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just love everyone
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good posts :)
02/27/15 08:59 AM

good posts in S&M :laugh:
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09/12/14 01:11 PM

That was a while.
Your posts are :heartpump:

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04/10/14 03:25 PM

with youoooouo :sun:
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04/12/13 09:17 PM

R.I.P. ZIG R.I.P. Sloth

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02/01/13 06:19 PM


NastyDHL said:

clam_dude said:
There must be some christian out there who tripped, came to their senses, and became an atheist.

because being an atheist is a sure sign of intelligence

shroomery sage

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For the great
04/14/12 01:41 PM

:wizardfail:  :minifo:

Last Edited 06/04/13 10:01 PM

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04/05/11 12:54 AM

Keep on shining.
Shroomery's #1 Spellir
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"Spiritual" retard, got butthurt because he couldn't handle a joke
03/19/11 08:12 PM


NastyDHL said:
Insecurities about his intelligence and his desire to be right get him worked up enough to insult his fellow members' intelligence and exhibit zero respect for them.
Blind to the reality of our metaphysical self and mocks those who are aware of aspects of their metaphysical nature, believing them to be inferior as he thinks their beliefs are formed not out of experience but merely out of a misperceived weakness to want to believe there is more to life. And if that was the case he has zero compassion for the fearful creatures he perceives them to be. :bitch:

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nicely put
03/17/11 03:31 AM


NastyDHL said:

deCypher said:
Eh, pride is not necessarily a bad thing.  Too much of it and you're an egotistical motherfucker that nobody wants to be around, sure, but too little of it and you're an insecure pushover with no self-confidence.  The Middle Way is best here IMO.

well i think there's two different types of pride

there is one that is more natural and has to do with being the master of your domain a la the lion

there is another that has to do with being the master of others domains a la the ape

π“‚€βŸπ“…’π“π“…ƒπ“Š°π“‰‘ 𓁼𓆗⨻
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the way
03/16/11 08:00 AM

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03/04/11 12:05 AM

Thought I rated you by now. Dude has a good heart. To the journey. :cheers:

Registered: 05/08/04
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Fresh Air
02/25/11 01:45 PM


NastyDHL: the truth can stand alone on its own. it doesn't need 'you' to fight for it. and if it was the truth than why would you need to fight for its existence as such? wouldn't it continue to be true regardless of whoever does or doesn't believe it?

InvisibleEarth Child

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good vibes
02/03/11 08:11 PM

just returning the love
I Tell You What!

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01/24/11 12:37 AM


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Lil' Wayne
11/17/10 08:41 PM

i love her like Pussy, Money, Weed....  chorus...

:thumbup:  Lil' Wayne Biaaatch.

NastyDHL responded on 11/17/10 08:52 PM:

Last Edited 09/21/13 09:52 PM

Down to Earth by Default
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09/17/10 09:21 PM

Also not a douchebag.

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09/16/10 02:33 PM

Your destiny is to become a wiseman
Just another......
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Great all around poster
09/03/10 12:35 PM

:heartpump:loving life and it's atmosphere :wink: Much love and respect:heartpump:  Insane and genius are almost impossible to tell apart if the person is doing it right.
OfflineWhere Is Life
Where Is My Mind?

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Here you go
07/20/10 08:46 AM

+5 for your sig from me as well. Atmosphere :awesome:

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your signature
07/13/10 10:34 PM

+5 for your sig :rockon:
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