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peace matters... but you don't get it.
05/22/07 01:55 PM


Jerrico said:
I don't support wars the US is leading at the moment (i have peace signs all over my house hehe), but the only reason I would support the Afghanistan effort would be if it led to destruction of the poppy fields. Heroin is not only absolutely useless and it transforms otherwise perfectly intelligent and capable human beings into mindless slaves to a chemical, it also gives all other drugs a bad name. This is the only way it can be stopped, or at least slowed down because of the street price increase it would lead to.

you're nuts if you think thats gonna stop or even dent the heroin trade.. heroin like all other drugs should be decriminalized and regulated. you build heroin clinics where users can legally use, then gradually ween them off by lowering dose each time. And heroin is not the only thing that could be made with poppies. what about the field workers, don't the workers have a right to life, as our species nears it's self destructive end, shouldn't we try to unite, instead of divide ourselves further by putting them out of the only resource they have for money? why not help them out and buy the stuff from them as a government so it doesn't hit your streets. You'll have what you need for morphine and codiene (Very useful drugs), fentanyl (used for anesthetic), and you can make the heroin for the users in the clinics all while keeping it off the streets reducing ridiculous pointless murders, robberies, rapes and the likes...

welcome to the shroomery, you should maybe research instead of say this is how to end the war on heroin because eradicating the feilds has been done and doesn't work the heroin trade remains quite alive, and it does nothing but create enemies... if you truly believed in peace you would be more willing to work with the taliban and heroin addicts to stop a drug problem rather than against them by taking the farmers only resources to survive on away and by locking heroin addicts in jail purely for possessing, using or selling heroin.. there is a truly peaceful solution, but obviously you do not understand peace...


edit: PS
I've thought about it and you're right, imposing my consciously biased views is stupid. I won't do it any more. Let people make up their own minds. Cheers.

lol same here is why i changed the rating... was a rather childish act on my behalf.

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good luck
10/03/06 09:45 PM

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