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DSYSB since '01
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Registered: 01/26/01
Posts: 16,248
Loc: Calgary, Alberta
Last seen: 13 days, 5 hours
11/10/08 02:20 PM

what a whiny bitch...

I'll give you 5 stars so you don't go cry yourself to sleep you little tit.
Madge the Smoking Vag
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Registered: 08/20/03
Posts: 84,358
Loc: Afghanistan Flag
only testing
11/09/08 09:09 PM

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Registered: 02/28/03
Posts: 12,831
Loc: happy land
11/09/08 05:46 PM

Dark Passenger
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Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 11,583
Loc: Death From Above
Last seen: 5 years, 11 months
11/09/08 05:23 PM

are faggots.
one-eyed willie
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Registered: 07/08/03
Posts: 42,357
11/09/08 04:53 PM

This guy keeps begging me for pics of my cock. Cut it out faggot.

edit: He's also claiming that he is going to come to my house and eat out my asshole whilst I sleep.

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Not spiritual at all.

Registered: 09/16/06
Posts: 19,766
11/09/08 03:05 PM

stop picking on DR_OAKRIDGE okay


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Exposer of Truth
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Registered: 08/13/03
Posts: 13,673
Loc: Smokey Mtns. TN Flag
Last seen: 1 year, 13 days
the gloves are off
11/09/08 02:27 PM

begin the jack off contest.
Mushroom Dork
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Registered: 07/16/06
Posts: 40,120
Loc: nunya
fuck you
11/09/08 12:42 PM

leave dr oakridge alone and cease your general faggotry.
InvisibleThin White Duke
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Registered: 10/20/04
Posts: 51,530
Loc: Flag
i once tried to fuck my CHRIS in the ass
11/09/08 11:14 AM

he was real drunk, and hhe shit all over my bed

it was :tensegrin:
oakridge gang, beotch
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Registered: 02/19/02
Posts: 19,397
Loc: Iwishanigga woods
i once tried to fuck my wife in the ass
11/02/08 08:56 PM

she was real drunk, and she shit all over my bed

it was :awesome:

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Registered: 06/02/08
Posts: 1,719
Last seen: 9 years, 4 months
I like this guy
10/26/08 04:11 AM

I had originally had a horrible nasty exchange with this poster which is not uncommon for me.  Now we get along and I respect him.  I think highly of anyone who can get past a negative first impression, which he must have had of me.  I think Umbrellamaker is a genuinely thoughtful person.  The fact that my opinion of him has completely turned around is a reminder to me that I should not be so quick to judge.  Anyone who can make me pause to think like that is worthy of kind words on their ratings page.
OfflineDr. uarewotueat
Peyote Farmer
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Registered: 09/02/06
Posts: 16,545
Loc: Uk / Philippines
Last seen: 4 years, 9 months
back at ya man...
10/03/08 06:50 PM

keep giving that racist peadophile plasmid a hard time :awebig:
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Registered: 01/26/08
Posts: 10,488
Loc: Flag
10/02/08 09:13 PM

Knows what he is talking about.
I hope you will stay around so I can learn from you.
my own worst enemy
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Registered: 03/28/06
Posts: 2,649
ding ding ding
10/01/08 05:04 PM

Killer information.  Thank you very much.
Mycophilic One

Registered: 08/10/08
Posts: 337
Loc: Seti Alpha 5
Thank You
10/01/08 12:47 AM

Thank you most kindly !!!  :grin:
The Duk Abides

Registered: 05/17/03
Posts: 94,392
Loc: Earthfarm 1 Flag
Have you ever met that funny Reefer man?
09/30/08 07:42 PM

If he says he walked to China
And tries to sell you South Carolina
Then you know you're talking to that funny Reefer man! :laugh:
 User Gallery

Registered: 01/21/08
Posts: 6,840
Loc: off the wall
09/30/08 06:52 PM

for anyone who thinks Plasmid is a shitbag

Registered: 07/29/07
Posts: 2,624
08/13/08 06:00 PM

Well discussed conversation and doesn't judge.
BTW I am into aliens as well.
arrrf 3 8 7
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Registered: 09/23/02
Posts: 838
Loc: The Netherlands Flag
Last seen: 1 year, 18 days
because you like my stones
08/10/08 01:55 PM


Registered: 10/01/07
Posts: 2,053
Last seen: 1 year, 4 months
Good guy
08/07/08 01:57 PM

We all get hot headed sometimes. 
I wish you the best of luck in getting to burning man.
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Registered: 02/27/05
Posts: 2,752
08/06/08 06:17 PM

 User Gallery

Registered: 10/29/04
Posts: 10,287
Hyper sensitive hippy.
08/05/08 10:20 PM

Dude, you Need to chill the fuck out. I don't give a fuck Who you think you are. I was trying to be helpful,and you come at me all pig headed hippy artist bullshit. I repeatably was nice and factual,but to no avail.
You are a less than likable person.
I should give you less,but I don't wanna fuck up your non ratings too bad. See, that's me being nice,yet again.

honestly just read this bullshit.

We kissed and made up. He's a good guy. Very knowledgeable about myco. Quality member. All's good on the eastern front.
ascetic aesthetic

Registered: 09/11/07
Posts: 1,013
Last seen: 6 months, 4 days
08/04/08 10:04 PM

This guy deserves better ratings.. he might not be the most informed poster, but he doesn't pretend to be either. I like him.
Ballin Out At All Cost

Registered: 09/24/07
Posts: 6,512
Loc: Under The Rainbow
Last seen: 1 year, 1 month
08/04/08 09:58 PM

You apparently crossed some people the wrong way, but I think you're a cool guy as far as I can tell.
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