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Male User Gallery

Registered: 12/15/02
Posts: 14,463
Loc: International waters
Last seen: 9 years, 10 months
why Jesus?
07/08/06 05:25 AM

Couldnt think of your own name?
Error: divide byzero

Registered: 04/27/01
Posts: 23,480
Loc: Caribbean
Last seen: 8 months, 13 days
Thanks for the laugh!
12/27/05 02:53 PM

> I someday would like to be banned in France. They could probably get me for smuggling in deodorant.

ABBA fan

Registered: 06/21/04
Posts: 3,849
Just really great
10/27/05 08:27 AM

I debate whether to pour a glass of wine before indulging in your posts. You really capture the heart of each issue and respond directly to its beat.
turn off yourmind

Registered: 07/27/05
Posts: 1,740
Loc: Here, there and everywher...
Last seen: 16 years, 10 months
09/07/05 07:58 PM

Great parody of the libbies perception of NO/Iraq. What a quaqmire!
Desert Dweller
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Registered: 04/10/05
Posts: 323
Loc: Sonoran Desert
Last seen: 5 years, 7 months
5 for you
08/23/05 11:20 AM

I don't agree with you politically, but your a cool guy(for a republican :wink:).

Registered: 05/17/05
Posts: 520
Last seen: 8 months, 21 days
08/08/05 04:04 AM

open mind, thoughtful posts :thumbup:
Live to party,work to affordit.
 User Gallery

Registered: 10/04/04
Posts: 8,978
Loc: South Texas
Last seen: 11 years, 6 months
Gets it!
06/21/05 02:40 AM

Good posts!

Registered: 05/19/05
Posts: 58
Loc: South Park, CO
Last seen: 17 years, 4 months
05/21/05 08:46 AM

I really love your posts, other times... eh. But you are HONEST, you get a 5.
Tool's groupie
Female User Gallery

Registered: 04/09/04
Posts: 11,505
Loc: Billy Howerdel's closet Flag
Last seen: 8 months, 12 days
Right on!
04/28/05 03:07 PM

Exactly what electrode said...

best username ever! :cool:
Twisted brainwrong of a oneoff man mental

Registered: 08/08/03
Posts: 812
Loc: Airstrip One
total righteous son of...
04/02/05 02:00 AM

a bitch, keep up the good work. hallelujah!

Registered: 02/06/05
Posts: 3,546
Loc: California, Monterey Coun...
China currency
03/13/05 10:14 AM

Mark my words, I'm the son of God.

Great stuff.  :cool:
just a tester

Registered: 06/17/04
Posts: 11,252
Loc: Cypress Creek
Way to go Jesus!
03/03/05 06:33 PM

You saved us all! Thanks!  :laugh:  :wink:
Male User Gallery

Registered: 01/02/05
Posts: 23,576
Loc: The Barricades
Party on!
02/18/05 08:07 AM

Anyone who can turn water into wine is a friend of mine. :cool:
Miracle of Science

Registered: 10/25/04
Posts: 2,577
Loc: PNW
Last seen: 5 years, 4 months
02/14/05 07:28 PM

"The people that claim we are going to have a draft are idiots. The people that claim that we are going to attack Iran are wrong. We are not going to have a draft, and we aren't about to attack Iran."

Let's all remember he said this, then point and laugh when it actually happens.
 User Gallery

Registered: 10/03/03
Posts: 20,498
Loc: Euthanasia
01/30/05 10:47 PM

Dog Lover

Registered: 04/25/04
Posts: 6,762
12/14/04 11:45 PM

I don't know you. I have never spoken to you in a thread but I see you have taken the name of the Lord Jesus and decided to use it. So I think that deserves 3 shrooms or less but I give you the benifit of the doubt. :crazy:
Ten ThousandThings

Registered: 11/03/03
Posts: 3,171
Loc: The Shining Void
Last seen: 14 years, 4 months
My personal savior
11/20/04 02:09 AM

Thanks for eternal salvation! :smile:
 User Gallery

Registered: 07/03/03
Posts: 35,129
11/03/04 05:31 PM

Vote Libertarian!!

Registered: 02/09/01
Posts: 16,296
Loc: Crackerville, Michigan U...
Rabble Rouser.
11/03/04 03:05 PM

I'm giving you 5 since I have a feeling you'll be getting a bunch of ones from the whiners that love Kerry.

Non-photo Blue

Registered: 07/21/04
Posts: 123
Last seen: 17 years, 6 months
All right
10/27/04 08:06 AM

good enough for me.
Ferret Farmer
Trans-male User Gallery

Registered: 02/10/04
Posts: 18,286
Loc: Zone ate
10/15/04 06:08 PM

Devil's Advocate
Female User Gallery

Registered: 09/24/03
Posts: 22,518
Loc: Mod not God Flag
Last seen: 2 months, 11 days
Seems you need the help
10/11/04 10:42 AM

Here's five.

Tweexican gave me four!

Feel better?

Registered: 06/15/02
Posts: 15,608
Funniest comment today
09/10/04 02:29 PM

JesusChrist said:

Clinton claimed he danced with Mary Jane but never kissed her. She is apparently one of the few women he played coy with.

That is SOOO damn funny.
fungus fan

Registered: 06/27/02
Posts: 5,666
Loc: In the middle of the nort...
Last seen: 17 years, 6 months
God damn me
09/10/04 10:28 AM

I don't agree with you, but reading your posts are always either a) informative (to the "other" side's view) b)entertaining c)just plain hilarious.

Thanks for spicing it up. Keep on rocking
liberal pussy
Female User Gallery

Registered: 05/21/02
Posts: 5,646
Loc: innsmouth..MA
five thumbs down
08/02/04 02:57 AM

TOYK..enimapyrt..lysergic..johnny respect..whatever...a neocon twit by other name..even if your not just the same puppet...

EDIT ..zeor shrooms...

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