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OfflineBrian Jones
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Good Commentary on Sports
08/12/14 06:18 PM

He tells it like it is.
Devil's Advocate
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Not Bad
03/13/14 06:33 AM


Keep up the good posting!

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Five Stars
02/13/14 10:17 PM

Because I needed to hear this. Thank you.


SneezingPenis said:
Why is it only mostly in your head? And not completely?
Kind of like that movie Inception, you need some totem you can look to that keeps you constantly aware that life could always be worse. I have a painting in my house. It depicts me in high school with my band. It was painted by a guy who had a bomb strapped to his chest and was pretty close to blowing himself up for Allah. But he turned himself in and now makes beautiful works of art.
I look at that picture daily and think about the chasm between our two lives. It keeps things in perspective for me.

You are only as happy as you allow yourself to be. That is solely accomplished by perspective.
Mad that you aren't getting 4g cell service? How much joy would 5 minutes alone with a cell phone from 1995 be to half the worlds population? How much would they appreciate just holding it In their hands and fucking with it?

Perspective. In a world of endless sensory overload it can be tough to maintain appreciation. If you got 12 blow jobs a day how long do you think it would take you to be tired of getting blow jobs?
I get them like every 2 weeks and I still appreciate the fuck out of them, but I'm sure there is a saturation limit of appreciation

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I like your posts in PS&P
01/27/14 06:20 AM

Carry on.
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i really love the utter nonsense thread
09/08/12 11:51 PM

so thank you for that :smile:
I'm a teapot

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Utter nonsense.
09/08/12 11:50 PM

OTD Kelly Girl
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07/05/12 12:43 AM


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Dick Sprinkle
11/30/11 11:13 PM

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can't see your avi
02/25/11 03:38 AM

But your fucking funny as shit!

Last Edited 02/25/11 03:39 AM
Mycology and axolotl enthusiast

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02/17/11 10:57 PM

Your cumshot avatar.
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hey hey
02/09/11 12:18 PM

your avatar gives me a boner
OfflineMello KittyS
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01/15/11 05:03 AM

P.L.U.R. :happyheart: :happyheart: :happyheart: :happyheart: :happyheart:
455 member(s)
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just cuz
11/30/10 05:23 AM

love the avi.
could have taken keen tho...i love that word!
InvisibleFlop Johnson
Praise Skatballah

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11/08/10 07:43 PM

good work.
My title's cooler than yours DBK

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What people say
09/17/10 05:38 PM


cortex said:
You make Saints fans look retarded.

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06/28/10 01:05 AM

same as below!

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06/06/10 03:25 AM

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-RAW wuz here Bitches-
05/25/10 06:18 AM

Some women will do anything for money! U R AWSOME!

"And ur avatar is gross as shit"
2 Times
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02/20/10 12:45 PM

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01/21/10 09:07 PM


SneezingPenis said:
they dont see them as alternative, they see them as retarded and the opposite of utilitarian.

its kind of how people dont like to rent to people with pit bulls. it isnt because pit bulls are mean and dangerous... if that were the case, they could go on a dog by dog basis... but it is because the overwhelming majority of people who own pit bulls are disrespectful, white trash/nigger pieces of shit.

same goes for tattoo's, the overwhelming majority of people who have them are moronic douchebags who lack any social tact and need to rely on marring themselves permanently in order to start conversations or really, really hope that people find them interesting because of it since nothing they say has ever made anyone feel that way towards them... ever.

Tsar Bomba
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12/01/09 03:35 AM

It's cool that you like Phish and actually pointed out what you think makes them good rather then just being a dumbass and telling me to fuck off when I called you a hippie or something :lol:
Their just not my type of music is all :smile:

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11/25/09 01:56 AM

Simply cause of your avatar.
InvisibleJohn NadaDiscord
Toujours Frais
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11/01/09 08:48 AM




used car dealer

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bruce approves
08/22/09 07:51 AM

InvisibleKnifey Mcstab
Sir Prancelot Brainfire

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The new name.
08/19/09 11:35 AM

brings many lulz.
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