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Quasar Praiser

Registered: 01/05/15
Posts: 11,751
Much appreciate
02/04/24 10:22 PM


Sure, but the issue is that you think people like Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump pose an existential threat to corporate America - while simultaneously thinking leftist politics are favoured by the corporate world.

Taoist, Writer, Student, Artist
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Shakti approved
01/15/24 01:10 AM

I always look forward to seeing your comments in political discussion. They are well thought out.
You’re always very respectful of other people.
I appreciate you.
InvisibleONE OZ SLUG

Registered: 05/22/13
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Loc: TX
This guy kills it in the Ukraine Thread
04/04/23 02:16 PM

I peek here and there in the thread and I always see well articulated posts from this guy.
Invisibleunam sanctum
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Registered: 04/20/11
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Loc: hay fields
06/09/22 11:32 PM

one of the best posters on the boards.  consistent and concise. does not shy away but treats everyone with respect no matter their opinions. we should all strive to be more like you.

Registered: 03/30/21
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thanks for not dumbening
04/04/22 04:13 AM

Hi, im not very active on these boards, but i want to express my appreciation for helping (or tring to) keeping an important discussion on an intelligent level. Thanks for pointing out the parroting of opposite propagandas (from both sides) and the evident misguiding lies, misrepresentations, contradictions.
We probably don't agree on much, i can't consider myself a pure brother anarchist; i wish so but i think its a bit ingenuous to belive that humankind is ready for that. Personally, i believe that a long period of what i call a radical libertarian socialism would be a good school to prepare humans for that, but it's another story... for now i just wanted to thank you for doing a good job.
I'm me, he's him, you're you!

Registered: 02/27/22
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03/09/22 04:01 PM

Thats a cute doggy!


shroom or die
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Registered: 01/13/18
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Loc: the womb
02/18/22 07:44 PM

Thank you for your commitment to educating naive people like myself about the significance of direct action, especially around environmental issues.
Nothern Counterpart
I'm a teapot

Registered: 05/31/20
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An excellent poster
02/09/22 05:35 AM

Nuanced and reasonable. Not interested in tired ideas.
Seems to formulate his own ideas and opinions.
A breath of fresh air.
Female User Gallery

Registered: 10/20/21
Posts: 6,359
Loc: Canada Flag
Extremely admirable to me until recently
11/29/21 02:33 PM

Anyone who refuses to use a chainsaw gets five stars in my book.
Kudos to what you've accomplished and what you will in the future!

edit: five *SHROOMS*:smilingpuppy:

New edit: not really anti establishment. History, always repeating itself.

Last Edited 03/26/22 01:08 PM
राम राम
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Registered: 03/27/12
Posts: 2,258
🕉 Namah Shivaya
10/07/21 10:18 AM

Har Har Mahadev
OfflineLoaded Shaman
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01/12/21 01:32 AM

:wizard: :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2: 5/5!

Registered: 07/25/10
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Loc: Richmond, VA
communist nut job
08/30/20 04:13 PM

That thinks terrorism is cool as long as it's directed at anyone he perceives to be a right wing extremist, which is basically anyone that is not a far left intersectionalist. Literally just supported the murder of anyone wearing a MAGA hat and has the nerve to bitch about terrorists.

Last Edited 09/13/20 10:02 AM

shivas.wisdom responded on 09/05/20 01:09 PM:

I'm not sure where I've ever "supported the murder of anyone wearing a MAGA hat" but here's Eminence defending a neo-nazi domestic terrorist, so I'm probably doing something right to have pissed them off.

Eminence said (29/08/2020):
And yet, multiple years later..you guys STILL will not admit that it was yet another Antifa prick with a rifle named Dwayne Dixon that bragged about chasing James Fields into that crowd, was on video jumping on peoples' cars and brandishing his rifle and redirecting traffic. And of course you don't mention the people surrounding and beating his car before the car sped off. Dwayne Dixon was confronted later and threatened to call the police if the person talking to him wouldn't leave, before he ran away crying. And somehow nothing happened to him that I know of.

edit: also, I'm an anarchist, not a commie - get better you fascist

Last Edited 09/05/20 01:43 PM

Mushroom Instrumentality Project

Registered: 05/12/20
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Wise Indeed
08/05/20 04:38 PM

Calling people on their fascist, bootlicking bullshit
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Registered: 10/27/12
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03/05/20 02:31 AM

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02/15/20 08:16 AM


Registered: 12/28/10
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09/06/19 07:13 PM

Well thought out, articulate posts and interesting ideas :cool:
InvisibleThermal Visions

Registered: 06/04/19
Posts: 133
06/07/19 07:57 PM

Likes to debate
 User Gallery

Registered: 10/13/17
Posts: 14,474
Last seen: 5 days, 10 hours
I don't enjoy rating people, but post quality is off the charts!
03/27/19 05:38 PM

Always enjoyable!
Post whore
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Registered: 02/17/17
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you get what you give
03/16/19 05:57 PM

you get what you give
InvisibleMr Piggy
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Registered: 09/29/11
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I will always
11/25/18 09:48 AM

Meet fascists with extreme violence and intolerance.

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