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Benzo Enthusiast
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great hack for distilation under vacuum set ups
10/01/20 03:25 AM

if you wrap your joints in a spiral form using plumber's thread seal tape (teflon tape) you can get a pretty good seal as long as you don't need to reach deep vacuum. 
I saw the o from Will Solvem, that means in 4 years you've come a long wat. He don't post anymore that i've seen but he was undoubtedly a classically trained chemist (I can spot a mile away being one myself).  To go from a zero from him to a 5 from me is pretty solid growth. Keep it up but please stay in your lane and in a scientific debate bring facts, not anecdotes, for future reference.  Anecdotes are what we collect to form hypotheses that turn into well structured experiments with controls and all that jazz.

for more inf read up on DoE (Design of Experiment) and keep hitting chemi books, the occasional bio text and read papers until you understand them including supplemental and data sets if you have access. This is how an amatuer chemist can become better than a classically trained chemist, with a will to do it.

TL;DR read first line, follow link
The Nutter

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Very smart and educated individual
08/04/17 04:34 AM

Cultvr - Not Necessarily Trusted
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Continues to experiment - awesome....
09/06/16 07:44 PM

I'm loving your experimentation.
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05/23/16 07:07 AM

Know why

Achuma responded on 05/29/16 04:14 AM:

Absolutely.  Because I go through the trouble to provide sensible hands-on experimentation. 
You had previously altered this comment to say that I was correct, and that your ego had gotten the better of you.  I guess it was just a ploy to try to get me to change the rating I gave you.  The poor rating which is an honest reflection of your actions.

Last Edited 05/29/16 11:54 PM

bunbun has a gungun
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04/26/16 10:42 PM

... is power :v
A psilly goose
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thanks for the advice
12/21/15 08:53 PM

Advice which may well end up helping to ease the pain of multiple people, thank you good sir.

Paddy Time!!!!

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09/28/14 03:20 PM

Bueatiful man, beautiful.
The Sympathetic Droning String
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08/14/14 05:52 PM

And how.
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Your 2C-E report.
07/14/14 02:18 PM

Hell yeah man, you know what's going on.
Amateur Ethnobotanist

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Words of encouragment
05/06/14 05:35 PM

Thanks for not being dismissive of the Phalaris Grass Tek and for your words of encouragement. :bow2::peace::bow2:
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Nice concentrate
11/05/13 08:39 PM

Looks blonde and dank as hell, i would love to dab some of that. :africaface:

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11/25/12 07:55 PM

I liked the post on the activity from dill seeds. That's cool, man. I appreciate all who explore for the benefit of the psychedelic community.
RC Connoisseur

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05/29/12 04:50 PM


Achuma said:
well, maybe this really happens...like...god, think about if it is a psychotic episode resulting from massive 4-fluoro-mcat etc dosing throughout many years (sympathectomy anyone? its what scares me about para-halo-goestoyourbrain-amines...)...maybe this guy (besides being obviously nuts, most likely to begin with) really was in a place, like "I don't understand what I'm doing" due to picking a particularly consequential environment for his cannibalism. he seemed passionate about gnawing this other guy's face. they were both naked. mostly the problem with this story is the location. Really bad judgement on face eating guy's part. besides just plain bad taste regarding (lack of) preparation, hannibal lecter would totally have no respect for this guy though he might enjoy the raw animal spirit and the kind of sushi direction he was going with it. but you gotta stop eating your totally difficult to score fresh raw man face meat when the cops shoot you once. total bad judgement.

Master Baiter
I'm a teapot

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This guy is
05/28/12 02:20 PM

A cool dude. :thumup:

Registered: 05/05/11
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06/06/11 05:52 PM

Excellent research on saffrole compounds!
Trailer Park Supervisor

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You are
06/05/11 08:17 PM

awesome....I really liked your views on how people should handle things like DMT and Ayahuasca from a financial standpoint. It should not be about the money, the experience is a gift that you cant put a price on.
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Good topic
03/23/11 08:41 AM

I like ancient brews, if you want to pm me with any questions or want to discuss some chem please do :awesomenod:
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