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I'm a teapot

Registered: 08/21/18
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Best Trip report
06/29/19 06:39 PM

Best trip report I’ve ever read. Might be nearly 2 decades old but it is one of the most amazing things I’ve read. I hope that I can reach that level on LSD some day.

Last Edited 06/29/19 06:40 PM
moon person
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awesome trip reports
02/04/15 09:47 PM

For having such awesome trip reports

Registered: 06/17/09
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02/26/13 06:24 PM

Re: Re: Micro-micro-dosing LSD before class

Excellent advice :smile:
Inside a locked room
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LSD trip report
10/27/12 01:11 PM

Re: Re: The Night That Changed My Life  -  Reflections On LSD  ( ULTRA LONG)

Incredible read man. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.
Leggo Beast

Registered: 07/06/12
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10/19/12 09:46 PM

+5 for a great trip report. :awesome:
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Registered: 10/13/11
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10/19/12 02:31 AM

I have never done acid, and probably never will, but your insights are colorful enough to leave me with questions and life lessons, I loved it!
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Registered: 03/04/10
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"The night that changed my life"
10/16/12 04:34 PM

Loved it. Beautifully written :heart:
Hippie Babysitter
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Cool avatar
09/21/12 09:29 PM

I really like your avatar, I only wish it would enlarge when I click on it! :mushroom2:
Whiny Cannabis Addict

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great quote
04/15/12 11:18 PM

Religionists quote
Ask the left one
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I forgot to rate you
02/23/12 10:17 PM

For your trip report, easily the best report I've ever read and I daresay the only thing I've ever read that captures in essence the cosmic mindfuck of a reality shattering ego loss trip.
Take care man! :thumbup:
Mind Voyager
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Best trip report i've ever read so far
06/29/11 10:23 PM

I should've done this the moment I finished reading your report but I guess I forgot. In any case, here's 5 shrooms for you my friend. It was your trip report that gave me that final push to open the doors of perception and take my first hallucinogenic substance: mushrooms/psilocybin. I thank you just as much as you thank the experience for happening to you.

Help on the Way responded on 09/30/11 08:21 PM:

wow that's awesome!  I hope you got something awesome out of your journeys!

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Registered: 09/01/08
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01/08/11 08:49 PM

That trip report was exactly what I was looking for.

Help on the Way responded on 03/27/11 11:33 AM:

thanks, good to hear!

cynical bastard

Registered: 08/30/09
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You made me feel your trip...
10/03/09 07:13 AM

...amazing read.
InvisibleFlop Johnson
Praise Skatballah

Registered: 09/22/05
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Loc: TX
Damn Excellent
10/03/09 05:24 AM

I could not have said it better myself. May life bring you many more epiphanies to ponder.
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Registered: 02/28/04
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Loc: europe
trip report
10/03/09 03:11 AM

didnt even seem long to me cuz i dig the way it was written :sun:
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Registered: 08/15/08
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sweet avatar
09/16/08 11:02 PM

Run like a cantalope

Registered: 08/20/08
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09/14/08 07:27 PM

amazing trip report, it made me feel like i was on acid just reading it

id give u more than +5 if i could lol

Registered: 08/13/07
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hell yes
04/26/08 12:18 AM


He fails to understand that his current reality is only due to a current state of brain chemistry...and if different brain chemistries access different realities, how can one say that this one is real and that one isnt? He says the drug messes with brain chemistry to create a fake different reality, but the whole point is that this current reality is also being created by a certain brain chemistry, so maybe this one is also a "delusion"............

Maybe the brain chemistry when you are on DMT is actually what shows you what is real, and those of us under the influence of "normal" brain chemistry are the ones who are mistakenly thinking this place is somehow "real" or "significant"

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Divine Moments of Tuth
04/23/08 04:09 PM


Help on the Way said:

]Maybe the brain chemistry when you are on DMT is actually what shows you what is real, and those of us under the influence of "normal" brain chemistry are the ones who are mistakenly thinking this place is somehow "real" or "significant"


Registered: 12/16/06
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The Night That Changed My Life
04/12/08 04:09 PM


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