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one-eyed willie

Registered: 07/08/03
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05/02/10 10:20 AM

Re: Re: How do you feel about the upcoming UFO/ET public disclosure?

Male User Gallery

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04/15/10 12:15 PM

Your rating doesn't affect me, but mine will definitely help you.

This guy doesn't know anything about CPU's or electronics, something he claims to be a fucking pro at.

I've been arguing with him in PM's ever since he decided to PM me asking me if I've ever even cross-bred or cloned marijuana :rolleyes: (omg fucking rocket science) and claiming I don't know anything.

Then I asked him a few simple things regarding subjects he claims to be well-versed in.


I'm not a network specialist, simple as that


I told you I don't do networking nor do I work on a computer's hardware or firmware at all so asking a question like that to someone who does predominantly web work like css xml and red-dot is pretty pointless.

i'll admit you do know something about computers man, but that is nothing to brag about. neither is growing pot outdoors because of it's simplicity.

who honestly uses a 1000w amp besides wiggers?

it's not a matter of wattage as far as I know, and i don't know much, but I know that your 1000w amp is NOT putting that much power out.

After I confronted him with basic questions regarding these subjects he finally admits he knows nothing.

bros773 said:
are canadians proud of their weed being cheap? that's cool that it's legal and cheap, but beasters is garbage and all canadians should be ashamed for producing such low-quality weed, especially when we in america produce such good shit like nyc diesel, alaskan thunderfuck, and la confidential.

plus canada isn't as relaxed with the pot laws as they are about to be in america. we're about to make pot legal for recreational use and hopefully start growing cannabis fields again like in the old days. you can keep marc emery because we are too cool for you guys. if canada is so cool, then why is the prince of pot still incarcerated?

..and he's just a piss poor poster in general.

Last Edited 04/15/10 12:25 PM
Wandering Mindfuck

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Don't insult
04/14/10 06:28 PM

People who have been around longer and contributed much more to the community than you with your bullshit. :nonono:

bros773 responded on 04/15/10 11:07 AM:

grow up anime fanboy. I don't contribute because posting pictures of criminal activity on my IP address doesn't fly with me inuyasha.

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i dont like to give out negatives...
04/14/10 04:21 PM

quit flaming and trolling...


Last Edited 04/14/10 04:23 PM
Custom Killer

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For trying to better the community!!
03/26/10 03:02 PM

I really hope you follow this thru to the end !!:thumbup::thumbup:


bros773 said:
I will be doing a number of experiments regarding the yield, size of fruit, pin/fruit ratio, pin distribution, potency(I honestly don't think this will be effected) etc. Basically every single variable that can be accurately measured.
With the help of my new invention, more on that later, I will be creating ideal micro-climates in many different terrariums. I will have EXACTLY the same conditions in each terrarium with the exception of one thing, for example: casings, substrate depth, or the addition of coir to a substrate.

The purpose of these experiments is to increase my knowledge of this subject in a fun manner ,obviously, but also because there seems to be so much debate and lack of viable information regarding the variables used in mushroom cultivation. This experiment is not meant to put anyone's cultivation method to the test, but simply to have a reliable and complete side-by-side comparison of these different methods.

To achieve perfectly uniform conditions, yet still be able to introduce a number of different variables, I have created an automated machine that filters the air passing through it (2 HEPA filters, carbon filter, two uv filters, steam filter, independent ionizer, independent ozonator...is that what they're called?) while maintaining a steady, yet variable amount of moisture in the "clean" air.
NOTE:This was achieved over a 2 month trial and error period using different products found online and at local stores, I don't create kick-ass mushroom machines for a living. Please keep in mind that I am an amateur too and will be very happy to hear any suggestions. Your input will be very helpful. Questions will be answered seriously.

with that said, should I be posting my results in adv. myco, mushroom cult, or grow-logs?

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