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Taoist, Writer, Student, Artist
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Registered: 08/01/23
Posts: 11,759
Loc: PNW
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Good takes, Really dislikes America.
11/13/23 12:59 PM

Politics is a big topic and I like discussing it with you.

Things have changed. You seem to have a very fuck America attitude about everything. Not sure how much Republican media your consuming. But there’s a noticeable uptick in your “everything is America’s fault” Rhetoric.
It’s pretty disappointing because you seemed like a really good person to discuss politics with until recently.

I know that America’s done a lot bad stuff in particular the CIA & the FBI. But we are hardly the fault of all of the worlds ills.

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OfflineStable Genius
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Registered: 09/26/18
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Loc: Wide Bay Orstralia
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Quality posts
08/06/22 03:33 AM

Scary amount of political knowledge. I always pay attention to his posts and don't mind if he takes the time to verbally belt some sense into me.
gentle modern ape
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 06/20/21
Posts: 2,151
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07/10/22 09:46 PM

I like your views on politics. 👍:mushroom2:

Registered: 03/30/21
Posts: 333
Last seen: 2 months, 10 days
Rational debater
05/30/22 07:02 AM

Knowledgeable poster, Ecstatic contributes to debates clearly expressing his opinions and keeping in respectful consideration other user's opinion, even if disagreeing, avoidng to slip in insults and being capable to add a tad of irony also when provocated.

Thanks for helping to keep an over-heated discussion on a rational level
InvisibleAltered Beast
Savage Blow

Registered: 11/08/21
Posts: 245
Loc: Pullman Berth
11/18/21 07:28 PM

Enjoyed reading your thoughts on Satanism. :fire:

I really think you’ll make a fine grotto master someday.
Be well, brother
InvisibleBilly Ray

Registered: 11/19/19
Posts: 754
Good Poster
03/25/21 07:16 PM


Registered: 10/08/15
Posts: 1,091
Loc: Melbourne, Australia
Last seen: 3 days, 16 hours
Fellow communist, here's 5
01/06/21 01:36 AM

InvisibleStudy The CNS
Anecdotal Subtext

Registered: 11/17/20
Posts: 1,588
Loc: Mexico Flag
Take 5
12/15/20 05:50 AM

InvisibleTexas Honey BadgerM
No fucks given
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 07/12/18
Posts: 63,445
Loc: Spicemaster Texas
Great Poaster
03/03/20 07:15 PM


Registered: 04/04/16
Posts: 871
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Nasty and hateful comment
10/30/18 08:30 PM

Re: Re: What if some Obama lover sent bombs to people he denounced or clashed with?


The Ecstatic responded on 11/03/18 06:06 AM:

What do you mean? He is.


Registered: 04/03/10
Posts: 2,213
10/28/18 10:56 PM

this dude is legit

edit: had to add a :chilldog:

Last Edited 10/28/18 10:57 PM
Undercover Traffic Cop

Registered: 09/13/18
Posts: 438
Last seen: 5 years, 6 months
10/23/18 05:03 PM

And not even one of the clever kind that can blend in.

The Ecstatic responded on 10/27/18 08:20 PM:

Yep that’s me. The fed communist.

InvisibleMr Piggy
Big Dick Retard
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Registered: 09/29/11
Posts: 9,132
Fuck the police
10/17/18 08:18 PM

Pleasures of Africa
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 01/30/10
Posts: 14,237
Last seen: 5 months, 5 days
So true
06/19/18 05:52 PM

Re: Re: Political Cartoons

Human Being
 User Gallery

Registered: 01/09/18
Posts: 2,209
Very Articulate
02/07/18 07:05 PM

Is a no bullshit, intelligent fellow.  He's a good dude! 

Last Edited 02/07/18 07:06 PM

Registered: 12/18/17
Posts: 79
Loc: rojava
Last seen: 5 years, 5 months
Commrades get 5 stars
01/04/18 02:01 PM

Nice seeing radical lefties on shroomery.

I wish you a cop free future
:acidcat: All Cats Are Beautiful :acidcat:
lunatic wielding pressure cooker
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 11/16/17
Posts: 699
Loc: Somewhere in the PNW
12/12/17 12:38 PM

Last Edited 12/12/17 12:39 PM
Smear in the shale
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Registered: 07/16/12
Posts: 16,431
Loc: Florida
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08/22/17 09:53 AM

Has good common sense and rationality. :thumbup:
Smurf real estate agent
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Registered: 04/30/13
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Loc: Milky way
Promotion of nickelback in otd
08/02/17 03:17 PM


The Ecstatic responded on 08/13/17 08:38 PM:


Mad Professor
I'm a teapot

Registered: 06/26/15
Posts: 2,182
08/02/17 10:17 AM

Re: Re: The Official why hasn't koods changed his sig' as agreed thread.

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