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shroom shroom

Registered: 06/08/08
Posts: 215
Last seen: 13 years, 4 months
11/18/08 07:05 PM


Registered: 11/18/06
Posts: 97
Last seen: 15 years, 2 months
you make a good point
06/24/07 04:13 AM

but there's no reason to be mean.
Offlineshirley knott
not my real name
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Registered: 11/12/02
Posts: 9,105
Loc: London
Last seen: 6 years, 28 days
good for you
01/14/07 04:49 AM

intelligent man.
InvisibleDisco Cat
iS A PoiNdexteR

Registered: 09/16/00
Posts: 2,601
01/04/07 06:26 AM

  :mushroom2: :heart:

Edited Jan. 3, 2007 at 9:26:53 pm by Disco Cat
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Registered: 10/31/06
Posts: 6,962
Loc: In my garden
01/03/07 08:19 AM

you ramble about the most utter bullshit.

i have said nothing that wasn't a fact.

you are an ignorant fool.
Blastimus Smashimus
Male User Gallery

Registered: 04/24/06
Posts: 644
Loc: Toronto, Canada
Last seen: 5 years, 11 months
01/02/07 02:53 AM

Thank you for your answer to my question. I appreciate it.
Male User Gallery

Registered: 08/30/04
Posts: 2,194
Loc: U.S.
01/01/07 07:17 PM

Psychopharmacology baby  :thumbup:
Grand Old Fart
Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/17/04
Posts: 17,953
Loc: The Garden State(NJ) Flag
5 more...
12/31/06 05:57 PM

4...U... :wink: :smirk: :mushroom2:
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Registered: 10/06/03
Posts: 711
Loc: Polar Springs
Last seen: 4 years, 10 months
keep it ^
12/30/06 08:06 AM

5 for putting your mind to good use
this side up.

Registered: 08/04/06
Posts: 384
Last seen: 10 years, 2 months
great post
12/29/06 04:10 AM

nice one
Male User Gallery

Registered: 05/14/04
Posts: 2,727
Loc: Memphrica
12/28/06 11:56 AM

The posting system. Post something new when you wish to speak on a new topic, don't try to hijack long running threads. Even if those threads are popular. :thumbup:

"flame war"
Haha, yeah I had no idea I was starting a flame war by recieving insult filled pms from you. You need to relax and not be so damn arrogant.

Called me a "nigger." Very sad person.

Last Edited 01/01/07 07:14 PM
LSD Enthusiast
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Registered: 05/01/05
Posts: 12,554
Loc: Mushroom Mountain
Seems pretty smart
12/24/06 10:08 AM

but needs to chill out.
Agent Mulder
 User Gallery

Registered: 09/14/05
Posts: 3,781
Last seen: 13 years, 1 month
+ Five for you
12/21/06 01:15 PM

Adds to the general amusement  :cool:
Whatever and ever, amen

Registered: 05/31/06
Posts: 1,918
Loc: Brilliance/Insanity
Last seen: 4 years, 5 months
12/21/06 12:33 AM

I thought your comments on Ketamine and dissociatives in general were insightful, plus five for you.
Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/12/04
Posts: 22,320
Loc: Yonder Flag
I have friends that rated you
12/20/06 11:11 AM

They rated you very bad. I feel that you might possibly be misunderstood and/or socially retarded, but you have a certain intelligence that's undeniable. I hope you find your way.

OfflineDr. uarewotueat
Peyote Farmer
Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/02/06
Posts: 16,545
Loc: Uk / Philippines
Last seen: 9 years, 6 months
oh man u are sooooo...
12/17/06 12:00 PM

opinionated. boring. long winded. hypocritcal. racist. paranoid.

acts as if every thread that he disagrees with is a personal attck on him.

says he found no difference between the effects of mushrooms compared to LSD...  :ooo:

has a serious inability to answer a simple question.

very good at repeating wot he read in a book. lacks personal experience, but likes to think he is the main man of psychedelics, when hes not. gets way off topic. thinks he knows alot, but probably dosent. STOP TRYING TO FORCE YOUR OPINIONS ON PEOPLE. pathetic dickless loser who rates people badly if they dont agree with wot he has to say, even once!

i am looking for personal experience of people who have MIXED different psilocybe mushrooms, as stated in my thread! and wether or not they WITNESSED different effects.
im not lookin for a debate on the activity of certain chemicals contained within psilocybe mushrooms. u OBVIOUSLY dont have the experience i seek so stay the fuck out of my thread!

i guess u have problems with your social skills, didnt mommy ever hold u as a baby?
looking through your ratings, its easy see that u have pissed loads of people off with your bullshit... maybe u mean well, and i guess u do, but please learn to stick to the issues at hand and dont get too side tracked with forcing your opinions on others... u come across as a complete wanker!

:thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

EDIT: some totally not childish things he said... :rolleyes:


Everyone on this message board knows that I'm way more intelligent than you are.


People care about what I have to say, not my ratings. You're an ignorant fucking nigger


You deserve to be abused


it's pretty obvious that all you're trying to do is to make sure that nobody reads my sensible response.


Everyone on this message board knows that what I say is sensible.


you are the one who's trying to disrupt meaningful conversation.


You simply are too stupid or ignorant or proud to admit that you don't have a fucking clue.


I've notified the moderators of your idiotic irrelevant posts about my PMs.


I'm right. You're wrong.


EVERYONE here knows that I'm smarter than you and know more.


You honestly deserve to have your testicles cut off. Stop being such a fucking baby.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/30/06
Posts: 3,121
Loc: I love tits
Last seen: 12 years, 9 months
12/16/06 08:28 PM

Check your facts

Registered: 01/29/03
Posts: 908
Last seen: 12 years, 10 months
12/16/06 11:46 AM

When I first read this guy's posts, I thought he must be a total asshole, but actually, the things he posts are pretty intelligent and accurate for the most part...
just a little rough around the edges maybe.

Registered: 12/13/05
Posts: 348
Loc: You can't get there!
Last seen: 5 years, 5 months
12/16/06 01:27 AM

For being a man about it and telling it like it is. You're OK in my book. If more people took the time to have mature conversation, they might understand you a bit better. PEACE!
Never sleeps.
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Registered: 06/28/05
Posts: 3,937
Last seen: 10 years, 2 months
12/16/06 01:02 AM

mad scientist
Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/14/06
Posts: 2,962
in good faith
12/16/06 12:16 AM

you've got an incredible mind on you brother, don't let it go to waste by scaring people away
Not an EggshellWalker
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Registered: 07/19/03
Posts: 7,991
Loc: Cave of the Patriarchs
12/15/06 07:18 PM

Seems like a d-bag.
Male User Gallery

Registered: 04/07/03
Posts: 1,331
Loc: USA
Pretty Intelligent
12/13/06 10:55 AM

Arrogant, but very useful.
Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/05/05
Posts: 617
Loc: England
Last seen: 4 years, 8 months
Worth listening to this guy he has valid points, does come across a little argumentative at times though.
12/13/06 03:05 AM

Although not entirely sure it's worth a 5 i feel i need to bump up your rather unjust 1.5 rating, lol. Some very interesting points, backed up by research and credible links. I could clearly see the point you were trying to make, i was surprised at some of the other ignorant users replies to your post.
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 11/20/04
Posts: 17,485
Loc: Ungrounded Flag
there is no
12/08/06 10:29 PM

one bigger idiot
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