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I loved and lost but I loved-ftw
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05/11/11 10:33 PM

thanks for the advice

x7x my problem child
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05/09/10 11:24 AM

for a good vibra
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Not worthy of newb status
04/21/10 12:54 AM

Worthless member who joined just to talk shit and doesn't even have one grow under his belt. This is the Shroomery, not the Douchery!!!
Lover and a Dreamer
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04/13/10 02:18 AM


beatyou said:

iluvfungi said:
To be honest, I'd like to buy an machine gun and walk into a starbuck's and spray innocent people to see all their horror and blood spray across the walls. I blame society for my pain, my suffering which is this life.

That would be getting even. Society only brings pain, and pain is life.

This is one of the most pathetic things ive read on the shroomery

7, 8, 11, 13!
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Registered: 12/23/09
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04/07/10 07:20 AM

5 4 U!
used car dealer

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bruce approves.
04/07/10 01:56 AM


Registered: 04/23/08
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Horrible person
04/06/10 03:31 PM

He spreads information around the shroomery. It is a drug site and he should not be doing such.
one man army

Registered: 02/17/10
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04/01/10 05:41 PM

so not only can he not read "I'm not a manager" but he stands for nothing when it comes to the shoomery.

Just another member that is a sheep.
OfflineVisionary Tools
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Fuck you
06/25/09 01:10 PM

ChiefGreenLeaf said:

  beatyou said:
Lol, that is your proof? A random bill that didn't even pass through the house? Your 'proof' was never even signed into law, and bills can be written by ANYONE. That bill in particular is so weak it was introduced for review and killed the same day. This is a completely insignificant document, thanks for playing though! Maybe if you actually knew how to critically think and use your brain/read you would know this.

Like I already said, this is one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories out there and it is hilarious you uneducated simple minded mother fuckers buy into any youtube vid you see online with no research or work done on your part.

Just cause you don't understand clouds & the atmosphere doesn't mean the govt is out to get you.

Post some more 'gotcha' docs lol


what do I say? I understand atmosphere about as much as the next guy. I see two planes flying side by side. one leaves a little trail, disperses in 3-4 seconds. the other plane leaves a trail that doesn't disappear, it just spreads into a big hazy cloud.

I just don't know wtf to say to you people. that's a government document that mentions chemtrails. it is obvious that you have conflicting beliefs and this makes you angry, is that so? I don't understand why you get all "you need to get a brain you need to critically analyze, blah blah"

"uneducated, simple minded"
wtf? did you even watch the video I posted or do you already know that it's just "paranoid propaganda"? it's the people like you that keep this whole operation afloat. you try and make people feel dumb for investigating a legitimate concern.

I mean come on...
does anyone else on here not find that strange that chemtrails are mentioned in a bill? So our elected officials are "chemtrail crazies" too? you don't see them writing bills about unicorn breeding programs, if that were so then i would understand.

Last Edited 06/25/09 01:15 PM
trash hoarder

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06/15/08 03:38 PM

hetty brah.


5 mushies 4 u.

Registered: 11/09/06
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My car
04/26/08 06:04 PM

Let's see.

The police found a crack pipe in my car.

That's nigger strike number one.

My car was found in the nigger part of town.

That's nigger strike number two.

Another car was reported stolen within close proximity to mine.

Niggers like to steal cars, so thats strike three.

Given all this evidence, I conclude that it was in fact a nigger.

Registered: 10/10/03
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Uh your lame
04/22/08 11:37 PM

uh you know you are i mean look at your name what a fuckin loser. Beatyou and your on this site take your macho little dick bullshit elsewhere bro:thumbdown::mad2::thumbdown::evildog:

Registered: 10/26/03
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Great man, thanks
02/07/08 09:28 PM

for the invite and all your help


Shake it.. Shakeit.. sugaree!

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thank you sir!
02/07/08 09:03 PM

Thanks for the love man!.. Back atcha!:mushroom2:

Registered: 04/06/06
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512 wrecking crew :D
02/06/08 07:31 PM

whats up from that hardcore two five four.
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02/06/08 10:16 AM

would have been great if dude said ,Dont tase me brah !

Registered: 12/11/03
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02/05/08 08:54 PM

Re: Re: Just got a cat! Have some questions..

Im glad you think this way.  I have seen many 'indoor' cats who seem to have lost all their feline spirit. 
Live free or die.  :gethigh:
User of semicolons.
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01/03/08 02:38 PM

Thanks for the media chart. I had no idea how much AOL/Time Warner Owned!
Grand Old Fart
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Time 4
01/21/07 08:18 AM

5 more... :wink::smirk::mushroom2: :voila:
Growery is Better
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10/09/06 11:50 PM

ate the black telephone blotter with this fucker
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