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serial dilutor
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Registered: 01/21/15
Posts: 3,200
Loc: the abyss
libertarian ftw
06/18/17 05:43 PM

i love your sig + sense of humor :smile:
Nam Sayin
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Registered: 08/24/14
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03/08/17 07:46 AM

Good sense of humor

Registered: 02/24/12
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I want you to see me everytime you look at your ratings
11/28/16 08:59 PM

Because your my bitch.
You are the universe
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Registered: 05/30/16
Posts: 1,620
Loc: In the moment
Overall good guy
06/12/16 06:23 PM

Good guy with a sense of humor 5 boomers
Sporocarp Stretching

Registered: 08/05/08
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Jury Nullification
05/15/16 07:27 AM

You da man! Keep promoting freedom my friend!
Semper Fidelis
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Registered: 01/11/05
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Before my hiatius
03/16/16 10:16 AM

I remember your nipple!(and comments).
OfflineVisionary Tools
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Registered: 06/23/07
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pretty much this
02/01/16 08:23 PM


Eh, you know, could have been nicer about it.

luvdemshrooms responded on 02/09/16 11:06 AM:

Maybe yours will grow back.

I'm a teapot

Registered: 05/09/10
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12/03/15 02:22 PM

tells it like it is.

gives anti-gunners and retards a run for their money.

I like it.

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Registered: 07/07/04
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Here's 5
10/17/15 10:52 PM

Just for bein here for so long and having almost 60 ppl ignore you lol
A psilly goose
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Registered: 02/15/12
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10/17/15 04:34 PM

"two inch dick but it spins." I'm on LSD right now and that is some funny shit.

You should seriously consider adding a Santa Claus hat to your avatar like some folks on here like to do. A pierced nipple wearing a santa claus hat....

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Registered: 08/20/10
Posts: 14,539
09/27/15 07:54 AM

Butthurt crybaby deku scrub
Doles out 0's when he's hurt that people don't want to read his snide remarks
Haven't had you on ignore in a year or so now
Rarely anything positive to say, mostly butthurts

Sometimes though you do say things that are on point
Gontish Wizard
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Registered: 12/02/13
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Loc: Roke
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kinda a dick
09/20/15 12:44 PM

for no good reason :shrug:
otd president
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Registered: 10/13/12
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Loc: washington state Flag
Last seen: 2 years, 8 months
08/04/15 08:38 AM

"Utter nonsense.

Cops are citizens as well. They are there to serve everyone... themselves included. That means going home alive. That means remaining alive to support their families.

Your opinion on this and of those who share it... is ludicrous.

It certainly seems that most of those killed by cops brought their fate on themselves. I shed no tears, nor give no fucks, for them. Frankly, a cops life is more valuable than the shitbags who would harm them or others."

mad $cientist, ganjacologist
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Registered: 09/18/09
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Loc: A fictional tale, in fictional...
Last seen: 11 hours, 27 minutes
Ask an Attorney...
06/30/15 03:27 PM


luvdemshrooms said:

Enlil said:
The process of repairing and rebuilding will require trust.  Filing and/or snooping destroys trust...they're two separate roads that lead to different places.

You often give good advice. Sometimes your advice is quite far above good.

Those words are priceless.

well said... almost as well as Enlil himself. I got the chills after his reply.
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Registered: 10/11/08
Posts: 17,257
Loc: Geospatial inversion.
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Researches shit
06/16/15 05:03 PM

n stuff
everyone entitled to opinion:thumbup:
InvisibleFantastic Mr. Fox
Grass Seed Connoisseur

Registered: 02/12/15
Posts: 3,225
Loc: Flag
There is
04/27/15 03:29 AM

no reasoning with this guy, instead he rather walk with a stick up his ass.

Last Edited 06/03/15 06:19 PM
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Registered: 05/06/13
Posts: 19,227
Loc: Upstate
Just ignore him
04/04/15 01:32 PM

And your Shroomery experience will be all the better :thumbup:

This ones not worth bothering with.
Make way for the cavalcade
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Registered: 06/28/11
Posts: 9,063
Loc: Chicago, Illinois, USA
You are a consummate dick
10/22/14 11:56 AM

Somehow it's endearing.

Registered: 09/30/14
Posts: 321
a nipple
10/20/14 07:09 PM

if ur avatar is a nipple ur cool in my book, my books full of jews.
I care!!
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Registered: 06/14/09
Posts: 20,321
Loc: The land of plenty Flag
Last seen: 11 days, 6 hours
luvdemshrooms puts thought into his posts
10/16/14 09:53 AM

His posts are not always positive and at times appear nothing but whiny. From what i have seen though, he only speaks up with the best of intentions for the community.
For that reason i am bumping this +5. He is a great member to have on the forums, and any person whom disagrees with him likely can not perceive the big picture or is a person unable to conduct reasonable conclusions.

Last Edited 04/19/15 08:45 AM
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