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OfflineThe Truth
shall set you free
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Registered: 04/23/09
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YouTube shiitake intro
02/16/18 11:28 PM

Re: Re: Pond Foggers

Nice setup.
Good intro
Stony Danza
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Registered: 12/18/14
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Loc: Fairfield, Connecticut
01/21/18 11:59 PM

Making one of these real soon.
And thanks for the help with the flow hood :thumbsup:

Registered: 08/07/16
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Dig your videos man =)
10/02/17 09:35 PM

That Fun Guy
I'm a teapot

Registered: 05/13/17
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Helped thoroughly
09/04/17 04:19 PM

Gonna get a jump start
Bacteria Rancher

Registered: 08/21/16
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guy knows his stuff
07/21/17 05:11 PM

Well educated on growing oysters
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Registered: 02/06/16
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Don't know how I haven't done this yet
06/06/17 10:31 AM

MVP no doubt. One of the best in the community, constantly continues to impress and provide amazing info. :thumbup:
( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)つ=D
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Registered: 05/15/04
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Loc: Zone 8
5 shrooms
05/19/17 04:46 AM

Very helpful. Much appreciated :cheers:
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Registered: 01/07/16
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Loc: Flag
Awesome tek!
05/08/17 01:50 PM

Re: 55 gallon drum sterilzer build instructions

free food finder
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Registered: 05/02/13
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Loc: Smurfs village
great vids
04/01/17 07:48 AM

:shitsintense: your tubeyou videos are great thanks for sharing
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Registered: 02/14/07
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You sir,
02/09/17 08:09 AM

Are certainly an educated mycologist.

I enjoy watching your YouTube vids.

Keep up the excellent work :thumbup:
Frank's Disciple
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Registered: 02/13/13
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My Role Model
01/01/17 11:20 PM

Gr0wer is my biggest influence right now! His information is fantastic and what he brings to this community is invaluable to say the least! He is always quick to respond to questions I ask him across several mediums. Thank you so much man!
blue collar underworld
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Registered: 07/19/13
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impulse sealer
10/29/16 03:49 AM

wow, I'm an idiot…i never rated u yet??:facepalm:

FINALLY got that magnetic 5mm sealer i saw in ur video man.  one of the best purchases I made in a while, so i was gonna update the rating to say that

i dunno how you do what you do alone, but ur in constant beast mode.:mindblown:

wish u weren't all the way down south, would be cool to meet up and chill, maybe one day:mushroom2:

mush love brother

Gr0wer responded on 11/02/16 10:46 PM:

Yea that 5mm auto sealer is the shit. I now realize i need to suck it up and buy a double element sealer but im not there yet, maybe 2017. the $800 pricetag sucks but so does wasting time sealing hard to seal bags.

Luckily i now have an apprentice working with me, and i drag my wife in for bag packing. Beast mode for sure, i honestly don't know where the energy comes from but im dead every night lol. If your ever down south your more than welcome, if not im in the military so maybe ill be closer to you next base? 

always learning
I'm a teapot

Registered: 10/28/15
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Super cool.
10/25/16 10:44 PM

Enjoying Life
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Registered: 08/26/12
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az stated
10/08/16 09:46 PM

Hello, loved your write up about the seeds and how it was detailed
Using different grains. It will help many out. Thanks friend!
:sunny:  :sunny:  :breakthrough:
Addicted To Growing

Registered: 05/26/14
Posts: 1,124
09/01/16 12:40 AM

Gave me the information I was looking for, while others were just being mean and uninformative about it. Thanks :smile:
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Registered: 07/29/15
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one of the most if not the most helpful member on the board
07/14/16 01:20 AM

Re: Re: Random edible grow photo thread

Just putting this out here as I feel gr0wer deserves the reps up
:rockon: keep rockin man

Gr0wer responded on 07/19/16 11:16 PM:

I wish i could do a respond all, Thanks to all you guys for your support. I enjoy spreading my knowledge and love to see others follow in my footsteps. Its not easy, you will have long days and late nights but it pays off well. Best of luck to all my fellow shroomerites and thanks for your support.

nom nom nom

Registered: 04/06/06
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Loc: heliosphere
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Good dude
07/12/16 11:00 PM

Always helps people out, generous with his advice. Cheers man!
Rocky mountain hood rat
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Registered: 02/09/15
Posts: 8,940
Loc: ation
You are a genuine bad ass!
07/09/16 10:55 AM

Your youtube videos are awesome and you are full of great advice! Thanks for being a bad ass!
all good

Registered: 03/09/14
Posts: 679
cool dude
06/18/16 12:02 PM

knows his craft

Last Edited 06/18/16 12:03 PM
A psilly goose
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Registered: 02/15/12
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06/16/16 10:49 AM

You and the links in your signature have been veryy helpful. Many thanks

Always improving indeed :rockon:
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