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Male User Gallery

Registered: 05/16/05
Posts: 4,752
Loc: Love's Secret Domain
Thinks disrespect is accptable for skeptics
03/14/11 04:10 AM

...you never can be too sure. I mean, I think someone told me you're a puppet, and I normally don't take time to rate puppets.  Mainly because they find it gratifying when they get people all pissed off or whatever.
On the other hand, when there is a "serious" member, that I see doing something terrible, I do like to stick my nose in things to let everyone else know, that they're dealing with someone (that is in my opinion, in some way), shady.

I thought your posts toward Ginseng1 in the "bob the alien thread" was extremely disrespectful. You are allowed to believe as you wish, and hell--you're ENCOURAGED to voice your opinion and discuss topics... but that doesn't mean you have to invalidate another person's feelings, just because you don't feel the same.

That is how a psychopath behaves.
Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/09/10
Posts: 6,614
Please stay out of the gene pool.
09/04/10 01:53 AM

Keep your children and dogs away from this twisted sack of shit.
He'd enjoy fucking and killing them respectively.
Good luck in prison, koopa. Mind your pooper, bitch.
Because, ShockValue.

Registered: 11/18/08
Posts: 5,097
Loc: Tipping at windmills.
Killing puppies, no big deal...
09/03/10 11:58 PM


King Koopa said:
7 puppies dying isn't important AT ALL.


King Koopa said:
Nope. Explain to why throwing puppies in water for them to die is torture?

Mushroom Guestimator
Male User Gallery

Registered: 10/17/09
Posts: 14,265
Loc: Essex, England
Last seen: 1 year, 4 months
Gave me 5.
08/31/10 10:54 AM

Returning the favour.

Registered: 03/05/09
Posts: 3,634
Loc: Californi-eh
Last seen: 5 years, 4 months
07/26/10 03:45 PM

You seem to piss off a lot of people and your ratings amuse me.

Registered: 07/07/07
Posts: 173
Last seen: 10 years, 3 months
07/25/10 11:39 PM

Amature Mycologist
Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/05/10
Posts: 930
Loc: Earth
Last seen: 4 years, 3 months
07/25/10 03:29 AM

tits or gtfo

Registered: 12/07/06
Posts: 3,641
Loc: The Astral Realm 16,376AD
Last seen: 8 years, 4 months
07/10/10 10:48 PM


King Koopa responded on 07/13/10 12:20 AM:


Male User Gallery

Registered: 10/29/06
Posts: 146
Loc: A Sea of Holes
Last seen: 9 years, 3 months
u get 5..
07/09/10 08:34 PM

for H-Town!

"Big swangers and vogues and 20 inches sittin' low. We ball 24/7 all that we know."

Registered: 10/18/08
Posts: 7,040
Last seen: 10 years, 4 months
never rated you
07/08/10 07:02 PM

but you are the biggest faggot/troll of shroomery

read his other ratings and you'll see why

King Koopa responded on 07/10/10 12:35 AM:

I still think you have a sexy ass and pretty awsometacular muskles. I would lick you up baby cakes

Last Edited 07/13/10 12:22 AM

OfflinePsy Baba
That was zen, This is Tao
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 01/30/06
Posts: 16,430
Loc: The land of Ports.
Last seen: 10 days, 18 hours
Thanks tons
06/30/10 12:17 AM

For the computer help.  Made my day.
Good boob day
 User Gallery

Registered: 02/27/10
Posts: 14,306
Loc: Nirvana
Last seen: 4 years, 2 months
06/24/10 08:51 PM

Mindless droog of the OTD, desperately trying to make a name for himself by insulting an innocent girl.  I'd tolerate it better if your insults were creative or funny.

King Koopa responded on 06/25/10 01:53 PM:


Haha. You're not the first butthurt poster that rated me a 0.

I'm a teapot

Registered: 11/29/07
Posts: 18,605
Loc: British West Indies Flag
Last seen: 1 month, 30 days
06/22/10 10:00 PM

Love you too. :heart:
Shroomery's #1 Spellir
Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/04/08
Posts: 40,372
Loc: SF Bay Area Flag
Very horrible poster
06/16/10 07:50 PM

and an annoying degenerate. Not sure if anybody actually likes him, why he acts like he's so cool is completely beyond me. :justdontknow:

King Koopa responded on 06/17/10 06:52 PM:

Poid? ROFL

OfflineTri High
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/02/08
Posts: 11,769
Loc: Monaghan, Ireland
Last seen: 9 years, 2 months
You've gone all faggot
06/15/10 06:56 PM

At one time you might have been respectable, but now that you've discovered the rumpus room you're a total fgt.

Buck up or gtfo.
OfflineJohnny Depp
 User Gallery

Registered: 04/01/10
Posts: 2,201
Last seen: 6 years, 30 days
you too
06/07/10 08:28 PM

good vibes
rogue DMT elf
Female User Gallery

Registered: 08/09/99
Posts: 16,381
Loc: Crawling on the floor...
Last seen: 6 years, 8 months
They used to call me King Koopa when i was in the army :O
05/26/10 10:49 AM

Just saying...

"Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?"

Thou art god.

~A. Casil
Quick Learner

Registered: 11/10/09
Posts: 162
Loc: Nova Prospekt
Last seen: 6 years, 10 months
04/24/10 08:21 PM

i picked the wrong one first ! 5 f0r j00!:highfive:
Democracy? We Deliver!!!
Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/12/03
Posts: 24,190
Thanks bro
04/19/10 02:05 AM

Thanks for helpin me with that pubfag.  You rock.:irishtoast:

Registered: 12/20/09
Posts: 574
King Koopa is the Man!
02/22/10 03:56 PM

Your an intelligent mofuka and also a very funny guy keep on keepen on! :headbang3:
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/13/09
Posts: 13,636
Loc: Flag
09/29/09 12:37 PM

back at ya

Last Edited 01/29/15 03:54 PM
ૐ नमः शिवाय
Male User Gallery

Registered: 05/27/06
Posts: 666
Last seen: 9 years, 7 months
you seem like a homosexual
09/17/09 09:25 PM

Love your life!
Male User Gallery

Registered: 05/14/08
Posts: 1,594
Last seen: 3 days, 18 hours
You are a PC
09/01/09 12:57 AM

And really gay.

Last Edited 09/01/09 01:05 AM
lion in a coma
 User Gallery

Registered: 11/19/07
Posts: 5,115
Last seen: 7 years, 19 days
08/26/09 05:45 PM


Registered: 06/14/06
Posts: 1,250
el oh el
08/26/09 12:12 PM

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