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Cake Mastah!

Registered: 12/14/17
Posts: 489
Loc: North
Last seen: 3 months, 23 days
Remember you...
12/15/17 02:46 PM

As a good man!:acidcat:
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Registered: 12/03/13
Posts: 434
Loc: Maxico ☼ Flag
Last seen: 3 days, 15 hours
10/19/17 10:07 PM

Beginner Psychonaut

Registered: 09/18/17
Posts: 80
Last seen: 3 years, 11 months
09/27/17 03:37 PM

blunt and to the point but 100% willing to help and mentor you as long as you are willing to put in the work yourself - no free rides but a wonderful teacher and source of info.....10/10

Registered: 07/09/16
Posts: 8,717
Last seen: 15 minutes, 20 seconds
09/24/17 07:56 PM


Eat's You Alive :)
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Registered: 08/17/01
Posts: 19,026
Loc: In Your Head
09/17/17 03:02 PM

Looks like it has been a while since you have been around. Welcome back and its nice to have another tc with a good perspective around!
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Registered: 07/23/16
Posts: 6,824
Loc: Interdimensional Bootcamp
09/17/17 01:17 PM

Your perspective and advice in cult are greatly appreciated and your attitude is very refreshing...hope you stick around, LeopardMan; you rock!
I'm a teapot

Registered: 05/14/17
Posts: 341
Last seen: 4 years, 29 days
Good advice
09/16/17 10:00 PM

Gave me source which explained why I was wrong rather than being demeaning.. Good to see there are people who can be good, and patient teachers; they deserve the high ratings.
ɢᄋᄋd ԲᄋЯ ᄁᄋȚᅢΙᄁɢ ᄂᄋ₩ᄂΙԲᄐ
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Registered: 04/17/15
Posts: 7,062
Loc: to the brain Flag
Good shit
07/11/16 08:27 PM

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Registered: 03/05/10
Posts: 25,330
Loc: 'sconsin Flag
Fuck, man.. I'm sorry
09/03/15 12:57 PM

figured I'd have rated you by now.
Great contributer in the sports forum and seems to be an all around good fella.
Pan handler
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Registered: 10/31/14
Posts: 397
Loc: Far East
Last seen: 1 year, 2 months
Thanks for being around more often
06/23/15 12:27 PM

There hadn't been many tc's posting aside from ham, pasty, and cron for quite some time.  Thanks for funding the time to help out others. I haven't been directly involved in a discussion with you, but I appreciate what you bring to the community and am sure I will learn a bunch from you!
proletarians rise up
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Registered: 01/24/13
Posts: 19,243
Loc: Babylon
Last seen: 4 years, 1 month
Was sure I did this yrs ago!
06/14/15 06:24 PM

But here's 5. You should have gotten 10 for being able to keep your head cool
in a thread filled with people who just like to watch their own letters on a screen :wink:

Hats off to one of my favorite TC's who I'm really happy is back! :hatsoff:
InvisibleMad Season
hookers and blackjack
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Registered: 09/16/12
Posts: 12,666
Loc: Canada Flag
06/09/15 10:49 PM

You seem very knowledgeable. It's awesome to be able to have a full on information thread like that.
I didn't look at it all quite like that until the thread came up, and I actually read what you and others were saying.

Last Edited 06/09/15 10:50 PM
The Double Standard

Registered: 10/23/14
Posts: 3,945
Last seen: 2 years, 3 months
Cool beans
06/07/15 10:26 AM

Very helpful links and suggestions; Much appreciated.
InvisibleMr. Alien
I will abduct andprobe your anus
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Registered: 01/14/14
Posts: 6,247
Loc: Star Wars Galaxy
Very knowledge person and accurate answers.
01/08/15 07:49 AM

This guy kick ass :rockon:

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Registered: 02/28/09
Posts: 8,327
01/05/15 05:23 PM

Love the tek man. your now on the list of people were I read many posts!

Smoker of Blunts
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Registered: 11/25/14
Posts: 263
Loc: Under that cloud of smoke
Last seen: 9 months, 22 days
Cool dude!
01/04/15 07:46 PM

Only one to tell me what he thought of my substrate (There was like 70 views come on people) and gave me my first rating!
Anal Destroyer
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Registered: 10/16/12
Posts: 15,536
01/03/15 03:24 PM

title says it all faggot

Last Edited 11/16/15 10:02 PM
Say hello to my little friend
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Registered: 09/16/12
Posts: 37,062
Loc: Canada Flag
Good guy
12/27/14 09:17 PM

Who can also carry on a discussion and has plenty of knowledge for all. You should post more often :awesomenod:

OfflineBrian Jones
Club 27
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Registered: 12/18/12
Posts: 9,435
Loc: attending Snake Church
Last seen: 15 hours, 8 minutes
Good Guy in Sports Threads
12/23/14 05:44 PM

Valuable contributor in sports and given some of your other ratings a knowledgable person in some other interesting area.

Last Edited 12/23/14 05:46 PM
All About the Benjamins

Registered: 05/29/13
Posts: 6,839
Great shroomerite
12/15/13 04:22 PM

Here's 5 virtual mushrooms for the holidays! :cheers:

Registered: 03/18/01
Posts: 14,416
Last seen: 1 day, 19 hours
Leapord be kicking ass
11/25/13 01:02 PM

in the NFL pick em league and speaks the truth about Kaep playing worse after taking hits. Quality member that needs to quit making so many correct picks already :mad2:

I'll have to make it up in post season pick em :cool:
The Inquisition

Registered: 01/05/11
Posts: 10,557
Hey LM
09/22/13 02:49 PM

Good to see you around mush cult more often! You're an inspiration for me and my work.


Registered: 07/31/13
Posts: 4,419
Last seen: 6 years, 10 months
09/14/13 04:37 PM

He's a TC for a reason.
The Nagual

Registered: 04/11/11
Posts: 10,550
Loc: Ixtlan, Mexico
10/03/12 07:25 PM

I like cats, and so do you. Unless you really hate them, and your avatar and name is a strange statement.
Aces High!

Registered: 02/11/12
Posts: 312
Loc: Neptune
Helped me with some good Info!
03/23/12 04:58 PM

Re: Re: Correct PF Cake Moisture Content

Helped me with some good Info!
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