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Registered: 06/18/10
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06/17/13 07:01 PM

knows whatsup
Unfeigned Whiteness
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Registered: 08/27/08
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just another...
06/14/13 09:49 AM

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Registered: 10/29/10
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White Trash
03/26/13 04:56 AM

Would love to see you call me a negro to my face, but you lack the balls.

Therian responded on 03/27/13 03:40 PM:

Oh I got the balls, just ask your mother, on multiple occasions she has gently cradled them, with her mouth full of cracker sauce, and had them slap on her chin, but of course this costs me extra, kinda like when she takes out her teeth to provide her "services".  I guess that explains how such a morbidly obese Negress can have white kneecaps. See the more she works on my junk while kneeling, the more she becomes a "cracker" like those she services.

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Miracle of Science

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5 star post, kneegrow
01/28/13 01:34 PM


If a law is unjust then it should be broken. Swartz was facing what might as well have been life in prison for copying and pasting information that we, the trustees, paid for! It's bullshit, and it's sad that robotic lawyers will argue against this until blue in the face.

Registered: 06/24/02
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06/18/12 11:37 AM

A terrible waste of a human life, this guy is. 
I mean,  I've met some crummy fuckin people in my time, but you my friend.  You take the cake.

Registered: 09/04/11
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It only goes downhill from here
04/12/12 06:59 PM

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out
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Registered: 09/08/10
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You are fucking disgusting
05/13/11 01:00 PM



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Registered: 05/16/03
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Loc: Australia
Excellent post!
04/20/11 10:48 AM

I loved and lost but I loved-ftw
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Registered: 06/06/07
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I apologize
03/22/11 12:36 PM

for jumping on the negative band wagon rating train. poid is pretty dumb huh? have 3 :shrug:

Last Edited 07/26/11 02:28 AM
liberal pussy
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Registered: 05/21/02
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Loc: innsmouth..MA
05/07/10 05:37 AM

and ill bet your head is the same shape as your hat...prolly makes it easier to put it up your ass all the time...fuck you...

EDIT ..and a woman-hating chicken poop too ..


2.If a woman really wants an abortion that badly they can always go on the internet and purchase RU-486 which will terminate their pregnancy. If they cannot afford this they can also purchase a turkey baster and a bottle of liquid plumber, I'm sure this route would entail less than an expenditure of ten US dollars with an identical outcome.

3. Perhaps the woman wasn't actually raped, but wore a sexy dress, and therefore was asking for it.

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Registered: 03/29/06
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good point
04/24/10 01:27 PM

"with AZ having passed what is by far the most racist legislation since the Japanese internment...

Actually the Germans were treated far worse than were the Japs, they were imprisoned, deported from other countries (such as in Latin America) specifically to be jailed here. This happened during both WWI and II. It doesn't count though as they were Caucasian, and as we all know pain is only felt by non whites. It doesn't make a compelling story if they are included, if they were you couldn't just cry racism all the time."
Shroomery's #1 Spellir
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Registered: 02/04/08
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Loc: SF Bay Area Flag
Racist piece of shit.
03/30/10 02:49 AM

You would get your ass whooped, or even shot in the face in a matter of seconds if you ever stepped foot in my turf with your racist bullshit. :thumbdown:


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Dr. Teasy Thighs
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Registered: 12/02/05
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You're stoopid!
03/03/10 12:11 PM


Registered: 04/01/05
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02/18/10 02:53 AM

In any sense of the word.
Alt Center
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Registered: 06/20/04
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thumbs up
12/28/09 07:26 PM

Stick to your guns
Alphabet soup

Registered: 05/27/07
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10/04/09 05:46 AM

Therian said:

So Reich now states that we should borrow more money. Presumably to create more jobs. This is the same asshole that stated that he didn't want money from the stimulus to go to "white construction workers". Yes the money was intended to upgrade/rebuild the crumbling infrastructure. But by no means should any white guys be able reap any benefits (work) from the stimulus. Its OK for the white guys to pay for it though. Sounds like more racist fuck monetary redistribution to me.

It would be easy to pay for, enact new huge tax increases on businesses, watch them leave the country to have 13 year old Taiwanese girls complete the work, and then wonder where the hell all the jobs went. Create another stimulus and watch the cyclical downward spiral continue.

By the way where are all the newly created jobs as a result of the stimulus? I believe Obama stated if this passed unemployment would not surpass 8%. Well here in my state it is 16% and climbing, some cities having a rate of 30% plus. I just hope if any new jobs are created they don't go to the upper class, privileged, bourgeoisie, white construction workers.
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Registered: 06/09/09
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What wrong with the truth?
09/29/09 03:15 AM

I don't understand. You only reported and commented on well established and scientifically proven data. To call you a racist is like calling Tom Brokaw a bigot because he reported on a story about it. Talk about killing the messenger. Thanks for the data and website.
Man of Science
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Registered: 03/15/05
Posts: 1,974
Loc: Hogtown
Absolutely disgusting
08/24/09 03:46 AM

Read his posts, see for yourself.  Challenge him on anything, and he just windbags up your ratings with petty insults.  One might consider this person to be emotionally and socially underdeveloped.

Last Edited 08/28/09 12:50 AM
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Registered: 01/25/08
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08/11/09 01:29 PM

If you need to have it explained to you why the crusades were bad...
Prince of Bugs

Registered: 10/08/02
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A mental midget
07/31/09 06:29 PM

and a racist to boot.

What a combo. Kudos.
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Registered: 06/18/08
Posts: 1,707
Loc: north korea
07/24/09 03:33 PM

see Re: Obama: Police who arrested professor 'acted stupidly'

hehe edit:
theres plenty of valid reasons for rating you a 0, as everyone can see :smile:

of course there's also what I mentioned above, maybe you have issues reading

Last Edited 08/11/09 02:38 PM
OfflineTaco Chef
I found dead John Cheever
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Registered: 03/04/06
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07/24/09 10:15 AM

a neo-nazi
Live to party,work to affordit.
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Registered: 10/03/04
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did not know that.
06/28/09 11:36 PM

"Roughly 100,000 white slaves were transported to America under the 1723 Waltham act. www.revisionisthistory.org/forgottenslaves.html
Seal Whisperer
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Registered: 06/23/06
Posts: 5,352
Loc: Over the rainbow
05/27/09 12:37 AM

Okay.  I could spend a very good deal of time dissecting your pile of shit in this thread: http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/9129881/fpart/2 , pointing out how delusional everything you said is, but you're not worth my time.  You know what?  I've been on this forum since June 2006 and I have'nt given somebody a poor rating except in return until now.  Congratulations.  Perhaps you are the type of ignore-ant(a term I devised blending ignorance with the drone consciousness of an ant) who prides hirself in hir own idiocy and takes that as a compliment, but I do'nt really care. 
I murder children often whilst taking pleasure in homoerotica.  I know I'm doing the world a great favor by preventing garbage such as yourself from manifesting.  I suggest that you go the way of those potential children who end up in the trash, or in the throats of my bf or I. As the great cookie monster would audibly emit during a tasty fix of hardened dough impregnated with chocolate nuggets, "nom nom nom nom".

Last Edited 06/10/09 01:28 AM

Registered: 11/08/07
Posts: 2,312
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05/04/09 07:25 AM

Re: Re: did congress legalize torture??...

an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind

edit*  and a racist fuck to boot.

Last Edited 07/31/09 04:08 PM
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