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I'm a teapot

Registered: 08/27/08
Posts: 30,491
Loc: Glenn Gould's Fuck Windmill Flag
Last seen: 8 days, 12 hours
09/11/12 02:25 AM

eat em :laugh:
Expand your Mind
Male User Gallery

Registered: 10/10/06
Posts: 3,270
Loc: NewYork
Last seen: 4 years, 2 months
04/04/10 10:09 PM

for watching my stand up comedey, and giving me good feedback!!!! +5
D-O-L-E Dole

Registered: 04/22/08
Posts: 2,385
Loc: Near the Ground
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happy b day
03/21/10 07:53 AM

Re: Re: Shroom sex...

apply daily

Registered: 03/28/05
Posts: 18,359
Loc: Amsterdam
Last seen: 1 day, 18 hours
never talked to this guy
03/15/10 10:30 PM

he gives me zero because I'm thinking about joining the US military and would like to one day be a police officer under just laws, not the war on drugs.  You rate down someone interested in making a difference, ya know, maybe if laws were the same and I ran into people like me and you I would of course let them go, you like to see cops who follow these bullshit laws from what I gather and think folks who wants to put themselves in harms way to protect people are the same scum.

I joyfully accept the zero from you, being that you have this much of an educationally limited view of the world. have a nice day.

here's my quote that made him upset:
PreparationH said:
I plan on eventually becoming a police officer(LEAP HERE I FUCKIN COME)anyway, and feel that time in the military(specifically, marines) will aid me in actually protecting citizens.

I assume this guy does not know what LEAP is either, let me enlighten him:http://www.leap.cc/cms/index.php

enjoy, open your mind and understand that not every cop is getting a boner from busting you and your friend bob smoking joints but actually wants to see murderers and child molesters behind bars.

Last Edited 03/25/10 10:02 PM

AmericanPsycho responded on 10/21/10 06:58 AM:

and corrupt politicians behind bars most importantly

Psychonautical Engineer
Male User Gallery

Registered: 06/04/08
Posts: 7,575
Loc: New York
Last seen: 8 months, 21 days
03/14/10 06:06 PM

thanks for the avatar man. 54u
Cloud N9ne
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Registered: 09/06/06
Posts: 5,609
Loc: Dirty Jersey
Last seen: 13 years, 8 months
I forgive you
02/25/10 09:18 AM

Offlinemongo lloyd
Lone Free Ranger
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Registered: 10/16/09
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Frog baby
02/07/10 09:55 AM

That frog baby is serious hilarity
Money-less Wanderer
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Registered: 04/16/09
Posts: 2,061
Loc: Mitten
Last seen: 8 days, 17 hours
Your Avatar
01/11/10 11:38 PM

Tends to trip me out.  :aweoverdose:
Cacti junky
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Registered: 10/05/03
Posts: 6,648
Loc: The bridgesii bridge
01/06/10 12:35 AM

Chemical Researcher
Male User Gallery

Registered: 04/07/06
Posts: 3,379
Last seen: 1 year, 22 days
I suspect this guy to be cool.
01/03/10 05:07 AM

That is all...
The Cap'n

Registered: 06/19/07
Posts: 8,016
Loc: New England, USA
Last seen: 9 years, 8 months
good presence on the shroomery
12/28/09 01:18 PM


surprised i haven't already rated you

i dig a good portion of your posts.
 User Gallery

Registered: 01/31/09
Posts: 2,467
Last seen: 11 years, 10 months
11/24/09 03:23 PM

I read some of your posts from like 10 months ago, and you sound like a little whiny bitch with a 1 inch dick.

Last Edited 11/24/09 03:23 PM
Male User Gallery

Registered: 07/03/09
Posts: 6,289
Loc: top of the tower
what the fuck i didnt rate you yet?
11/24/09 08:28 AM

shame on me :yesnod:
 User Gallery

Registered: 02/06/04
Posts: 40,728
11/14/09 09:10 AM

Tek Savant

Registered: 12/28/08
Posts: 5,778
Loc: @meriKa
Last seen: 13 years, 7 months
can't unban cloves, but
11/05/09 03:54 PM

I can give you a good rating.
Invisibletrip forever

Registered: 08/21/09
Posts: 5,873
11/05/09 09:08 AM

2 Times
Female User Gallery

Registered: 01/24/05
Posts: 28,769
Loc: groin
10/25/09 06:10 AM

Hell Yeah!
Male User Gallery

Registered: 10/27/99
Posts: 8,657
Loc: Okanagan Flag
Last seen: 12 days, 17 hours
heh, nice avitar.
10/14/09 06:55 PM

Tak'n the inflamous to the infamous.
Pleiadian Revolutionary

Registered: 03/31/09
Posts: 7,038
Loc: Aether
Last seen: 7 years, 3 days
hey man
10/08/09 11:03 AM

5 shrooms yeee haaa
Inside a locked room
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Registered: 02/24/07
Posts: 5,947
Loc: Florida Flag
Last seen: 8 years, 11 months
Bluetech albums
10/05/09 02:48 AM

Re: Re: Frost's hot new track of the day

You are the man.
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