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Registered: 07/07/04
Posts: 20,320
Loc: .
I simply
05/12/16 12:45 AM

Don't like you and think you should kick rocks.
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Registered: 12/02/14
Posts: 163
Loc: Prague, CZ Flag
Last seen: 3 years, 5 months
Gotta fix your rating a little bit
09/27/15 09:01 AM

For his posts in "Post here if you're LGBTQ, or friendly/familly and say hello please!" which I really enjoyed :jokerclap:
WiZarD oF LoVe
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Registered: 04/29/13
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Loc: Planet earth
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Some people were just raised wrong or there brain didnt develop well
05/24/15 03:55 PM

Sorry to say.
you are a bigot

Last Edited 05/24/15 03:56 PM

Registered: 07/03/13
Posts: 424
Last seen: 5 years, 9 months
09/25/14 07:10 PM

Anal Destroyer
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Registered: 10/16/12
Posts: 15,536
09/25/14 06:36 PM

Everyone i hate, hates you and you know what they say. “the enemy of your enemy is your friend”

EarthTalker responded on 09/25/14 06:42 PM:


Invisiblepeace of mind 1
Incel Basement Dweller
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Registered: 04/05/11
Posts: 14,619
09/25/14 04:54 PM

Your stupidity is baffling, holy shit. Learn how to be faithful to your Woman rather than go around fucking your neighbor, then expecting her not to fuck other guys because you have a small dick.
Horrible poster, his ratings speak for themselves. Pure shit.

Last Edited 09/25/14 06:13 PM

EarthTalker responded on 09/25/14 05:00 PM:

You're very mad. And wouldn't the fact that multiple women want my dick make me have a big dick?
I don't follow your logic, friend

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Registered: 09/08/08
Posts: 21,330
Loc: winchestertonfieldville i...
09/25/14 04:48 PM

InvisibleKilgore Trout
Yachts on the reg

Registered: 07/09/12
Posts: 9,851
Loc: Metro City, USA
This guy sucks.
09/25/14 04:31 PM

I just realized you rated me, but I don't remember who you are. Either way, you cheat on your girlfriend and then complain about your neighbor fucking other guys. I hope you get syphillis.

EarthTalker responded on 09/25/14 04:46 PM:



Registered: 03/24/12
Posts: 2,904
Loc: Flag
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Evidently a deplorable human being
09/25/14 04:16 PM


Edit: Still a scumbag. An absolute, bigoted scumbag.

Last Edited 05/24/15 03:10 PM

EarthTalker responded on 09/25/14 04:38 PM:

Whatever's clever

Gontish Wizard
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Registered: 12/02/13
Posts: 8,423
Loc: Roke
Last seen: 17 days, 14 hours
description fits
09/25/14 03:07 PM


EarthTalker responded on 09/25/14 04:22 PM:

Fair enough

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out
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Registered: 09/08/10
Posts: 14,327
IQ Level = 5
09/25/14 02:10 PM

One of the dumbest members I have come across.
:thumbdown: Fail

EarthTalker responded on 09/25/14 02:26 PM:

See the post below directly this one

R.I.P. ZIG R.I.P. Sloth

Registered: 09/30/12
Posts: 11,904
Loc: All Good in Allgood
Last seen: 5 years, 11 months
Look at all the butthurt.
09/25/14 11:57 AM

Everyone's so sensitive.

You're a good dude.

EarthTalker responded on 09/25/14 01:22 PM:


end of the line

Registered: 08/08/08
Posts: 6,039
Very rude about my mother dude, below the belt man...
09/24/14 02:43 PM


Edit: just because

Last Edited 10/23/14 09:30 AM

EarthTalker responded on 09/24/14 10:20 PM:


otd president
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Registered: 10/13/12
Posts: 21,527
Loc: washington state Flag
Last seen: 2 years, 2 months
what is wrong with you?
09/05/14 03:37 AM

this person is seriously mentally defective. He is below diminished capacity.  He wears a helmet and a bib and is seriously mentally retarded.

EarthTalker responded on 09/05/14 04:06 AM:

This coming from a man who puts on a dress, calls himself a woman and probably chose some porn-star name for his gender-presentation?

I'll take that as a compliment from the low, low, gutter-low likes of you.

Deep down in the ocean blue
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Registered: 05/09/14
Posts: 1,281
Last seen: 1 year, 7 months
Sub-american pinko hypocrite.
09/03/14 06:55 PM

You come here and use OUR freedoms to express your love of soviet style communism. Of course you call others libertine, because you hate freedom and believe that society owns peoples bodies. You've been shown to be wrong in scientific and medical terms, but that doesn't matter to you because of the values of your ignorant parasite culture. This poster tells other people what to do with their bodies, but brakes established societal norms with his own body and entirely fails to see the hypocrisy of it.

Last Edited 09/03/14 07:32 PM

EarthTalker responded on 09/03/14 11:24 PM:

I have no problem with what people want to do with their bodies--I just think it is asinine to make people go along with it as part of an extended legal fiction.

besides, I have not been shown to be wrong scientifically or medically--the American Psychiatric Association and its Western European counterparts don't have a monopoly on science and psychology.

Good boob day
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Registered: 02/27/10
Posts: 14,306
Loc: Nirvana
Last seen: 6 years, 25 days
09/03/14 03:47 PM

Poid-level pseudo-intellectual faggot with a massively over-inflated ego here.  The idiocy is almost impressive in its scope and magnitude.
InvisibleSophistic Radiance
Free sVs!

Registered: 07/11/06
Posts: 43,135
Loc: Center of the Universe
08/16/14 11:01 AM

oh, so it is transphobic! it will appreciate the accuracy and appropriateness of its new social designator, "cranial vacancy #00000000001".

EDIT: I think it really does the shroomery a disservice not to mention that transphobia notwithstanding, this guy really is the scum of the earth and a horrible person by just about any measure.

Last Edited 09/25/14 05:20 PM

EarthTalker responded on 09/02/14 05:52 PM:

I really don't care about ratings, and no, I'm not transphobic, I just simply don't think they make any sense from a logical or rational point of view.

addendum: Glad to be of service, mate

Last Edited 09/25/14 05:26 PM

राम राम
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Registered: 03/27/12
Posts: 2,197
Loc: Kainchi
I'm jelly
07/15/13 01:28 PM

cuz u live in san fran and i live in buttfuck idaho.  I actually moved here to be closer to home than I was before and I've only been able to visit twice in 4-5 years.
Smear in the shale
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Registered: 07/16/12
Posts: 16,431
Loc: Florida
Last seen: 5 months, 28 days
03/28/13 05:42 AM

Interested in learning
´ ɑ `▽ ᑲᓇᑕ
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Registered: 07/31/05
Posts: 5,713
Loc: Nacada
Last seen: 1 year, 4 months
Diggin' your avatar
06/20/11 04:17 PM

That mysterious & mystical piper is stuck on the side of my guitar amp, I look to him for inspiration from time to time.
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