


Registered: 10/15/12
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Whyyy haven't I rated you before.
05/02/13 06:22 PM

InvisibleChairman Meow
Concern Pork
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Registered: 04/06/04
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04/23/13 01:26 PM

Smart, thought out responses. I enjoy your posts. It's nice to see someone who thinks for themself.
:cheers: :sporedrop:
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well said
04/21/13 03:07 PM

Shamanic Panic
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04/19/13 09:29 PM

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04/16/13 07:41 PM

Smart poster and an asset to the site.  Adds thoughtful posts to the Philosophy forum.
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nice to meet you
03/30/13 11:21 PM

thanks for working with me
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