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Live to party,work to affordit.
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Registered: 10/03/04
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Loc: South Texas
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Thank You
11/09/08 07:46 PM

Ancalagon. :thumbup:
Inquiring Mind

Registered: 08/19/03
Posts: 418
Last seen: 10 years, 10 days
10/04/08 11:39 PM

Good job calling out Phred for the GOP shill that he is. While I don't always agree with your opinions, I really appreciate the different points of view and the clear and concise way you express them. Please keep posting in the political forum!
I am the LizardKing
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Registered: 06/01/06
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+ 5
09/15/08 11:05 AM

for another agnostic libertarian!
deus ex machina

Registered: 10/06/07
Posts: 1,883
Loc: Gondwana
Thank You.
09/14/08 05:55 PM


This post is pretty indicative of why this sub-forum is terrible -- utter partisan garbage. 2000-20006 were some of the least 'conservative' -- if that term has any meaning at all -- years in American history since the New Deal. And you are excited at the prospect of a return to that? When was the last time you made a post that genuinely railed against the sheer idiocy and/or evil of the Republicans? Do you just not care so long as your team wins?

GALLUP: Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive
Jesus is Lord

Registered: 10/05/07
Posts: 6,276
Loc: A Church
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Great informative poster
07/06/08 07:58 PM

Re: Re: Libertarians?

Man of Science
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Registered: 03/15/05
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Loc: Hogtown
Right on!
06/29/08 10:23 AM

I give props who a man who donated to R.P. :congrats:

Ancalagon the black, btw? The first, and greatest of the wing'd dragons?  Props also to another Tolkien fan!
Semper Fidelis
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Registered: 01/11/05
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To History!!
01/13/06 02:26 PM

Impletments and understands the historical significance of the world!!
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Registered: 03/16/05
Posts: 32,557
Loc: California, US
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01/05/06 12:33 AM

I don't necessarily agree with your views, but I appreciate the way you express them.
Exposer of Truth
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Registered: 08/13/03
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Loc: Smokey Mtns. TN Flag
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this guy
12/20/05 06:05 PM

Is one of the few people i respect in P&L his posts are thought out logically and doesnt resort to ridiculous ad hominems and bullshit.
free radical
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Registered: 05/11/05
Posts: 2,421
Loc: SE PA
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one of the best
11/17/05 02:06 PM

in PAL.

Registered: 06/12/03
Posts: 3,104
10/06/05 06:57 PM

Twisted brainwrong of a oneoff man mental

Registered: 08/08/03
Posts: 812
Loc: Airstrip One
great poster in PAL
07/02/05 06:18 AM

and backs up his points with facts, refreshing.
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Registered: 01/01/05
Posts: 23,576
Loc: The Barricades
Always enjoyed
02/08/05 12:10 AM

Your posts in PAL.
Like My Tits?

Registered: 11/09/04
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Loc: Eatin' at the "Y"
Agnostic Libertarian
11/10/04 06:17 AM

fo shizzle.
life in E minor
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Registered: 06/07/01
Posts: 1,860
Loc: /export/home/Kremlin
Last seen: 4 years, 6 months
11/01/04 08:26 PM

Ive started reading PA&L lately, and i must say that your posts impress me!
Daisy Chain Eater

Registered: 12/04/03
Posts: 2,400
Loc: New York
10/25/04 09:02 PM

A brilliant political poster.

Like pinky, he uses logic and an incredible range of knowledge to back his arguments.

Unlike pinky, he's actually friendly and inviting while doing so. Very effective. I'm sure he's converted many a Shroomerite to libertarianism (though he'll have to give me a labotomy before I join up).  :grin:
It's the psychedelic movement!
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Registered: 04/20/01
Posts: 34,322
Loc: High pride!
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Fiercly 3rd party
10/12/04 11:12 AM

I don't agree with everything you say, but you're a smart guy and I like how you dislike the big two partys.

Destroy those partys.
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Registered: 02/18/99
Posts: 2,486
Loc: Washington
08/22/04 03:06 PM

I enjoy reading your thoughts in PA&L
Son Of God

Registered: 02/19/04
Posts: 1,459
Last seen: 11 years, 9 months
I can't say enough
08/03/04 11:35 AM

Rock solid and market wise, you my friend are the fucking Prudential.

I look forward to your posts. Yours is a voice of reason and common sense.

You make me want to vote Libertarian. If only more Americans were like you. Hell, if only more conservatives were like you.

You are a great American.
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Registered: 06/14/04
Posts: 1,476
Loc: Dearborn Michigan
Last seen: 1 year, 1 month
07/26/04 02:02 PM

An eloquent and well spoken man with a great knowledge of history. We can all learn something from him :wink:
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