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RC Connoisseur

Registered: 08/05/09
Posts: 3,561
*subtle nod in your direction*
05/11/10 02:06 AM


"If, at the worst, someone absconds with my $20 (now their $20) then fuck it and fuck them. They are the fuckface in this equation, not me. They will have to deal with how they feel about that because it will bother most people some day (Unless they're a sociopath or something).

At least I've done what I know in my heart and mind is the right thing. Only I can make a judgement for and of myself and I feel like I want to be the kind of person who will help another where I may - not the kind who will act like a cynical, judgemental, smug jerk about it.

It would bother me more if I just didn't care about it than if I got ripped off."

Registered: 04/23/08
Posts: 3,707
04/07/10 06:03 PM

OTD sucks, come into the light haha.

Last Edited 04/18/10 09:16 PM
fresh futuristic
Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/04/04
Posts: 19,728
Loc: Grand Ole Operating Syste...
Don't really think I like you,
04/07/10 09:29 AM

Sarah Palin wannabe.

efrog responded on 04/07/10 10:12 AM:

Oh fucking wah. So OTD sucks. Boo hoo.

Sarah Palin wannabe? WTF is THAT supposed to mean? lol. Takes one to know one, crag.

starving student

Registered: 11/29/06
Posts: 1,136
for not missing GTFO
04/04/10 03:42 PM


Mr. Cypher said:
the butthurtz are strong with this one:

Instrument of Soul

Registered: 07/25/08
Posts: 9,786
04/04/10 02:39 PM

Ehh. I'm usually not like that, lol. I'm sorry for the words that we exchanged.

Last Edited 04/09/10 10:32 AM
InvisibleBender B Rodriguez
The Greatest
Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/20/09
Posts: 550
Loc: Aurora, CO
As a good start
03/26/10 06:25 PM

To quitting smoking.  I hope you do it.

Registered: 10/28/07
Posts: 1,629
03/26/10 06:18 PM

Anytime my friend :vaped:
User of semicolons.
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Registered: 07/18/04
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02/28/10 01:16 PM

5 shrooms to a fellow sufferer of fearing clusters of holes.  :lol:
six-nine power slider

Registered: 12/29/08
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01/23/10 08:58 AM

OfflineIma TrooperS
Chilldog Extraordinaire
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Registered: 02/21/08
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Loc: United States
Last seen: 4 days, 13 hours
I've read some of your posts
01/19/10 03:50 PM

and it seems like you've got a good head on your shoulders, as well as give good, well thought out advice. :thumbup:

Glad to have ya at the shroomery!

Oh and :posttits:

j/k j/k...unless you wanna. :wink:

efrog responded on 01/19/10 03:52 PM:

lol hehehe I DID!


Registered: 06/07/09
Posts: 6,451
Last seen: 11 hours, 39 minutes
01/19/10 03:45 PM

On the equally...right thing...uhh...


efrog responded on 01/19/10 03:56 PM:


Bans for Pleasure
Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/26/03
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Back at ya!
01/16/10 06:21 PM

I see you got zero from the tard too.  What he doesn't realize with the weighted rating system is that since he gives mostly zeros, they count for less than the 5s from good members.  This should more than make up for it.
Offlinethe bizzle
the joke that no one spoke

Registered: 04/14/09
Posts: 11,870
Loc: :seriousbusiness:
Last seen: 11 years, 3 months
have 5 on me
01/16/10 05:03 PM

to counterbalance that absolute ignoramus "lovedemshrooms'" hasty 0 rating.

he's just an incredibly dense and immature :feelsbadman:



efrog responded on 01/16/10 05:31 PM:

lol! xoxo

Feels Good Man! (and I know.)

Male User Gallery

Registered: 02/15/05
Posts: 12,395
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Last seen: 2 months, 8 days
01/16/10 12:31 PM

You have a lot of them and deserve 5 shrooms for the insanity.

You seem pretty cool as well. :cool:
rogue DMT elf
Female User Gallery

Registered: 08/08/99
Posts: 16,381
Loc: Crawling on the floor...
Last seen: 9 years, 8 months
01/15/10 07:08 PM

Thou art God!

If your path ever ends, you may only find that it has just become too dark to see.
If it is still daylight out, then just open your eyes!

Love at you, and may your path bend nearest to the ones who need to see you smile.

~A. Casil

Grand Old Fart
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Registered: 02/17/04
Posts: 17,953
Loc: The Garden State(NJ) Flag
5 4 U...
01/10/10 06:47 AM

Re: Re: People who bum things..

you go girl/ MOM :heart: :smirk: :voila:
fancy cat
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Registered: 11/01/09
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Loc: Nasty Women Get Shit Done
pratipaksha bhavanam!
12/18/09 04:57 PM

keep on keepin' on dancin' in your underwear!!!! 
Back from being gone.
Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/18/02
Posts: 6,953
Loc: omotive
Last seen: 8 years, 10 months
04/20/05 07:42 AM

crazy people need to rate good people from time to time.. :p
Skinny White Boy
Male User Gallery

Registered: 09/25/04
Posts: 675
Loc: SoCal
03/28/05 10:22 AM

kind words deserve 5 shrooms!
Playin EVE
 User Gallery

Registered: 11/06/04
Posts: 498
Loc: Middle of Canada
Last seen: 11 years, 2 months
03/23/05 12:53 PM

For your comments and just bein you.

Edit- oops I forgot, be well
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