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Registered: 10/09/07
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Satira said it all
05/13/18 12:53 PM


A sobering foil to the ideas that psychedelics are not harmful and the path to enlightenment is the psychedelic experience. Satira said it better than I can.

Your garden is awesome so post an update and stop deleting your pictures.
OfflineYukon Cornelius
Bumble Wrangler
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Come on man throwing away cactus?
09/02/14 12:55 PM

I kept atleast a one in the rating because you have provided this community with good information. However making a troll thread about dumping your cactus in the garbage is muy unshroomy. Just stick to helping out cactus newbies and cut the "psychedelics are bad mckay" crap.
Offlinethud thud
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Love your garden
05/30/14 01:57 AM

gonna find out where you live and steal everything. do some vision questing

Registered: 05/20/14
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Witty bastard
05/24/14 01:03 AM

You use brilliantly crafted sentences and wit to warn against the perils of "searching for a purpose in life" through prolonged psychedelic use.  It looks like some people here don't appreciate your subtly crafted jokes against a behavior equally as sheepish as churchgoing, and instead, view your statements as personal attacks.

Well this little bitch is here to tell you that she reads your posts right before she sleeps each night, to remind herself that even though studying math isn't as immediately gratifying as (or hell may never compare to) psychedelic highs, the former allows her to keep whatever few logical faculties remain, intact.  Your posts have reminded me that I don't have to throw away discipline and hard meticulous real work in light of the existence of mindblowing drugs, and that there are no fucking shortcuts, ever.

Do I still get high? Yeah, I do, but I try to keep that shit infrequent, like to a few times a year and view it with no more reverence than a cold beer (like you've said). Ok that's not entirely true, as we both know on a deep level, but I try not to place too much value on the insights I get from trips, since much of it doesn't really help me actually solve technical problems anyway. Thanks for reminding me to exercise moderation and not feel the urge to justify every action of mine with painful schizo introspection.

One of your many gems:

A passage that had me laughing till my sides split:
"I was driving through an older community the other day and there were tons of them on everyone's lawn.  I guess the builder of the community offered San Pedros in the lawn packages of the new home buyers back in the 1980s.  If I was a pimple-faced teenager I'd be back there with a sword in my hand at the strike of midnight slicing and dicing those blue-haired fuckers front yards and taking many green prickly prisoners of war who would be cannibalized in short order."
All About the Benjamins
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Registered: 05/29/13
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GREAT member.
05/05/14 05:00 PM

So jelly of your backyard cacti garden. Keep the pics coming and let the good times roll! :smile:
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Registered: 09/12/11
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Top Notch Cacti Enthusiast
01/25/14 11:48 AM

If anything this person is addicted to the collecting and care of many, many beautiful cacti.
I appreciate his contributions.

Registered: 02/25/13
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01/17/14 12:00 PM

Joe Molly what a stand up guy!:peace: You really help to keep the intellect up around here!:sunny: Mixed with a little love:heart:

Cheers man! Nice to have you around!


Registered: 07/15/13
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Kicking Ass and Taking Names
11/16/13 07:46 AM

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

One pile of Bull Shit at a time.
Pokemon Master

Registered: 03/10/11
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I should have rated you a long time ago
07/08/13 08:06 PM

Although you can be callous at times, you are a voice of reason that is a necessity in this place. With so many psychedelic drug users with their heads in the clouds, it's good to find someone who can so regularly point out the reality of the situation, even if the others don't want to see it.
Invisibleb plus

Registered: 10/13/12
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I like your style
05/27/13 09:57 PM

Your posts are enjoyable to read.
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Registered: 05/06/12
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one of a kind
05/22/13 01:29 AM

fucking dmt guru over here lol..i finally can agree with you that dmt is in fact BULLSHIT


joemolloy said:
Ain't DMT a bitch?  It'll never do what you expect.  Reading that post reminds me of those nuclear cannonball explosion type trips where it all just fucking comes apart at breakneck speed and you're sure you did physical damage to your face.  Don't even try to make sense out of it, I really think its just a retarded joke God is playing on us.  That fuck.

San Mescalito
I'm a teapot

Registered: 05/09/12
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Great Advice
04/13/13 07:55 PM

Something EVERYONE should listen too.


joemolloy said:
Here's an idea.  Stop smoking DMT and you don't need to worry about any of these extractions.  Make a tea with ACRB, 7 grams should be heavy if you take a proper harmala dose and you can spend over four hours in that headspace.  What an efficient way to use your root bark.  Oral trips are more fun than smoked anyway.

Not to mention you also have a kick-ass backyard with amazing cacti.
Devil's Advocate
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A Realist? Here?
04/09/13 07:25 PM

You are a valuable asset to this community. Keep doing what you do.
Neuromancer ☿

Registered: 05/21/09
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Can't believe I haven't rated you yet!
02/25/13 06:49 AM

You're probably tired of hearing this, but you're an asshole.
Every dimension needs a good asshole and you sir are the best and the one with a mind of clarity.
Thumbs up when you post. Thumbs up to you in general, Joe. Five of them.

InvisibleBlind fool
Herr Doktor

Registered: 10/02/12
Posts: 664
Person with sound values
02/06/13 09:13 AM

Re: Re: God Is A Higher Form Of Myself

Your logic is clean and easy to follow, as all of yours posts. I like your style!
InvisiblePeace of Mind 1
Incel Basement Dweller
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Registered: 04/05/11
Posts: 15,027
Thank you
02/06/13 08:16 AM


When these feelings began in my life, your realistic view in your posts were one of the first things I thought of. Just know it doesn't go unnoticed. :thumbup:

Last Edited 03/30/13 02:31 PM
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Registered: 11/05/09
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Top member
02/02/13 11:46 AM

I've learned a lot about you and from you...you're someone who's really helped me grow as a person all around and i just want to thank you for that. You've wised me up with my belief in bullshit conspiracy theories and alwas leave your words of wisdom whenever needed.
Being 18 and using a lot of psyches...had some rough patches where i noticed my thoughts becoming a little odd in different aspects, i would have recovered fine with some time, but you made everything that much quicker by giving your opinion all the time and burning it into my mind.
You've been an extremely important figure in my life the past couple years believe it or not...so again, thanks for all the past & future help with everything. :thumbup: :heart:

Last Edited 02/02/13 11:47 AM
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the voice of reason
01/02/13 09:24 AM

I don't entirely agree with what you say but I agree with most of it and I should probably agree with more of it.
Professional Package Handler

Registered: 05/21/12
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01/01/13 03:26 PM

All of his posts make me laugh
Hah Zah!
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+5 for the beautiful cactus gardens
12/09/12 11:39 AM

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