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Outer Head
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Registered: 12/06/13
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Hello there
11/24/16 12:57 PM

I like your style. :thumbup:
Psychedelic Nihilist
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01/16/14 01:27 PM

"One final thing, since it is usually misunderstood by non-anarchists, but in anarchist theory "everything" is not owned by "everybody"; far from it. Using agriculture as an example, if the members of a cooperative (or an individual small farmer, for that matter) produce food and/or fiber products, then those goods belong to the people who produced them and no else (not even a government) has the right to take them w/o consent.

Communists (capital 'C') for this reason have sometimes denounced anarchism as the politics of the "small property owner." However, this is due to anarchism fiercely supporting individual liberty for all people (but not the "liberty" to violate another) and not wanting to make anyone enter into a relationship (economic or otherwise) unless they so desire."

Thanks for taking the time to elaborate that. It's easy for me to pigeonhole left anarchist positions but that's a kneejerk reaction stemming out of a rejection of dogmatic group identity. You're posts are civil & objective, I respect that.
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07/14/13 02:21 AM


Registered: 10/20/06
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Thoughtful posts
11/14/12 10:25 AM

Its about time someone started making them in the politics forums.
Offline46 and 2
Zen Masta
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You're cool
11/13/12 09:15 AM

And you actually have common sense!
OfflineEllis Dee
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You seem generally thoughtful
07/30/12 07:13 AM

It is a rare characteristic in the political forum.



The will of the majority of the people in these two countries, or that of the U.S-backed dictatorships, political/business elite that have received tens of billions in armaments & other forms of aid, along with joint police & military training exercises to help secure their hold on power? I seriously hope that you knew this distinction & just chose to ignore it for the sake of convenience, & not that you are the stereotypical dumb American who doesn't know the first thing about most of the rest of the world.

Chemical Researcher
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01/18/12 04:37 AM

Restore my faith in humanity and the shroomery. Keep up the good work!
Ask the left one
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Thank you for posting this....
01/10/12 12:43 AM

good list of neocon talking points; we could all use a hearty laugh.

Who cares if they're helping with the IEDs (even if there is any evidence), the U.S. shouldn't be in two neighboring countries to them. It's no different than if the U.S. were to help Canadians fight against the Chinese occupying Canada.

They aren't actually going to use the weapon. They saw what happened to Saddam & Gadhafi w/o one & don't want that to happen to them. It's a deterrent.

Who the hell cares who they're friendly with? Are you their mother or father? No wonder the world hates your neocon interventionist ideology; it's so paternalistic & condescending.

As far as general instability & funding terrorism, when you take a poll of Arab public opinion (the Iranians are Persian, btw), they overwhelmingly see the U.S. & Israel doing that, not Iran. Either way, butt out of other people's business half way around the world.

Since when do you care about dictators & rigging elections? Oh, right, when they aren't Wall Street puppets. Then it's terrible, but as long as they are pro-U.S., it's "freedom" & they deserve billions every year in military subsidies.

P.S. Actually, a fair amount of evidence (i.e. polling by Western organizations) suggests that he really was the single largest vote getter. Either way, though, the previous statement alone is sufficient to rebuke your hypocritical condemnation.
Music Lover

Registered: 03/20/07
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10/25/11 02:19 PM

I like your signature
OfflineThe Ecstatic
Chilldog Extraordinaire

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07/11/11 09:42 PM

back at ya brosef.

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Registered: 07/29/10
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Thumbs Up.
07/08/11 04:59 PM

Great character!
Offlinethe astronaut

Registered: 06/09/11
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Smart guy
07/06/11 09:23 PM

I like the way u think of contamn, cutting it out does work and its against mainstream but I do the same so I appreciate others spreading the word cause it does work (Iv caught a lot of heat over this by experienced growers and even RR). We need more like u instead of most spreading 1970s info on this site.  :wink:
455 member(s)
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07/05/11 01:56 AM

Scooby Doo
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Word! ;p
06/19/11 01:38 AM

Cacti junky
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Registered: 10/05/03
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Thanks a lot
04/13/11 07:46 PM

The info is much appreciated
human after all

Registered: 03/31/09
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Right on
04/07/11 03:03 PM

We need more people who see food as nutrients for our body and have enough respect for ourselves and other beings around us to consume responsibly. :thumbup:
It’s good to be back!
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Registered: 06/10/09
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Just returning
03/23/11 05:57 PM

the shrooms.  Here's 5 for ya!  :headbang3:
Distrusted Cultivator

Registered: 02/10/11
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legit dude
03/22/11 07:55 PM

Thanks for poppin my cherry!:mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:
Lost in Limbo
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Registered: 01/22/09
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Great guy.
03/14/11 03:11 AM

Took time to accommodate my request. (;

I Tell You What!

Registered: 06/24/05
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smart man
01/26/11 07:48 PM

well thought out argument , like your style and intelligence to what you wrote here in someone's feedback
"...this idiot deserves it. He derives enjoyment by trolling PE & deliberately presenting irresponsible misinformation. For instance, he finds it humorous to tell somebody that they are going to die from 20 grams of nutmeg (as did a few others.) Should be banned if the Shroomery is to be a respectable site & source of information, as opposed to a virtual playground for immature middle school children. "
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