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HotSauce Lover

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Thank you
09/19/15 08:49 PM


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big ass shroom
12/09/11 09:45 AM

nice pic bro, thanks!

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08/23/11 01:43 PM


Land_Crab said:
There is no question that HPPD, standing for Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, is real.  (Certain) hallucinogens, when taken frequently enough or in sufficient quantity, will cause lasting changes in sensory perception.  Without reading every post, it seems like the discussion is less about this fact than the nature of the word "disorder" being used as pejorative.  If I'm right on this count, then we're more into the philosophical than the scientific.
So "not believing" in what--out of convenience and accessibility--we'll call 'HPPD' is moronic; but not believing that HPPD is necessarily a disorder, something bad, or something wrong is another matter..

This is spot fucking on, and brought me a great deal of clarity in something that I somewhat understood but had no idea how to explain.

Thanks, +5:mushroom2:

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05/08/11 11:43 PM

Excellent first time advice.  You share a lot of my beliefs in the potential of mushrooms.

Last Edited 05/08/11 11:43 PM
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badass picture
11/27/09 07:03 AM


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03/19/09 01:16 PM

Re: Re: Universal tolerance to all drugs?

Polypharmaceutical Shaman

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03/04/09 02:00 AM

For posting the link to the interesting stroke video.
душа кофе

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That was a very good write-up!
01/25/09 02:38 PM

Thank you.

it all rolls into one
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stay strong brother
11/27/08 08:57 AM

you're a good guy :heart::hug:
2 Times
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10/29/08 07:25 PM

`Good Stuff.
meandering fool.
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09/17/08 11:02 PM

Re: Re: Why did you use then, why do you use now.

Re: Re: Why did you use then, why do you use now.

solid post.  thanks for the in-depth explanation.
Friendly Neighborhood Lurker
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Very good post!
06/30/08 04:44 AM

[This] was a well thought out post, and very insightful!

5 shrooms for you! :mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2::mushroom2:
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07/12/07 09:33 PM

for the nomination in the July POTM thread
Just starting onthe path...

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Great Post
05/17/07 01:37 PM

Loved your post about the differences/similarities between Salvia and DMT. Very informative and objective, yet anecdotal and interesting.

Really great sample:
"If DMT was a holiday, it would be New Year's. If salvia was a holiday, it would be somewhere between Halloween and the Winter Solstice."

Keep it up, I'll keep reading it!
Snow Shredder
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Well Put
03/06/07 12:02 AM

Apathy is a huge problem in this country. People do need to start taking part in democracy. However, don't downplay the role of scientific data in disproving widespread false beliefs. Don't assume it's all been brought to court either. Your post in Propping Up The War On Terror reminds me of a conversation I had with an older woman who said that "In the 60's they would show pictures of the soldiers who died every day and even do stories on them to to make them more than just a statistic. It made us all very angry about the war (Nam) and the horror of the situation seemed much more real than it does today."

Everyone needs to pay more attention to what's happening so that we can turn things around. Land_Crab knows what's up

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Post on Anti-Depresants
01/28/07 06:09 PM

Very well organized and informed.

You basically proclaimed my thoughts exactly, but saved me the trouble of typing it out.

good work.

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12/18/06 08:22 PM

post :grin:
Azurescen Head

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04/10/06 07:17 PM

:wink: to you!
Invisibleperuvian spark

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Nice picture in your sig!
04/02/06 07:51 AM

Good stuff there, I've never seen that drawing before.
Over Stimulated
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01/19/06 08:05 AM

for your healthy passion for photography....

  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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