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Offlinewatermelon mon
Willow Trees

Registered: 04/05/13
Posts: 7,800
Last seen: 2 years, 7 months
03/19/18 01:57 PM

Thank you
Stick around man hope all is good with you
I would chill with you :heart::turtle::earth:
I'm a teapot

Registered: 08/27/08
Posts: 28,464
Loc: Glenn Gould's Fuck Windmi...
Last seen: 16 minutes, 5 seconds
02/02/18 07:32 PM

I hadn't realized that I didn't rate you back, I highly appreciate your non-partisan attitude and ability to view things levelly in this forum :lol: A rare gift here sometimes!

We'd probably get along great in person even if we're not politically aligned, because fuck all of that if you can be a respectful person right? :awesome:

At least that's how it used to be.

Last Edited 02/02/18 07:32 PM
Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/16/05
Posts: 31,588
Loc: California, US
Last seen: 23 hours, 6 minutes
Great exchanging ideas with you!
12/21/17 09:22 PM

I appreciate your open mindedness in the Political Forum, while I'm disappointed in some of my fellow liberals for being so arrogant as to not listen to what you have to say.

Stick around and hopefully you'll learn a few things, and if I'm lucky, so will I!  :toast:


Registered: 06/05/13
Posts: 11,059
right on!
12/21/17 09:08 PM

Shits fucked dude! glad your onboard! :thumbup:

Registered: 08/15/10
Posts: 15,398
Loc: Dixie-infatuated Yankee Flag
Am I an asshole?
12/07/17 07:08 AM

Sorry if I am. I don't mean to be. Glad you think I'm funny though, unless you were being sarcastic.

peace of mind 1 responded on 12/07/17 09:21 AM:

Dude I was only kidding, you're awesome. :lol:

afferent orchestra
 User Gallery

Registered: 08/16/06
Posts: 2,949
Welcome back
12/06/17 11:23 PM

Stay solid
Smurf real estate agent
 User Gallery

Registered: 04/30/13
Posts: 61,822
Loc: Milky way
back at you
12/05/17 03:48 PM

here's 5
satta massa gana
Male User Gallery

Registered: 01/26/14
Posts: 12,051
Last seen: 2 years, 13 days
good dude
12/01/17 11:56 PM

good taste in music. always enjoy a good music convo :thumbup:

Registered: 12/30/10
Posts: 11,689
Last seen: 3 years, 5 months
You're a cool dude.
04/15/15 01:28 PM

I always liked your posts. Good man. Hope to see you around more.

Registered: 05/22/14
Posts: 2,077
Amazing boyfriend
04/15/15 07:50 AM

And don't you forget it  :shitbird:  :wink:

You are the kindest, sweetest and sexiest man in the whole universe.
I am incredibly lucky to call you my boyfriend and future husband :inlove:
The happiest day of my life will be when I can call you my husband and dedicate my life to making you happy
And when we adopt our little kitties together

I'm really looking forward to moving in with you and having you all to myself every night. :hug:
I love you and always will PomPom:heart:

Last Edited 04/28/15 03:02 PM
Pleiadian Revolutionary

Registered: 03/31/09
Posts: 7,038
Loc: Aether
Last seen: 6 years, 21 days
04/02/15 02:28 PM

shrooms for u
prestige worldwide

Registered: 04/10/05
Posts: 7,071
Loc: Central Texas
Thanks man
03/17/15 04:36 AM

I enjoyed your posts there too.
Edible Cult

Registered: 05/28/14
Posts: 4,345
Loc: North
Last seen: 2 years, 14 days
He gave me a zero so he gets one too
03/14/15 10:59 AM

The reason he gave me a zero is because I believe that I get more from a Mushroom trip than a 'good time'.
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 06/28/11
Posts: 8,292
Loc: USA Flag
Last seen: 6 months, 27 days
your alright, but your girlfriend is a dumb cunt
02/09/15 06:27 PM

she rated me 0 for jokingly calling you gay. emotional much?

Last Edited 02/09/15 06:28 PM

peace of mind 1 responded on 02/09/15 06:53 PM:

I was no nicer than she was. :confused2:

InvisibleDistorted Vision
The best. Of the worst.

Registered: 07/30/09
Posts: 4,292
Loc: Indiana Flag
Relax brother
12/30/14 04:18 PM

I feel the wind in my hair as I type. It's growing stronger by the second and is making me shiver with happiness. She wants me to love you. She wants you to love me. I can hear her whispering in my ear. The beauty. The power. The excitement. The song of the earth.
Love is eternal, and I won't let you down.
:inlove3: That hippy enough for ya? :smile:
Little Black Spot on the Sun
Female User Gallery

Registered: 10/03/10
Posts: 11,025
Loc: GA
I like you
12/19/14 07:41 PM

It is refreshing to see someone still able to think logically and not become a white knight for a pretty face.:thumbup:
The Other One
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/06/09
Posts: 2,720
Loc: Houston
12/09/14 07:16 PM

Love you man. You're the best. I'll always be rooting for you.
fancy cat
Female User Gallery

Registered: 11/01/09
Posts: 11,281
Loc: Nasty Women Get Shit Done
good dude
12/07/14 11:26 AM

genuine & sincere, not necessarily qualities that are easy to come by on the shroomery these days.
Ole' Salty
Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/13/12
Posts: 17,756
Loc: Western Slope, CO Flag
Right back at you brother
11/25/14 10:35 PM

+5 :mushroom2:'s

Enjoy reading your posts. Intelligent and interesting. :thumbup:
InvisibleMr Piggy
Play-School Myco-Lab
 User Gallery

Registered: 09/29/11
Posts: 7,950
You make me LOL
11/19/14 07:57 PM

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