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InvisibleTexas Honey BadgerM
No fucks given
I'm a teapot User Gallery

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Are you the tv star
05/03/24 09:16 PM

You were great on Seinfeld bubba:fuckyeah:

Last Edited 05/13/24 06:28 PM
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Slow mod
11/04/23 08:30 PM

Edit: Your Late Costanza!

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10/17/21 07:12 PM

OTD Masterbater

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get them turds
10/11/21 08:29 AM

They're turds
InvisibleDoctor Mario

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01/13/21 06:36 AM

I like your posts.
InvisibleMr E. Humperdinck
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08/26/20 09:57 PM

Re: Re: I want to "cut" mushroom powder


Agreed, I feel like Bumboat's story has more holes than a pound of swiss sliced thin. Sure seems like there has got to be more to the story.

However there is always the chance he is absolutely genuine, which is why I offered an alternative easy solution to his dilemma.

truth seeker
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Always Helpful
08/16/20 02:57 PM

Thank you for being a cornerstone of Shroomery. Kindness to young members makes for a stronger community. Thank you.
Finder of shrubberies
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Couldn’t have said it better myself!
01/17/19 10:52 PM


george castanza said:[/b
As you continue on your life's journey the best advice anyone could ever give you is to be honest with yourself. I had a lot of problems myself in my younger years, but as soon as I realized I was creating most of my problems myself and then activity started to accept responsibility for said problems they seemed to disappear almost overnight. I became someone who is very comfortable and well pleased with themselves. Every day my life improves and I enjoy it a little more. I wish there was a way that I could just give this to other people, but that fact is this is something an individual can only do for themselves.

Very wise!
Mushroom Enthusiast
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5 Mushrooms for you
12/16/18 09:06 PM

Re: Re: Magnesium, dolomite lime and casings.. a definitive answer needed.

A comment you made(super old post - 11 years ago) was helpful for me
Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

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02/16/18 09:29 AM

I love that we have people like yourself here on this site. You provide much needed value and experience, and I appreciate that!  :grin:
dAta pROceSsOr
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George castanza
02/08/18 04:32 AM

Good guy, gives valuable counsel and wise advice. A responsible man.
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Respect, Bro.
08/03/17 10:02 PM

You're doing very good things here. Thank you for all your time and effort.
Experience is Wisdom

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Kramer Cakes TEK
07/12/17 07:02 AM

Very cool to see an 'older' member back around and contributing great takes on old ideas!

Would have loved to try this after my first BRF TEK.
Eat's You Alive :)
 User Gallery

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kramer cakes!
06/09/17 11:56 AM

good little thread you have going there george. im glad your still around. these younglings are trying real hard to push us oldies out the door. don't let em! :thumbup:
I'm a teapot

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Good advice
06/05/17 02:45 PM

Thanks for keeping an eye on my thread.

Keep it up; you're doing God's work.

I'm a teapot User Gallery

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closing the suuper lazy tek thread
05/19/17 01:49 PM

Thank you! :laugh: It was annoying the fuck out of me.
Vote for Humanity
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Kramer cakes
11/13/16 07:24 PM

thanks for the idea
always learning
I'm a teapot

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lmao that avatar
09/27/16 11:13 PM

SWIM Sinker
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Sound advice...
09/04/16 09:48 PM

And great teks.  Kramer cakes ftw

Registered: 08/25/16
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Nice tek
08/30/16 10:05 PM

Thanks for sharing your kramer tek!
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