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Moving back and forth
Male User Gallery

Registered: 08/06/13
Posts: 180
Great guy
07/24/15 01:29 AM

Awesome dude
The dude
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Registered: 09/13/05
Posts: 1,931
Loc: Usuaully out of this worl...
Last seen: 3 years, 9 months
01/05/14 06:01 PM

I'm sorry you can't read an intellectual thread without your emotions getting you all in a tizzy, I guess that is what makes me a God, where you are only a man.

Registered: 07/22/13
Posts: 8,702
01/04/14 06:39 PM

5 more

Registered: 07/15/12
Posts: 2,817
Loc: San Diego Flag
01/02/14 03:04 AM

Don't believe I've had the pleasure before, but willing to reciprocate your rating.  :raisemyglass:
Up, Up & Away

Registered: 06/29/13
Posts: 4,451
Loc: AZ Flag
Last seen: 4 years, 15 days
12/19/13 12:39 AM

I'll have just one more xanax
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Registered: 07/20/09
Posts: 11,231
Loc: Minnesnowta
dont get this one deleted
12/14/13 03:22 PM


Chowder963 responded on 12/18/13 09:23 PM:


candy colored clown
 User Gallery

Registered: 10/03/08
Posts: 6,383
Loc: right near da beach Flag
stop bathing in salts
12/06/13 08:15 PM

funny poster :cheers:
dx'd PTSD/ADHD--please don't ask
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Registered: 11/27/12
Posts: 7,312
Loc: 913 KANSAS CITY 816 Flag
Last seen: 1 year, 9 months
You're defs better than 2.7/5.0
12/04/13 08:34 AM

Just get the bath salts thing under control man... We like you and care about you :hug:

Registered: 02/06/10
Posts: 1,361
Loc: Antarctica
Last seen: 3 years, 7 months
pvp fiends are garbage
12/04/13 06:27 AM

Flush your shit and stop poisoning yourself and others
OfflineEllis Dee
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/29/01
Posts: 13,104
Loc: Fire in the sky
Last seen: 1 year, 7 months
11/25/13 04:06 AM

For your "rape cape". :curbyourenthusiasm:
Shroomery Secret Service
Other User Gallery

Registered: 04/22/02
Posts: 17,959
Loc: PuppetMasterFlash
MC'Puggy Fuggles
11/20/13 10:59 PM

I see you are trying to clean your ratings up.  DENIED.  you thilly trolololol

(I decided to edit and change to a "2" because its actually less cool then a zero)

Last Edited 12/07/13 07:43 AM
fancy cat
Female User Gallery

Registered: 11/01/09
Posts: 11,279
Loc: Nasty Women Get Shit Done
here's zero...
11/14/13 09:08 AM

for your "rape cape"

Registered: 05/16/11
Posts: 9,314
Loc: Pacific Coast
11/10/13 04:05 PM

misunderstood faggot. You're pretty cool chowder.

and for this:

He should just buy him a puppy, let him get attached, then go back when he's not there and video tape him having sex with the dog on his bed. At the end of the video close up on your face and say "bong" in a creepy as voice and just end it.

Last Edited 12/03/13 10:50 AM
Shamanic Panic
 User Gallery

Registered: 07/31/09
Posts: 8,535
Loc: magic sugarcastle
Chowder claims to lure & find children attractive
10/23/13 02:57 PM


Chowder963 said:
I'm attracted to children ages 3-5 and 7-9.

6 year olds are gross though, and unlucky, and when you're as risky as I am with the kids, you need all the luck you can get.


Chowder963 said:
No, but most of the kids I pick up are, can you believe how many will actually get into my van? It looks like shit and is creepy as fuck, I swear lol, one time I didn't even have to offer him a ride or candy or anything, I just said "Hey hop on in". Kids these days..

Go away.
OfflineVriska Serket

Registered: 10/02/13
Posts: 1,468
Last seen: 1 year, 2 months
good poster
10/07/13 08:18 PM

Male User Gallery

Registered: 05/23/10
Posts: 1,282
Loc: Ohio Flag
Last seen: 5 years, 9 months
10/05/13 06:28 PM

Re: Flaming hot cheetohs hangover.

Showed me his poop. Thread delivers.
The Cake is a Lie

Registered: 08/08/13
Posts: 469
Last seen: 9 months, 29 days
This whole fish thing
09/29/13 05:12 AM

Is very distracting in regards to good threads.
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/13/09
Posts: 13,636
Loc: Flag
09/29/13 01:03 AM

STAY OFF THE GROWERY , you underaged kid

Registered: 02/11/07
Posts: 5,192
09/19/13 08:52 PM

I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 07/16/08
Posts: 12,317
Loc: Canada Flag
Not good looking OR smart
09/03/13 12:56 PM

Re: Re: Rate me on a scale 1-10 please.

Rough man, rough.

Registered: 08/09/13
Posts: 181
Loc: NSW
Last seen: 1 year, 10 months
Repaying the Favor
09/03/13 06:41 AM

Thank you Kind sir
well oiled machine
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/24/09
Posts: 7,802
Last seen: 3 years, 3 months
08/16/13 12:12 AM

automatic 0 just for saying this.
"Lol.. I actually am told im hot every party I go to, ive always been known as hot. I was being modest when I said 6.5. You guys are obviously lying. Im not stupid. I was actually kind of being a dick when posting this because I know im better looking than so many people that post here. "

and...you have seen the pics of pubbers thread, right?

Chowder963 responded on 08/16/13 12:15 AM:

Why would I say that if I hadnt.. :lol:

InvisibleKilgore Trout
Yachts on the reg

Registered: 07/10/12
Posts: 9,839
Loc: Metro City, USA
I thought I rated you already.
08/03/13 04:32 PM

Guess not.
OfflineJohnny Depp
 User Gallery

Registered: 04/01/10
Posts: 2,201
Last seen: 5 years, 6 months
You seem to have gotten better with age on here
07/30/13 02:47 AM

So here's some shrooms to balance the force of you ratings
InvisibleThe Doobie Dude

Registered: 04/28/13
Posts: 13,498
Thanks for the advice
07/12/13 04:02 PM

I can't wait for the 25B-nBome :trippinbawelz:
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