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Registered: 06/02/03
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Let's break
11/29/12 05:45 AM

the trend here.
I'm a teapot

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No appreciation
11/26/11 01:10 AM

For the female form! :feelsbadman:
۞̷ ̶۞̷ ̶
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11/26/11 01:04 AM


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Blithering Moron
09/29/11 10:13 PM

Equates a pot head breaking the law with someone invading the US without invitation or permission.


Registered: 05/15/11
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07/09/11 03:44 PM

Re: Re: how physical are 6g of shrooms?

Good tips, you might have just saved him from stumbling outside and waking up in a ditch!

Comfy in Nautica

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reflections on a decade
07/07/11 08:29 PM

DMT is Bullshit

Registered: 04/12/09
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Impressive posts
06/20/11 01:06 PM

You have an insightful intelligence, an articulate voice, and a good heart.

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Thank you
06/19/11 11:33 PM

version 4.3

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from peer to peer
05/15/11 09:30 PM


Nunbuh_Chrubble said:
Peer to peer guidance is much better, IMO, than authoritative, paternalistic, and secretive guidance.

I think that festivals and gatherings are the remergence/reconstruction/refounding of a psychedelic tradition which reflects this peer-to-peer ethic. So lets focus our energies on creating NEW structures/traditions instead of trying to dig up fossils and imitate ancient traditions which we don't understand and are irrelevant to our current society.

five glowing shrooms. :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:
ascetic aesthetic

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Re: psychedelic entities
05/10/11 02:15 AM


Of course many of us have experienced this. What are the implications? Are the machine elves real or are they all in our head? My answer is, what's the difference? Maybe they are REAL IN OUR HEADS!

Often the way that we experience other people is through our own cognitive filters and biases. Perhaps we might also experience our own cognitive filters and biases as other people (or "entities").

It's really quite an existential discussion of what it means to BE and ENTITY. I suggest we approach this in a mature and skeptical manner (not as skepti-nazi's, but as TRUE skeptics of reality and "truth").

 User Gallery

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cracked me up
05/03/11 01:23 AM


This post made me laugh, hard, and out loud. It was really more of a rofl, but certainly figurative because I did not lie down first.


Registered: 03/22/11
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Feel I need to update my rating for you based on recent post.
04/27/11 06:32 PM

Good Poster.

Last Edited 08/16/11 12:38 AM
OfflineNature Boy
Stranger than most
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Great post!
04/24/11 04:15 PM

Five shrooms for this excellent guidance:  http://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/14342312#14342312

OfflinePNW FunGuy
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Hells yeah
03/05/11 03:05 AM

Tell it like it is lol, good man, good man
Inspired by the mystery
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Registered: 03/20/05
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12/02/10 05:43 PM

more shrooms. :sun:
 User Gallery

Registered: 10/24/10
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bring it to the pub!
11/27/10 11:40 PM

We'll analyze your problems!:congrats:
Dr. Teasy Thighs
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You're a cool poster
10/31/10 06:33 PM

Offlinethe spiral
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10/24/10 04:26 AM

Thanks for agreeing with me :smile:  That's a pretty good reason to give a rating *grin*
Plus your avatar = *win*
Nomadic Jester
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The Holy Mountain
10/06/10 05:44 AM

OfflineJohnny Springfield
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09/30/10 10:46 AM

For the riding the bike through Lowe's story.  Hilarious.
Shroomery's #1 Spellir
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"Yes, religious fundamentalism sucks and is on the same level of the bigotry you try to espouse against Islam."
09/23/10 10:36 PM

Jesus fucking age Christ, get a god damned clue! :picard:
Just another......
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Registered: 07/10/10
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Truer words.....
08/17/10 04:19 PM


Any uprising against the NWO needs to recognize it not as a group of individuals, but as a process and a system in which we all take part.

In reality the NWO (Global Corporatism) is the logical result of the historic march of civilization centralized, hierarchical social models based on privilege and exploitation. Nothing "New" about it.

Any revolution based on some fantasy of "restoring" the freedoms that we used to have (ie. a history that never actually existed) will overlook the roots of the NWO system, and the shit will just sprout again, or mutate into something else.

Inside a locked room
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Ambient space travel
08/11/10 12:26 PM

Re: Ambient Space Travel Torrent

Thank you for posting this. It's right up my alley sir, and I'm excited to use it for one of my next trips.
OfflineArs vitae

Registered: 04/20/10
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06/09/10 10:59 AM

The torrent you put up was awesome!

Best trip music ever!

Registered: 07/01/08
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05/18/10 11:25 PM

when i came out of the wood work and made an actual statement instead of this "ime, everybodys different but personally, the way that works for me, imo" all that bullshit, everybody started talking shit and acting like i was some elitist because i realized that there's two types of trippers out there

but you got it and you messaged me and let me know that not everybody on this site is retarded

thank you for helping me see a reason to keep the faith

love and light brother

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