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05/16/20 09:28 AM


rumfor69 responded on 05/27/20 03:56 PM:



Registered: 06/20/19
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Good advice
04/27/20 03:07 AM

Thanks dude!

rumfor69 responded on 04/28/20 06:17 PM:

Anytime! Thank you!

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This guy knows his shit!
04/26/20 03:21 PM

Keep on telling em how it is!

rumfor69 responded on 04/26/20 04:31 PM:

Thank you Sock! That means a lot coming from you brother :rockon:


Registered: 02/23/18
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5 mush
04/17/20 11:22 PM

Thanks for the posts

rumfor69 responded on 04/20/20 08:35 PM:

You're welcome thanks for the feedback!

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i like what you said to this guy
04/17/20 04:54 AM


rumfor69 said:

zoidberg666 said:
True, that's reassuring.  If you don't mind me asking, how do you usually get rid of contams?

That's a broad question with a lot of answers and variables.
Basically from the start...spores aren't sterile that you buy.
It's just in their nature from being grown in open air.

So if you inject them into brf jars for cakes or onto grains
it's always going to be a dice roll on contamination.

That's where agar comes in. The spores can be germinated on
agar and you can identify the clean mycelium easily and cut
a tiny piece of it and transfer it to another agar plate to
see if it grows clean then...and over and over until perfect.

Agar cuttings can then be tossed into grains, and grown clean.
Grain jars have to have good lid setups like the polyfill lids
people make or my personal favorite, synthetic filter disks.

All of this stuff takes practice, there's even a little more art
to it than just skill in a way. You have to have the right tools.
Still air boxs(SAB) are ok but aren't perfect and can still have
a small dice roll for contamination. Flowhoods are expensive but
are almost practically perfect to work in front of.

Look through the Everything you need to know link 👇
I personally wouldn't even bother with cakes but they're
cheap and easy to make and try but they use spore solution
so they contaminate a lot. But if one cake grows a fruit
it can be cloned to agar with a piece of sterile flesh
from the center of a stem to make a clean culture.

Reading, studying, practice, the right tools = no contams
Or I misunderstood the question and then the answer is yeah..throw them out

rumfor69 responded on 04/20/20 08:35 PM:

Thank you!

C'mon man
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Thumbs up
04/16/20 09:37 PM

Re: Re: Contam ID

Good advice given :rockon:

rumfor69 responded on 04/20/20 08:34 PM:

Spreading that mush luv :headbanger:
Thank you!


Registered: 12/06/19
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Thank you.
04/03/20 06:18 PM

Re: Re: My First Mushrooms Overview

For the positive response.

rumfor69 responded on 04/07/20 08:39 PM:

Thank you!


Registered: 12/27/19
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04/01/20 06:18 AM

radagast is cool guy

rumfor69 responded on 04/07/20 08:36 PM:


InvisibleRoger Clemency
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Vendors still shipping
03/28/20 02:42 PM

Thanks for the heads up!

rumfor69 responded on 03/30/20 01:45 AM:

You're welcome thank you!

One with Gratitude

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Great words of advice and encouragement
03/28/20 12:31 AM


rumfor69 responded on 03/28/20 12:40 AM:

Thank you!  :rockon:

Eat's You Alive :)
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Oyster video
03/22/20 03:09 PM

Hey thanks for posting that video run for. Very cool video and nice of you to do so. :thumbup:

rumfor69 responded on 03/25/20 01:48 PM:

No problem thanks for the feedback! 👍🖖

Human Being
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Registered: 01/09/18
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Thanks for the information!
03/18/20 09:27 PM

Provides solid advise in an easy to understand fashion.  :thumbup::thumbup:

rumfor69 responded on 03/25/20 01:46 PM:

👍👍🖖 Thank you!

Master Cultivator
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12/01/13 07:26 PM

Pins on agar.
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11/20/13 01:51 AM

Usually good on information but a little egotistical and incorrect today. Obviously sfds are considered the best but alternatives do exist and still work great.
In the Pines. . .

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03/20/13 06:21 PM

thanks for the help

Registered: 02/12/13
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Very Talkative
03/03/13 10:05 PM

You seem to be on every thread I find and are always helping or lightening the mood - Kudos :smile:

Registered: 12/17/11
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Awesome advice man thabks
02/12/13 11:06 PM

Great advice fellow shroomerite haha

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Your sig is awesome.
09/07/12 10:05 AM

Lysol is my shepherd; I shall not want
Lysol maketh green molds lie down; it leadeth me beside the still air
Lysol restorth my grow: it leadeth me in the paths of no contamination for my harvests sake
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of bacteria, I fear no surface,
for Lysol art with me, thy can and thy rag they comfort me ~Calopolus

And I love those individual tubs with cakes in them, thats neat

Registered: 08/08/11
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Because you lived on a farm too
08/15/11 02:44 PM

And your signature is great :P

Registered: 03/05/09
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Good advice
08/14/11 08:42 PM

Gave good information thanks
InvisibleLord Toranaga
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Registered: 07/16/11
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purely for the sig
08/11/11 10:46 PM

Thanks for the laugh. :mushroomgrow::mushroomgrow::mushroomgrow::mushroomgrow::mushroomgrow:


rumfor69's sig:Lysol is my shepherd; I shall not want

Lysol maketh green molds lie down; it leadeth me beside the still air
Lysol restorth my grow: it leadeth me in the paths of no contamination for my harvests sake

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of bacteria, I fear no surface, for Lysol art with me, thy can and thy rag they comfort me ~Calopolus

and yes, I tracked down Calopolus to give credit where due :wink:

rumfor69 responded on 08/14/11 02:05 PM:

Yeah I laughed so hard when I first read it

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