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I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 09/10/10
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I've been seeing ya around
09/06/15 02:40 PM

But that sig of Grimes. Yep. :thumbup:


resonant111 responded on 09/16/15 02:40 AM:

hell yea she's a goddess

HotSauce Lover

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Yep the difference is amazing
08/23/15 11:42 PM


resonant111 said:
That bottom thing you quoted is spot-on and something I've realized quite explicitly lately.
It's all about allowing everything to just be and feeling it as deeply as possible. That is how you stay present.

For years I tried to run from feelings of pain or anxiety or sadness. Now I let these things be what they are. Mere sensations that come and go. It's so liberating to feel the entirety of it all, to accept it all.


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I appreciate your honesty
09/25/14 09:55 PM

And for that you get this rating :cool:
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would this count as addicted thread
07/20/14 08:41 PM

Nice post in that thread. As a woman I appreciate your outlook and agree wholeheartedly. It's posts like that that restore my faith in the male gender. Thank you.

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05/29/14 02:29 PM

Smear in the shale
 User Gallery

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05/20/14 11:27 PM

And here we are.
Again, old friend.


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Thank you for connecting us to a rare and tremendously valuable perspective
09/09/13 03:26 PM



resonant111 said:
hey dude if you are looking to quit read this book for inspiration. http://www.mydavecarroll.com/HigherAndHigher.pdf

it's basically a dude who has done EVERY drug in the book, ending up quitting and got like super heavy into martial arts and shit. he talks about ways you can recover that feeling of wonder that drugs give you, without having to use them.

really great book, has helped me alot at this stage of my life (quit weed/psyches for the past year of my life after they sort of lost that initial wonder and became more of a block in my development than anything else...you aren't the first to go down this path lol)

It's difficult to find such in-depth information on the web on such a taboo yet beneficial subject. One internets to you sir :heart:
Mushroom Servant

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02/14/13 09:31 PM

You resonate with me, and I think we're similar in mind. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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Good post
02/14/13 05:09 PM

Nothing more to add!
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05/29/12 09:34 PM

great posts! :thumbup:
Delta 9
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04/27/12 07:20 PM


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TV is stupid!
04/14/12 09:35 AM

Re: goddammit i hate tv

Cuz i agree
mad $cientist, ganjacologist
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04/11/12 07:31 PM


oh yeah, existence doesn't end with suicide either, sorry.

even if you off yourself, the ride aint over. just saying.

The Return
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Kick ass.
04/08/12 07:49 AM

You drone and post big titties. I like you.
OfflineKing Klick
That Guy Everyone Knows
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Right on man.
03/31/12 05:10 PM

InvisibleWhite Beard

Registered: 08/13/11
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02/13/12 09:25 PM

You seem cool so far!
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