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OfflineVisionary Tools
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Registered: 06/23/07
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you said this
05/20/12 07:08 PM


isnt it relevant
that men
without the access to knowledge like we have today
other than the source, and watching nature
predicted to the T their dates
not just the mayan calendar
but the 4 corners of the earth, thruout time, under this sun
and of all the prophesied instances
even if nothing is visible when the alignment occurs
it is hard for understanding
to allow my mind to not imagine something so cosmic, that cosmic things will occur

There are many things hidden from us, and it irritates me to know so much truth and what happened in the past is hidden from us.
Also listening to Rebel music, don't think I've heard this song before, and I thought I heard all of Bob Marley's stuff. Thanks for being one of the good guys.
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Registered: 10/23/11
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mad dude :)
02/09/12 05:51 AM

Space Cadet
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Registered: 11/16/09
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Loc: Dreams
Nice plants!
12/05/11 09:51 AM

Beautiful flowers you have going there
looks like some nice smoke
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 05/06/09
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Awesome Shroomerite
10/08/11 06:46 PM

Really cool man:thumbup:
One grow down, a million to go!!

Registered: 08/18/10
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Prints for Planters! Fruit Tree Plea!
09/05/11 06:41 AM

:super:  I respect and applaud your goal and generosity in holding this contest!  :handth:
CGI and Visual Effects Artist
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Registered: 09/12/10
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08/24/11 06:15 AM

InvisibleLord Toranaga
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Registered: 07/16/11
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Loc: The Moon
an asset to the site
08/06/11 02:58 PM

Great guy!  Thanks for treating a returning noob with kindness and respect!:mushroomgrow::mushroomgrow::mushroomgrow::mushroomgrow::mushroomgrow:
Offlinethe astronaut

Registered: 06/09/11
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07/12/11 10:35 PM

He is so awesome, looked past me being an asshole and sent me a print anyway. We need more people like him on this site to expand the cultivation circle and bring exotics to the lime light. Cubes are easy and its time we all moved forward and tried something a bit harder cuz that is what this site is about, evolution of things.

Registered: 02/22/11
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Cope print
06/18/11 09:40 PM

Its members like this man who gives freely back to the community with knowledge and generosity that truly make this forum a better place
Vintage Hand

Registered: 04/30/11
Posts: 646
Loc: Flag
Thanks for the
06/18/11 01:08 PM

Pan Cope., wild print from MAUI to study.  :mushroom2:

Last Edited 06/18/11 01:09 PM
Strange Daze

Registered: 09/04/06
Posts: 1,021
06/15/11 11:51 AM

Cause you have an awesome garden and some great lookin plants! Keep it up. :hippie:
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Registered: 05/03/11
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05/28/11 05:53 PM

Shroom Groomer
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Registered: 03/22/11
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just an ass
05/27/11 07:58 PM

Don't ask this guy a question if the answer has EVER been posted on this site. Otherwise your gonna get bitched out. In mid-conversation I asked him a question that was easily searchable. Figuring that he knew the answer (which he did,) I tried to save myself time and ask him. Next thing I know he is swearing at me in my thread. :trippnballs:

just me responded on 05/29/11 06:18 PM:

please link to the thread

trippppinnnnnnnnnnn ballllllllllllllllllssssssssssssss

Last Edited 06/10/11 10:36 AM


Registered: 04/27/09
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Loc: south
very helpful
04/23/11 10:46 PM

helped me out this guy is very knowledgeable and helpful thanks man:thanx:
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Registered: 06/14/06
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How I forgot to rate you.
03/23/11 02:32 PM

shame on me
Chestnuts are lazy
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Registered: 03/30/08
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Loc: My Happy Place
Fuck me!!??? NO!!!.... Fuck you!
08/23/10 01:03 AM

Puta Hedionda.....

Fucken awesome cat! very knowledgeable.....almost yoda like


Registered: 02/20/08
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Awesome Dude
01/26/10 10:58 PM

This guy is both awesome, and super awesome with a side serving of totally generous, much love, currently figuring out a way to return the favour.

All Hail JustMe

Registered: 11/08/08
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Loc: utopia
Why not
11/20/09 07:06 AM

have a good weekend
very gnar

Registered: 01/24/09
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PE outside
11/02/09 03:00 AM

well done man
the skullman cometh
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Registered: 06/15/09
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10/29/09 07:11 PM

Nice guy.
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