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Registered: 07/12/18
Posts: 15,405
Loc: reno
08/24/22 08:47 AM

thisguy has too many +5 ratings. almost like he enjoys taking five.


Registered: 06/09/20
Posts: 412
Last seen: 7 hours, 44 minutes
02/11/22 12:54 AM

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Registered: 08/08/21
Posts: 2,170
12/21/21 01:25 AM

And for your grovels
InvisibleAltered Beast
Savage Blow

Registered: 11/09/21
Posts: 245
Loc: Pullman Berth
Someone nurse this baby bird back to health
11/16/21 03:20 AM

A cry of pain is the song of the wounded man

Registered: 06/08/09
Posts: 6,448
Loc: Flag
Last seen: 3 months, 8 days
I got this guy in a mental ball gag
05/29/21 12:28 PM

his last line of defense?
trying to chomp on my dick, but lord knows I ain't no homo :crazy2:
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 01/07/15
Posts: 13,064
Loc: the parking lot
Solid dude
01/05/21 02:10 PM

+5 shrooms!
Not Your Average Bear
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Registered: 10/14/19
Posts: 8,541
Loc: Out of the Cellar
Good dude
12/26/20 05:12 PM

I hope you find something to fill the void :heart:
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Registered: 11/19/20
Posts: 593
Makes a decent poast now and then
12/17/20 08:14 PM

InvisibleStudy The CNS
Anecdotal Subtext

Registered: 11/17/20
Posts: 1,588
Loc: Mexico Flag
Stronger Than Ox
12/02/20 05:15 PM

Built to last in OTD.
I'm a teapot

Registered: 05/18/17
Posts: 1,146
0 Shroom Rating
09/24/20 10:25 PM

Seems like a pretty cool guy! :crazy2:
Minister of Propaganda
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 03/20/14
Posts: 6,740
Loc: daterapeville,USA
Last seen: 4 minutes, 13 seconds
he did get butthurt
09/16/20 08:30 AM


Urb said:
I only get butt hurt when someone gives me a 5 or tries to call me a pedo..other than that , I am good.

No it's probably the little boy that gets butthurt, this is a joke, a play on the words from your quote.

Last Edited 10/25/20 03:04 AM
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Registered: 09/17/15
Posts: 2,497
Loc: United States Flag
Here’s 5
08/15/20 06:43 PM


Registered: 04/25/09
Posts: 13,656
Loc: Utah
Urb is a good guy.
07/14/20 03:12 AM

Hilarious, posts good updates, thoughtful, caring. Really a classic good poster and a good human being in general.

InvisibleTexas Honey Badger
No fucks given
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 07/13/18
Posts: 38,404
Loc: Spicemaster Texas
Great Poaster
07/12/20 02:00 AM

I loves my Urbblezzz
:halfcocked:  :fffuck:  :notlol:  :monkeyspank:  :hereyougo:
OTD Masterbater

Registered: 02/07/07
Posts: 15,567
Loc: PNW
07/01/20 08:40 AM

quality doge content
destroy all lawns everywhere
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Registered: 10/27/12
Posts: 8,001
Loc: not in compliance
gets wasted and brags about sleeping with his sisters' dogs
06/30/20 01:38 PM

untrustworthy. has no morals. almost definitely inbred, grandparents likely mixed-race and illiterate. known terror suspect, possesses large quantities of explosives and a highly intelligent brain.

Last Edited 07/12/20 02:06 AM

Urb responded on 07/12/20 12:16 AM:

Hey , my sister's dogs are really hot.

Pöåšt Šhïttēr
Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/30/18
Posts: 2,085
Loc: TheOnlyTenISee
Last seen: 22 hours, 27 minutes
Udgaf either
06/21/20 03:38 AM

And I dig it. You seem like a dude i could fight til we’re ear bleeding then be like fuck it son let’s just do some drugs. Idk if you want 5 or 0 but I like you so 5 it is. Let me know if you want me to polar it.
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Registered: 12/03/13
Posts: 453
Loc: shroomery
Last seen: 1 day, 13 hours
04/13/20 06:30 AM

livin life
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Registered: 05/27/08
Posts: 3,950
Loc: California Flag
Last seen: 9 hours, 14 minutes
03/30/20 12:58 AM

Nom nom nom
Psychedelic Cowboy

Registered: 04/01/19
Posts: 1,334
Loc: SW US Flag
Last seen: 2 years, 20 days
The guy delivers
03/02/20 06:45 AM


Last Edited 03/02/20 10:49 AM
Hellbound Hell Hound
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Registered: 05/14/17
Posts: 11,781
Last seen: 12 days, 17 hours
Yo yo
02/05/20 06:34 PM

I like the urb we could sit on the curb and smoke the sherbs

Last Edited 12/26/20 11:44 PM
OTD Keymaster
 User Gallery

Registered: 09/26/12
Posts: 86,997
Loc: hades
We bonded over us both being raped by the white man..
12/01/19 10:29 PM

..he got it far worse than I did.  :singletear:


Last Edited 02/17/21 01:53 AM
OfflineFleabag Friend
OTD Free Bag Fiend
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Registered: 01/06/15
Posts: 12,938
Loc: Texas
Last seen: 10 hours, 50 minutes
Fuck this dude
10/12/19 10:28 AM

I've been meaning to return the favor. I guess 0's are 5's for me too.
This fella right here is half the reason I keep on comin back to the shroomery.
A like minded individual. whatever that means. i guess it just means logical and honest.
One cool sum bitch.
I hope this website does for me whats its done for all the rest of the people who is so devoted to it.  much love you lazy buncha a fucks.
im drunk as shit,
fuck you urb

Urb responded on 11/28/19 09:14 AM:

Why thank you Fleabag. I will cherish the zero's  much in the same way that Shivers does a bag full of rubber dicks .

Defender of Cubes
 User Gallery

Registered: 07/29/10
Posts: 2,994
Last seen: 50 minutes, 6 seconds
09/20/19 06:10 AM

Possibly due to inbreeding
I'm a teapot

Registered: 03/22/19
Posts: 4,239
Loc: everywhere.
Last seen: 6 days, 1 hour
He makes fake promises
06/10/19 04:24 PM

Said he was gonna rate me then said he had to sober up first.
You already told me it was gonna be 0 shrooms, I want it done drunk not sober. Liar. Promising me things then leaving me high and DRY

Urb responded on 07/09/19 06:03 AM:

I gave her a proper 0. Couldn't have her running around OTD with 5 shrooms. I guess she just didn't understand the favor.

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