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Pöåšt Šhïttēr
Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/30/18
Posts: 781
Loc: TheOnlyTenISee
Last seen: 16 hours, 7 minutes
08/06/20 04:24 PM

Good music taste. You deserve 5 sir.

Registered: 07/11/18
Posts: 3,504
Loc: north america
gimmie that Z
01/12/20 12:44 AM

oh ell oh eff tee.
Offlinevinnie boombotz
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Registered: 04/29/19
Posts: 469
Last seen: 14 days, 27 minutes
01/10/20 05:08 PM

Ween and bungle!!!ftw
Do U know who yur fuckin with?

Registered: 10/18/17
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You get 5 shrooms
01/07/20 06:15 PM

cause we have the same favorite band :cool:
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Registered: 08/03/07
Posts: 11,975
Cool dude...
10/07/14 02:56 PM

I dig your posts, what you have to say, and the words you drop about this place in general...


Amateur Anesthesiologist
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Registered: 11/16/08
Posts: 2,451
Loc: Somewhere California
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THis guy
07/08/14 11:39 AM

so funny!
 User Gallery

Registered: 02/15/04
Posts: 4,382
Loc: Radioactive state
Last seen: 6 months, 4 days
05/07/14 01:32 AM

nice fucking stash man :yesnod:
Space Cadet
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Registered: 05/01/08
Posts: 220
Last seen: 9 months, 23 days
05/06/14 12:32 PM

Re: Re: Post your lolis

For your ridiculously awesome stash, nice!  :alien:
Following instinct
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Registered: 05/08/12
Posts: 422
Loc: Everywhere Flag
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Your Psychedelic Artwork
01/31/13 11:13 AM

Re: Re: Post your psychedelic art. I mean, if you want.

Is amazing man. Jaw dropping. :smile: Thanks for posting. And have a good one!
Operation Hallucination

Registered: 05/11/12
Posts: 248
Last seen: 6 years, 4 months
I get you
12/23/12 12:12 AM

I know how impossible it is to describe your own theories of the universe and existence but I appreciate that you tried :laugh:


allseeingike responded on 12/23/12 01:00 AM:

thank you i try my best. i want to start writing down my experiences and everything i have gotten out of them to see if i can connect the dots and better explain what i already know and maybe even learn a bit more although i think at the core it is unexplainable because it is just pure feeling and cannot be expressed only felt

Smear in the shale
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Registered: 07/16/12
Posts: 16,423
Loc: Florida
Last seen: 12 days, 17 hours
12/16/12 09:13 AM

A great post here"

And that third picture in your signature is EXACTLY the same shapes and patterns I see on my wife and some other people when on shrooms.

allseeingike responded on 12/16/12 10:33 PM:

i saw those patterns on my wife when i was on nbome and she drew it out. on mushroooms i get different patterns on her face and they are divided into 3 groups its pretty interesting they are the same on her everythime i trip

China Cat Sunflower

Registered: 09/21/11
Posts: 3,484
Hellova dude.
12/01/12 03:02 PM

You need more ratings, but i can only give you one.
Grand Old Fart

Registered: 02/17/04
Posts: 17,771
Loc: The Garden State(NJ) Flag
5 more
11/09/12 06:23 AM

for you... :voila:  . . . :peace:
Jolly African Potato

Registered: 06/09/10
Posts: 4,935
I like this one
10/26/12 02:40 AM


allseeingike responded on 10/28/12 10:54 PM:

I like you too also i like your avatar

Male User Gallery

Registered: 08/15/12
Posts: 10,123
Loc: Florida Flag
10/06/12 06:57 PM

if your not scared you took too much you didnt take enough

allseeingike responded on 10/18/12 10:33 PM:

Damn rigth

The Nagual

Registered: 04/10/11
Posts: 10,544
Loc: Ixtlan, Mexico
10/05/12 03:18 AM

Your 1 oz Penis Envy trip report was poetry to me. Thank you for sharing it with me brother.
You have my respect.

Last Edited 10/05/12 03:19 AM

allseeingike responded on 10/18/12 08:55 PM:

im glad i could share my experience with others it was truly too much to put in words and that trip report does not do it justice but i truly believe that is what happens when we die

Mind Explorer
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Registered: 03/06/11
Posts: 109
Loc: Your Imagination
Last seen: 5 years, 1 month
06/07/12 05:57 PM


allseeingike said:

Lucid Dreaming said:
I was typing this second comment without ever seeing you saying it was just a joke. I knew something didn't sound right lol.

lol  yeah its cool i forgot that theres people out there that actually think shit like that

dude, you are awesome!
OfflineEllis Dee
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Registered: 06/29/01
Posts: 13,104
Loc: Fire in the sky
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fuck ya!
05/04/12 01:38 AM


i wish the cops i ran into offered me free drugs instead they just take what i have and arrest me for it


Last Edited 05/04/12 01:39 AM
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