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Registered: 11/17/09
Posts: 647
Last seen: 9 years, 8 months
actually I can see the 1 rating you left
02/27/13 08:53 PM

So have one of your own!
Crush yo rating like yo butthole
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Registered: 04/14/11
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09/03/11 11:07 AM

called me a nigger because i smoke weed.
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Registered: 08/17/05
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hahahahaa I lol'd
09/03/11 08:51 AM


roby000 said:

I_was_the_walrus said:
I had a buddy freak out on a bunch of acid a few years back. Trashed this little basement room. Took like 6 cops to get him out, bloody and naked. When all was said and done, the owner of the house had to get disaster cleanup over. Windows broken out, smashed fish tanks, carpet soaked in blood. What a fucking mess.

level 6 ego loss.  he is such a better person for it today, all enlightened and shit.

Tripper Smoker Roller
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Registered: 02/23/11
Posts: 108
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07/31/11 01:59 PM

gave me a horrible rating for making a dumb thread in the OTD while i was rolling...that's not what these ratings are for bro the shit in OTD can be as retarded as you want. Thanks for bein an asshole for no reason :thumbup:
Coquus Boleti

Registered: 10/09/08
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Loc: Jet City
02/24/11 02:41 PM


Registered: 10/04/05
Posts: 3,926
Returning the favor
02/01/11 05:55 PM

Go kill some more brown-skinned people... for freedom!

Registered: 12/06/06
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oh noes
10/21/10 05:50 PM

My post quality has been shit lately but you'll always be a hated douche.

Registered: 04/10/10
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Good one
06/07/10 11:13 AM

Fuck this guy
Shroomery's Legal Department
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Registered: 05/26/06
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04/07/10 12:06 PM

in the fuck are you talking about?.. I've had it out with a ton of mods and admins.. you're rating to me is irrelevant and frivolous. Eat a dick and die...

Good day!

The Mind, The Many, The Music.
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Registered: 06/11/02
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04/07/10 04:11 AM

...a sheep
|) |\|\ "|"

Registered: 12/23/08
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OTD is for dumbasses!!!!
04/06/10 10:05 PM

OTD sucks!!!!!!!!! Maybe this criticism will make you realize you need to go to HipForums.
horrid asshole

Registered: 02/11/04
Posts: 81,741
Loc: Fractallife's gym
Last seen: 7 years, 11 months
01/11/10 08:07 PM

"budweiser is acceptable in all social events."
And asocial events and unsocial events and nonsocial events and evenings out with women.  Which are neither fish nor foul but if the bitch sniffs at your Bud she must be cut loose.  After sodomy, of course.  Zoosodomy.
Invisibletrip forever

Registered: 08/21/09
Posts: 5,873
my lol for the day
11/07/09 11:01 AM

InvisibleBurke Dennings
baby merchant

Registered: 11/29/04
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09/24/09 11:12 PM

OfflineJockin John C
Trip Trappen
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Registered: 07/31/09
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Why such a cocksucker?
09/23/09 09:38 AM

another expample of a douchebag who trys to start drama on shroomery just because he is a fuckface.  try being positive bro, it will get you the same attention.
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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Registered: 08/08/97
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You're alright
08/23/09 10:16 PM

5 shrooms for speaking your mind, I don't need any more ass kissers. -1 for not at least trying to see things from my point of view.
InvisibleMysterium Fidei
Resident Alien

Registered: 03/21/09
Posts: 338
Loc: Sonoma/Mendicino County, ...
08/04/09 07:06 PM

...a boat load of cock sandwiches you ruptured vagina's fuck toy.:grin:
Nomadic Jester
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Registered: 08/14/02
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I agree with pretty much everything you said here
07/26/09 05:05 AM


well...except for all that bullshit about the dog, of course  :smirk:
InvisibleJohn NadaDiscord
Toujours Frais
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Registered: 03/03/03
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I'm awesome
06/17/09 09:09 PM

We're awesome :cool2:
Way to excel lately
[ H ] ψ = [ E ] ψ
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Registered: 10/08/02
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Good day to you
05/18/09 06:31 PM

and good rating!
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