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Registered: 01/14/15
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02/14/15 04:31 PM

thanks for the book recommendation man :smile:

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04/11/14 04:20 AM


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A spiritual explanation
01/22/13 12:48 AM


c0sm0nautt said:
I was once a "conspiracy nut" when I first started researching international politics as a young college freshman. It's all real. The corruption is there. But I see it more holistically nowadays. There's good and bad in everything and everyone. I think we first must master ourselves before we can try and change the system. You can't fight hate with hate, yea know. The video was good... Alex Jones is always there for a good laugh. I just don't buy into the fear anymore. It's not on my radar. All it takes is to switch your perception and focus, as you point out in the video, and the world can become a very beautiful place filled with friendly people. You have to smile on the inside first and the outside will mirror.

AWESOME! :vibin:

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Very Intelligent Shroomite
10/29/12 08:23 PM

Re: Re: synchronicity vs coincidence

I greatly enjoy your posts and the insights they offer.  Thank you!
Miracle of Science

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handing out 5 shrooms for nothing
09/12/12 02:01 AM

:hypnotoad:  :vaped:  :alientransform:  :nyan:  :kingtard:
No one of Consequence
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handing out bans for nothing
09/10/12 02:08 PM

Infraction type: Flaming/Trolling
Offending Post: Giorgio A. Tsoukalos says we are alien hybrids lol
Infraction description: Posting inflammatory comments, baiting or disrespecting other members.
Ban details: Please refer to the forum rules.

:facepalm3: what a failure of a moderator you are! We create new music inspired by the words based from Giorgio A Tsoukalos :ancientaliens: and place it in conspiracy and cover ups, (lots of ancient alien stuff there) only because it hasn't been proven that ancient aliens exist or that they have intermingled with our dna (making it a conspiracycoverup) :eek: and somehow you personally must have felt baited or flamed, (no one else had a problem) instead of discussing what was in the song, you instantly banned me for 2 weeks, deleted my song, and ended any possibility of future discussion. You lied and said i somehow flamed and baited others with our hybridized dubstep/moombahton beat...Your an :ancientaliens: moderator is what you are.:spank: and now, here is the song, just for you, to forever enjoy...

:ancientaliens::ancientaliens::ancientaliens::ancientaliens::ancientaliens: Hybrids, Hybrids, Hybrids, Hybrids,

Last Edited 09/10/12 02:17 PM

c0sm0nautt responded on 09/12/12 07:29 PM:

You received a one week ban, as it was your fourth offense (the other three being issued from other moderators for similar infractions).

San Mescalito
I'm a teapot

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Thanks For Sharing
08/07/12 12:16 AM


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Lucid Dreaming
07/11/12 11:23 PM

5 for you!

and other contributions to lucid dreaming threads.

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06/08/12 12:28 PM

Thanks for those 5 points and for your reply to my thread :]
The mind is god

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Middle picture in your signature
06/04/12 02:43 PM

Is absolutely amazing
OfflineAmsu Jackal
Urcan Refugee
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good man
04/01/12 04:56 AM

Re: Re: what up milky way

Our Universe is so vast and expansive, for all we know it goes on forever. I think it is probably teeming with life. And then when you think of the idea that the physical Universe is just the epidermis to the multidimensional Universe - Wow.
Mind you the Milkyway just one galaxy in a sea of galaxies, part of a cluster in a sea of clusters, part of a super cluster in a sea of super clusters. Truly fractal and mind boggling.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm a teapot

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Thanks for the infos on OBEs
01/25/12 02:44 PM

Appreciate man :cool: :thumbup:
InvisibleWhite Beard

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Dreams n shiz
12/16/11 12:59 AM

Thanks for all the advice on dreaming :thumbup:
OfflineThe Influence
Free Sheeks
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11/30/11 11:28 AM

for taking the time to answer my questions man it is much appreciated.

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11/28/11 05:08 AM

You're a fool, Im a fool
I love you, you love me,
figure it out :P

Last Edited 11/28/11 05:12 AM
Chief Bromden
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abstinence from jerking off
09/11/11 06:21 PM

"I heard the first time back on the horse is amazing."-C0sm0nautt
Remember be here now

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08/04/11 11:48 PM

Your posts are music to my ears, they are the best I ever witnessed on these forums, I recognize that they are not your words, they must be some kind of channeled words straight past comsicjokerness into ONENESS and they come through you on these forums, thank you!

c0sm0nautt responded on 08/06/11 04:29 PM:

LOL, pretty sure it's just me. :cool:


Registered: 09/26/09
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Love reading your posts
07/27/11 12:46 AM

thanks! :thaaannks:
455 member(s)
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07/06/11 03:11 AM

i love all the info u posted in the crop circle thread
The matrix has you

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06/25/11 06:48 PM

best mod ive seen on this site


After some thought, I've decided this thread does not fit in this forum. By it's nature it will more than likely lead to a negative outcome. Let's keep the C&C forum to conspiracies, not posts portraying that community in a derogatory manner.


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Was gonna give you 5 for...
06/22/11 06:50 PM

...sustainable ag & animal welfare, but I like what I read a few posts below ever more, shows an ability to think independently & understand the world that is sorely lacking in our society.

:peace: :heart: :mushroom2:
All good things in all good time

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Guardian of the threshold
06/13/11 03:24 PM

You just introduced a term to me, that's exactly what I've been trying to put into words lately. I always thought of it purely as a manifestation of my mind though, and learned only through love and being fearless could it be overcome. Plus, your posts are just good in general.
Devil's Advocate
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Cool guy
06/07/11 04:36 PM

We rarely agree, and that is why I like you.
Thanks for the fun.
You help make this place great.
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thx for the book suggestion
05/24/11 06:29 PM

looked into the perennial philosophy, good shit just bought it :smile:
One grow down, a million to go!!

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Reppin NY
05/06/11 05:24 PM

Just showing some love.  :super:
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