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Registered: 05/08/05
Posts: 3,518
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Quite creative and intriguing
07/28/22 05:21 AM

Cheers to a formidable man
Number Nine?
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Registered: 05/09/12
Posts: 885
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Thank you for sharing
07/16/22 01:00 PM

Can I edit this, when I have something cool to write? We're neighbors.

FSM acolyte
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Registered: 07/29/12
Posts: 11,329
Loc: FNQ
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07/15/22 12:50 PM

Great rationale and understanding.
I'm a teapot

Registered: 04/15/22
Posts: 215
Last seen: 4 months, 1 day
Super helpful!
05/14/22 08:30 AM

Thank you so much for the help with my sig. Much appreciated 👍🏻
I'm me, he's him, you're you!
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Registered: 02/28/22
Posts: 317
Loc: QC
Last seen: 3 days, 5 hours
03/14/22 08:56 AM



o lucid one

Registered: 05/31/11
Posts: 1,600
Loc: Maine Flag
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5 shrooms for you man
12/17/21 02:44 AM

Conservatively Progressive
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Registered: 04/05/13
Posts: 9,443
Loc: God's Flat Green Earth
The shroomy get shroomier.
10/13/21 04:26 AM

Thank you for scaling that gif


Registered: 07/09/16
Posts: 9,489
Last seen: 25 seconds
Very much enjoy your words
09/19/21 06:14 PM


Registered: 06/30/14
Posts: 1,779
Primate expert
07/05/21 11:45 PM

Is an expert on primate anatomy. Also makes great posts about other things +5
not a weirdo

Registered: 01/13/18
Posts: 4,375
Here ya go
06/03/21 06:05 AM

A very thoughtful and intelligent poster.  Always get excited when I see you post in a thread.  Thanks for all your contributions here
a wooden chair
I'm a teapot

Registered: 05/02/21
Posts: 83
I would like to give this to you
05/11/21 01:42 AM

Re: Re: Treating loneliness by being social or by accepting loneliness?

As a thank you.

And you know what? Why don't you go ahead and have this too  :fbsnugs:
You deserve it.

Registered: 02/06/20
Posts: 272
Loc: The pharcyde Flag
Last seen: 1 year, 7 months
spreading that love
01/02/21 09:19 AM

intelligent, unbiased and quality poster:thumbup:
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Registered: 07/27/08
Posts: 5,108
Loc: Flag
Last seen: 7 hours, 13 minutes
PoP 2021
01/01/21 06:48 AM

it is done

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Registered: 11/19/20
Posts: 593
Good poasts. Take these 5 in silent darkness.
12/23/20 12:01 AM

Coffee Bean Extraordinaire
I'm a teapot

Registered: 11/23/17
Posts: 8,429
Loc: Canada
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5 shrooms
10/10/20 05:42 PM

Bet Lost
Smear in the shale
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Registered: 07/17/12
Posts: 16,431
Loc: Florida
Last seen: 12 days, 23 hours
06/02/20 09:56 PM

Rocky mountain hood rat
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Registered: 02/09/15
Posts: 8,655
Loc: ation
03/19/20 08:48 PM

thanks for the avatar help :raisemyglass:
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Registered: 10/12/16
Posts: 3,659
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Its rare
03/04/20 02:09 PM

Really stroked my heart with such compassion.


Registered: 02/03/12
Posts: 617
Loc: Sometimes here, Mostly th...
Last seen: 2 years, 7 months
Beautiful words
02/23/20 09:22 AM

"Explaining to someone from the 13th century what a car is may be difficult, but with enough time and consideration of variables they aren't aware of (like paved roads, engines and chemical rubber) you can start to paint the picture. Describing the psychedelic experience is similar in that it's hard to get the main ideas out there when the infrastructure of the experience (the roads) don't exist in that person's mind. Often we explain these things emotionally rather than logically and don't convey a shared experience so it comes out as an alien experience.
This is why the best way trips have been expressed has traditionally been through art and video, which convey the scenery rather than the thoughts, but can put you into a similar place to get an idea of the thoughts in question".
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Registered: 06/04/16
Posts: 4,613
Loc: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Last seen: 28 days, 9 hours
Good guy/poster
05/22/19 12:58 AM

Good guy / poster.
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Registered: 05/14/13
Posts: 11,308
Loc: 2535 W Fairmont Ave MD 21223
Worthy AF
04/19/19 08:56 PM

This member is worthy of the five shroom status. I should have rated you years back. Just given credit where it's due.:mushroom2:
Asante made me rich

Registered: 08/02/12
Posts: 7,035
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Great album
02/03/19 08:08 PM

Cause you said you liked Emancipator I checked out Yeasayer.

Not my style really but I am really digging it :thumbup:
InvisibleTexas Honey Badger
No fucks given
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 07/13/18
Posts: 35,797
Loc: Spicemaster Texas
Thanks for the xmas avatar
12/12/18 04:37 AM

You rock:derdance:
Professional Cereal Box

Registered: 03/01/01
Posts: 5,327
Loc: Nagoon Lagoon
10/25/18 08:05 AM

OTD Sergeant at Arms
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Registered: 07/17/06
Posts: 44,923
Loc: nunya
Home Movies
09/17/18 05:51 AM


PatrickKn said:
Home Movies was a great terrible show.

It was so good. I miss it. :sad:
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