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Mushroom Enthusiast
Male User Gallery

Registered: 01/11/12
Posts: 1,214
Loc: British Columbia, Canada
Last seen: 12 days, 1 hour
Your mixing sleeve idea
03/15/19 03:51 PM

Re: How total makes his monotubs!(With Pictures!)

Gonna have to steal that mixing sleeve idea. :thumbup: :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:
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Registered: 12/03/13
Posts: 448
Loc: shroomery
Last seen: 1 day, 2 hours
04/16/17 11:18 PM

total=5 :rolleyes:
Ghidra's Mahout
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Registered: 08/05/14
Posts: 128
Last seen: 3 months, 26 days
Master of Pereksiopsis Propagation
01/25/16 09:30 AM

Total's pereskiopsis cloning tek has literally made my propagation methods greater than 1000% more effective.
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Registered: 02/06/11
Posts: 139
Last seen: 6 years, 7 months
Agar Pic are awesome
05/28/15 02:58 PM

Your post in the agar pictures thread helped me immensely
PM me if you game on PC
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Registered: 05/11/14
Posts: 1,159
Last seen: 2 months, 7 days
04/06/15 04:25 PM

helpful friend.
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 12/13/10
Posts: 1,049
Last seen: 12 days, 6 hours
awesome mod
03/06/15 08:01 PM

very helpful and polite.

thank you for your hard work!
happy mutant
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Registered: 04/06/00
Posts: 10,848
Loc: Portland, OR
01/27/15 08:38 PM

:cheers: for implanting enough doubt into my mind to hold off for 9.2 support, I've had a riot with this thing (downgraded to 4.2) and have been modding away to install .cia versions of all my games to emunand, which appear right on the homescreen like legit eshop games :rockon:

Little Black Spot on the Sun
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Registered: 10/03/10
Posts: 11,025
Loc: GA
Can't believe I have known you so long and haven't rated you
01/20/15 09:04 PM

Here's 5 for all the awesome times you gave me on the Shroomery Minecraft Server, and for just being plain awesome and helpful. :sun:
Say hello to my little friend
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Registered: 09/16/12
Posts: 37,235
Loc: Canada
Always fair, excellent skills,
01/02/15 12:23 AM

Needs to post more :super:
Hella Vampires

Registered: 08/04/08
Posts: 5,087
You're pompous
05/30/14 08:02 PM

I don't like that in a person. I'm not giving you a negative rate though because you want one and because I need to increase the weight of my negative ratings.

total responded on 07/31/14 12:18 AM:

You know me too well apparently...

Male User Gallery

Registered: 12/07/10
Posts: 12,464
Loc: North East Flag
Last seen: 1 day, 5 hours
09/19/13 08:09 PM

Thanks for rating me in thanks for my suggestion. :smile:
Your local stranger
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Registered: 12/17/12
Posts: 1,145
Loc: New York, United States Flag
Last seen: 1 year, 2 months
Many thanks
09/15/13 11:09 AM

Never left you a rating for some reason. You deserve +5. Thanks for your help!
OfflineTaco Chef
I found dead John Cheever
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Registered: 03/04/06
Posts: 33,222
Loc: the city of dis
Last seen: 1 year, 6 months
08/25/13 07:53 PM

great shop of madhatter pic!
The Inquisition

Registered: 01/05/11
Posts: 10,557
How did I forget?
07/18/13 12:33 PM

You certainly deserve a 5 and then some.
Two inch dick..but it spins!?
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Registered: 11/29/01
Posts: 34,246
Loc: Lost In Space
Seems like...
07/12/13 02:58 PM

...a really stupid reason.

Oh well. I like to share.

total responded on 07/12/13 11:10 PM:


oliver hart

Registered: 04/09/13
Posts: 890
Loc: the land of ooo
Last seen: 8 years, 3 months
huge favor to the shroomery..
05/10/13 11:34 AM

by making a US spore ring.

On the bounce

Registered: 03/08/05
Posts: 1,355
im not going to let you of anyone else treat me like shit
03/20/13 08:44 AM


total responded on 03/21/13 02:59 PM:

Then dont do dumbass things and get called out for them...:shrug:
Maybe then the rest of the world and myself wont treat you like the dumbass that you are...:lol:

 User Gallery

Registered: 10/23/12
Posts: 141
Last seen: 8 years, 9 months
03/15/13 04:22 AM

Thanks for the SFD's
Invisibleb plus
poppin' veils

Registered: 10/13/12
Posts: 928
Free SFD's
02/08/13 08:31 PM

Thanks so much man!
 User Gallery

Registered: 04/26/12
Posts: 1,912
Loc: The Island of Misfit Toys
Last seen: 8 days, 5 hours
For starting the free spore ring USA
01/17/13 11:00 PM

Good luck.

I'm glad you took the reins and went ahead and started this.  :thumbup:
InvisibleBurke Dennings
baby merchant

Registered: 11/29/04
Posts: 81,641
12/18/12 06:31 PM

This guy did an amazing job with TMH777 and has earned some real respect from me and many others.  Whether the ban was over-turned or not, you really smashed it.  :sonar: 

Last Edited 09/01/13 03:17 PM

total responded on 12/19/12 06:06 PM:

Ty Burke D!

Last Edited 09/08/13 11:23 PM

Belligerent Drunk Midget
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Registered: 03/04/11
Posts: 763
Loc: Land of Oz... (not the pr...
Last seen: 5 years, 4 months
5 Stars for starting the Spore Ring.
12/04/12 01:21 PM

Definitely a good member of the Shroomery!  Took the initiative to start up a website for a US spore ring.  Great idea!

Registered: 07/13/12
Posts: 210
free SFD
11/27/12 09:52 AM

Simply put, Excellent.  Would certainly deal with again.
Male User Gallery

Registered: 05/31/07
Posts: 17,582
Loc: Americas
11/26/12 03:01 PM

Thought I had allready rated Total.

Total is a good asset, and has helped catch scammers in the marketplace.  This has saved at least one person I know of from getting ripped off, and helped shut down future problems.

Since becoming a moderator he seems quite fair and reasonable, and a good asset to this site.  :thumbup:
Research & Information Collector
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 05/06/06
Posts: 6,872
Loc: Straya Cunt Flag
Good Bloke
11/22/12 12:43 PM


I dont care for your +5 lol. Sof-cock who bans me from WA&F forum for 12 months. This guy is a HARDCORE MOTHERFUCKER

Last Edited 10/21/13 11:19 PM

total responded on 11/25/12 01:50 PM:

I'll just leave this here...

Ive told you this already, but ill quote it again...

You dont even know what your talking about 1/2 the time...



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