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Registered: 03/14/04
Posts: 8,120
you take criticism
06/22/05 09:24 PM

very, very poorly.

huge ego.
The answer to1984 is 1776.
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Registered: 05/06/99
Posts: 2,782
Loc: The 66th harmonic
donnie darko
06/05/05 12:12 PM

"Whoever says this movie was good has BAD taste in movies."

who died and made you the almighty decision maker of who has good taste in movies?  :confused:
lucid dreamer
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Registered: 01/25/04
Posts: 1,895
Loc: lost at sea
Last seen: 22 days, 9 hours
comment on donnie darko
06/05/05 04:51 AM

'Whoever says this movie was good has BAD taste in movies.'


Registered: 12/15/03
Posts: 9,399
Loc: Giu La Testa
Children of God
12/22/04 02:08 AM

damn you to hell
InvisibleCaptain Jack
i [heart] you

Registered: 01/23/00
Posts: 4,113
05/26/04 11:30 PM

Do you have SARS yet?
Trance DepthExplorer

Registered: 12/03/02
Posts: 73
Loc: Fresno, California
Last seen: 17 years, 8 months
03/29/04 12:08 PM

are the shizzle. Spiral Out...keep going! :cool:
now with 20%more anger

Registered: 10/29/03
Posts: 916
Last seen: 3 years, 8 months
02/04/04 09:44 PM

have a serious talent.
e l e m e n t al i t y
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Registered: 01/14/02
Posts: 3,323
Loc: The Desert
Last seen: 15 years, 8 months
took me this long?
02/03/04 10:58 PM

Mr. Murex, you're a valuable part to this virtual space.  Amazing graphix, intriguing sounds... MA+L is your home! :cool:
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Registered: 05/22/02
Posts: 2,511
01/30/04 10:57 PM

for having exceptional posts in the politics forum
Criminal Bodhisattva
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Registered: 07/07/02
Posts: 3,289
Loc: Indiana Flag
[i n f e c t e d]
01/13/04 03:35 PM


Spread it. It's an INFECTion.
Leaving YourWasteland

Registered: 10/23/02
Posts: 3,594
Loc: Passing Cloud
11/09/03 12:17 PM

Damn, im bad about this too. Lol. 5 shrooms for a bad ass Mantis  :laugh:!
Offlinedawn of a new day
un inglohablante

Registered: 01/16/03
Posts: 117
Loc: Earth
Last seen: 18 years, 4 months
09/05/03 09:45 PM

i really like your artwork. i meant to rate you a while ago but never got around to it. you seem like a really good guy.
geo's henchman
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Registered: 11/20/00
Posts: 3,776
Loc: nowhereland
08/02/03 11:47 PM

murex is cool hes always got cool puictures after his posts that mean hes good at making graphics, i wish i was. :ooo:
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Registered: 05/15/02
Posts: 7,370
Loc: Daylight Slavings
Shameless plug.
06/28/03 01:46 AM

I know talent when I see/hear it. :smile:

Check him out!
ℚṲℰϟ✞ЇѺℵ ℛ∃Åʟḯ†У
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Registered: 11/23/01
Posts: 10,211
Loc: Bloomington, IN
Last seen: 8 years, 7 months
Chaos artist
06/21/03 04:56 PM

You make some great musik, keep it up my infected friend.  :o  :crazy:

Registered: 07/19/02
Posts: 2,185
Loc: Canada
Last seen: 3 years, 6 months
what is real?
06/21/03 11:57 AM

Is Murex real?  Or is he just a collection of JPGs?  :confused:
People of the sun.
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Registered: 10/29/00
Posts: 8,157
Loc: Cologne, Germany
oh yeah!
06/17/03 06:01 PM

prying open my third eye!

an amazing fellow with excellent ideas and inspirating art... keep it up man, you have truly enrichened this forum (s&p)...

all the light
Space Travellin
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Registered: 02/13/00
Posts: 66,006
Loc: 9th Dimension Flag
Murex is cool
06/08/03 06:48 AM

Not only is Murex cool, but he makes awesome art and has awesome ideas! Rock on..  :grin:

Registered: 10/11/02
Posts: 7,571
Loc: Hyperspace
Last seen: 12 years, 4 months
05/04/03 09:14 PM

Be sure to check out Murex's website - he's got some killer artwork up there :smile:

Peace Murex - you r0x0r

Registered: 04/17/03
Posts: 656
Loc: Within the Realm of Imagi...
Last seen: 14 years, 2 months
For Fluidity!
05/04/03 04:41 PM

You have a very good mind!  You pass around nice words!

I love the fluidity of your signature! It's always morphing!


My goal is to make great friends! I extend my hand towards you...I hope you accept ! 
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