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I'm a teapot User Gallery

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Respectful Discourse
02/21/23 08:00 PM

Even in the face of opposition is key to growing!

Glad we mostly came to an agreement and atleast a general understanding of one anothers positions!
Shroomery addict
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We all
05/19/21 11:50 PM

Love playing the game
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Doesn't necessarily
11/21/19 02:55 AM

Slumber when sleeping
Heavy experiences can leave you weeping
Sleep paralysis comes a creeping
Dreamworld into "reality" seeping
It's a plateful of something heaping.

wrestler_az responded on 11/26/19 01:53 AM:

haha nice!

Humble Student

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What the shit?!?!
06/05/19 07:04 AM

I never rated you after meeting you!!!

Truly, one of the most lovely, caring, funny, wonderful humans I have ever met.

Keep on rocking brother!
Somth'n of a Somth'n
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05/03/19 11:09 AM

Support local brewery's!
Aurora Borealis

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nice avatar
12/14/18 01:44 PM

nice avatar buddy. here's a 5/5 :smile:
pump ur peen
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great response regarding "is sobriety a drug?"
07/12/18 06:14 PM


Great response, made me laugh pretty hard.  :mushroom2: :feelsgoodman: :datass:
Old Hand

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08/12/17 07:32 PM

Old hand.
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For sharing
01/31/17 07:41 AM

sorry for your loss
Earth Hippy

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01/18/17 01:45 AM

Thanks for trying
reality is plastic
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10/23/16 04:36 AM

I like what you're looking for here.

I bookmarked every one of those artists you posted in the OP.

dark and weird is also my fav :wink:


Last Edited 10/23/16 04:39 AM
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Shroomery staple
09/15/16 12:10 PM

Hella :mushroom: :thumbup:
apply daily

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04/14/16 09:20 PM

fellow vet  :rockon:
InvisibleThe Doobie Dude

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Pure genius on so many levels
04/26/15 11:18 PM

"i think maybe we are the ones missing out. survival has become too easy... if we had to work for it, maybe it might actually mean something. at the least we wouldnt have much time for making up mental disorders..."
Cosmological Philosopher

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Thanks man
08/31/13 12:34 AM

Thank you!
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Good guy
06/20/13 10:12 PM

:awethumb:  :bobmarley:
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nice grow
09/04/11 06:41 AM

I heard it on Wednesday...
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Do what you gotta do
03/21/11 12:50 PM

"im really not sure. like i said earlier, im not the violent type. but at the same time, im not going to stand back and watch some fucking drunk ass gang bangers get all roudy in my bar. whats a man to do in such a situation?"

haha good shit man, good shit, enjoyed the story.


wrestler_az said:
"anyway, for the sake of argument, lets just say that there is a part of us that is indeed "eternal". a spirit, or soul, an energy, what ever you want to call it. there is that part of us that will continue to go on after we die... forever. and forever, being the all encompassing word that it is, also extends in the other direction. this part of us has always existed before we were born, and will always exist after we die. eternal.

now lets assume that this eternal spirit of ours has a consciousness. one all of its own, completely separate to that of the one we have now in this life. connected out there to the infinite, it knows of no past or future. everything that has or will ever happen is experienced and remembered by this consciousness all at once.

now here is what i felt was happening at the time. i pictured this infinite eternal consciousness of my soul leaking out into my everyday living human brain consciousness. and as these two merged together, the memories of my spirits consciousness were overlapping and merging with what was going on at the time, and allowing me to remember the present as if it were the past."

Very nice, read that after my i posted me rating.  Wish i could give you 10 :thumbup:

Last Edited 03/21/11 12:53 PM
living in perverty
 User Gallery

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Cool guy
12/03/10 12:33 PM

Way to do something good for a complete stranger. Good vibes man :wink::thumbup:
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Registered: 02/10/08
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03/06/10 08:13 PM

cool cat
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