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Registered: 04/10/14
Posts: 10,210
Loc: SA Flag
Probably one of burkes many puppets...
11/11/16 12:31 AM

Theres a bit of burke in all of us :lol:
ɢᄋᄋd ԲᄋЯ ᄁᄋȚᅢΙᄁɢ ᄂᄋ₩ᄂΙԲᄐ
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Registered: 04/17/15
Posts: 7,076
Loc: to the brain
07/16/16 12:35 PM

Clit Commander
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 01/12/12
Posts: 13,037
Loc: Themyscira
Romper Love
01/03/16 04:48 PM

:firstladyofapproval: <--Click this graem.  You know you want to.

I always enjoy when you grace the romp with your presence.


sun_spots responded on 01/07/16 08:29 PM:

:awepreciation: :sunspots:

Hepatitis G
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Registered: 05/14/13
Posts: 11,393
Loc: 2535 W Fairmont Ave MD 21223
Have 5
12/29/15 04:54 PM

Sun_Spot's is cool with me. I've always liked your post whenever I came across them. :thanx:

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Master Baiter
I'm a teapot

Registered: 06/13/11
Posts: 11,642
Loc: Gnarnia
at first,
10/13/15 09:11 PM

I was kinda like, :snub:

but then you grew on me.

I like ya spots.

here's 5
the fertile

Registered: 03/10/14
Posts: 912
stupid feminist
10/09/15 04:03 PM

can't take joke

sun_spots responded on 10/13/15 03:28 PM:

Lame revenge rating.

OTD Keymaster
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Registered: 09/26/12
Posts: 89,464
Loc: hades
Here's your shitty rating..
09/17/15 08:24 PM

Because I don't know what I'm talking about..
 User Gallery

Registered: 07/26/08
Posts: 5,268
Loc: Flag
Last seen: 1 hour, 23 minutes
07/11/15 10:23 PM

you three, see you next time

Spongebob Nopants

Registered: 09/25/12
Posts: 807
Loc: Bikini Bottom Flag
Good poster. Excellent burrito maker.
04/30/15 09:34 AM

For the pretty lady and her burrito. :baby:  :present:  :smile:
prestige worldwide

Registered: 04/10/05
Posts: 7,071
Loc: Central Texas
She blocked me.
04/07/15 06:36 PM

Because she's a man hating feminazi.

sun_spots responded on 04/07/15 07:31 PM:


I don't know who you are, but you must've said some profoundly ignorant shit cuz I don't nig many people.  I guess you could consider that an accomplishment.


Registered: 05/29/14
Posts: 2,181
Last seen: 6 years, 10 months
Best ginger
03/15/15 09:22 PM

is best. Your baby is adorable too and other nice things.

Also lol @ Redwood being butthurt and trying to call you not pretty.

Last Edited 03/15/15 09:24 PM
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Registered: 10/28/05
Posts: 7,253
I like your dry wit and modesty.
03/14/15 12:27 AM


sun_spots responded on 04/07/15 07:32 PM:

Thanks mang, you're cool too. :hippie:

Bring Back Asante!

Registered: 08/01/12
Posts: 7,129
Loc: West of Windward Flag
Last seen: 4 months, 23 days
Not a gay dude
03/08/15 12:42 AM


sun_spots responded on 03/13/15 10:51 PM:


Pleiadian Revolutionary

Registered: 03/31/09
Posts: 7,038
Loc: Aether
Last seen: 6 years, 9 months
03/07/15 09:15 AM

yea bro i like your threads too :cool:

Registered: 10/30/09
Posts: 2,011
Loc: PNW
Last seen: 7 months, 7 days
02/28/15 10:25 PM

Re: Re: I'm not attracted to genetelia and don't know how to describe my sexuality.


ahahaha thanks for the lols, so witty too with the Morgan Freeman meme.

Last Edited 08/06/15 02:48 AM
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Registered: 11/22/12
Posts: 2,285
Loc: Nauru Flag
Nice to see another
02/19/15 08:22 AM

Oxytocin addict on the forums. :hehehe:

sun_spots responded on 02/19/15 09:16 AM:

It's true, I have a problem. :sad::awesomenod:


Registered: 01/27/03
Posts: 5,212
shit i really cant stand you
02/17/15 03:55 AM

But ill give you five stars for making me feel this way...:cheers:
Aloysius devadander abercrombie
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Registered: 04/05/14
Posts: 2,516
Last seen: 6 years, 7 months
back at ya chick
02/10/15 06:49 PM

a good friend IRL and an excellent shroomery member :thumbup:
:mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2: :mushroom2:

plus I like sun spots on girls, they are cute

Last Edited 02/10/15 06:52 PM

Registered: 01/28/10
Posts: 1,143
Last seen: 8 months, 5 days
You're cool
02/08/15 05:15 PM

Even though I think you totally disagree with my ways you take it in very well and your constant head shaking is quite amusing for me.

Thanks for being a good sport!

Last Edited 02/08/15 05:15 PM
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Registered: 09/24/08
Posts: 7,659
Last seen: 4 years, 1 month
mostly pretty good
01/27/15 03:04 PM

Your last post in one of my threads reminded me I hadn't rated you yet. You occasionally say shit thats kinda unfair or uncalled for but as a rule you choose to say those things to people who basically deserve it :lol:

I was surprised as well that you are cute because angry women(posters) tend to either be masculine or unattractive. Keep doing what you are doing, people that get too many five star ratings are boring pointless people

Edit: I didn't know that I had rated you before, apparently a long while back. I re-read what I wrote and still agreed with it. I sincerely do mean that someone with all five star ratings are boring.
Like zappaisgod deserves his rating, hes a fucking asshole but hes intelligent and normally contributes something worthwhile. You've got this somewhat man-hating holier-than-thou demeanor a lot of times, but really, like I said before, you mostly direct it at people who deserve it

I do kinda wish you would grow your hair back out and let me live in it :aweoverdose:

Last Edited 01/17/16 03:02 PM

sun_spots responded on 01/17/16 05:32 PM:

:lol: Thanks, mang.  IDK where you get the impression that I hate men, but whatevs. You're alright by me. :flowers:

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