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I'm a teapot

Registered: 09/22/14
Posts: 2,082
Loc: Taiwan
Damn, long overdue rating
11/10/20 03:04 AM

Your comment about us learning around the same time confused me. I would've thought you'd have started long before me given how much help I've gotten from your posts over the years. Thanks for all the contributions, man. Cheers to you!
Mushroom momma
Female User Gallery

Registered: 04/26/18
Posts: 1,243
Loc: US Flag
Last seen: 8 months, 11 days
03/25/19 09:20 AM

APC hooked up a baller APE swab. She shipped first, very quickly, and the packaging was very professional and everything arrived safely. She's an excellent cultivator and a generous trader. 5 shrooms to you!
Offlineverum subsequentis
seeker of truth
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 03/22/16
Posts: 7,540
Last seen: 2 hours, 38 minutes
Damn, I never rated you?
03/01/19 07:06 PM

What a dirty rotten scoundrel, I am. Thanks for all of your contributions, both in public to the plebs and the private Tribe posts for us ballers. You'll always be worth 5 shrooms to me, verum. From now until your lifeless corpse is found wedged beneath a toppled stack of 20,000 petris. The Cask of Subsequentis.
Frim Fram Sauce

Registered: 12/02/18
Posts: 718
Solid poster and down to provide helpful info.
02/28/19 02:35 AM

Thanks for the contributions around the boards. You're a helpful poster and I wish you success in this hobby!
Male User Gallery

Registered: 10/14/18
Posts: 16
Last seen: 1 month, 29 days
5 Shrooms to you, Oz!
02/27/19 10:26 PM

I'm impressed by how solid your grows are for how new you are to the hobby. And absolutely love the fact you're diving into so much at once. Definitely think you can go far with mycology if you keep it up. Cheers!
Furry as Fuc
Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/05/12
Posts: 12,858
Loc: Central Part of Town
wtf, 5 for the man himself!
02/24/19 05:21 AM

My Tribe brother!
That guy
 User Gallery

Registered: 08/03/18
Posts: 88
Loc: Dark Side of the Moon
Last seen: 1 year, 5 months
A stubborn noob who ignores advice
10/19/18 12:39 AM

It's cool to be innovative and try new things. But you should be open to the fact that your ideas as a very inexperienced grower may not be optimal. If you're fine with doing shit the wrong way, just say so initially so people know not to try and explain stuff to you. No reason to allow folks to try and help you if you don't give a shit about learning.
 User Gallery

Registered: 05/17/17
Posts: 3,100
Last seen: 8 days, 1 hour
Keep up the good work, mang!
10/16/18 01:12 AM

Nice shoebox APE grows! Solid cultivator and pleasant posting attitude. Good luck with all future grows!
Space Force
 User Gallery

Registered: 06/26/11
Posts: 4,603
Loc: Texas
04/27/18 05:50 PM

Humorous, intelligent, well versed in cultivation and a cheerful light in this dark shroomy world. At least that's my opinion!
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 06/18/14
Posts: 7,615
Loc: up north
Last seen: 2 hours, 52 minutes
Awesome member and a true myco-friend!
01/23/18 11:58 AM

Psilo is an excellent member of the community and someone I'm glad to have met during my myco-journey. Beyond being a positive, helpful poster, he's also a talented cultivator himself. Keep up the good work, brother!

PsiloPsychIn responded on 01/25/18 12:28 AM:

Thank you Sir Stareatclouds - I struggle to deserve such kind words. You are too kind. Thank you for all you do Stare

Mushroom Hunter
Male User Gallery

Registered: 11/07/16
Posts: 2,543
Loc: PNW Flag
Last seen: 17 days, 6 hours
Great poster and cultivator.
10/23/17 09:42 AM

I love seeing both your wild finds and your grows. Keep up the good work, Duder! Cheers!
InvisibleMad Season
hookers and blackjack
 User Gallery

Registered: 09/16/12
Posts: 12,666
Loc: Canada Flag
5 Shrooms!
10/23/17 09:39 AM

I'm surprised I haven't rated you sooner. You're an excellent cultivator and an equally awesome poster. I've learned a lot from your contributions. Thanks!
Full on... Bossley Baggins
 User Gallery

Registered: 10/14/13
Posts: 3,563
Last seen: 8 days, 8 hours
Excellent trader! Thank you for the prints!
10/23/17 12:13 AM

Tom sent me multiple LGT prints, all wrapped in foil professionally and sealed in their own baggies. The prints themselves were excellent and I had no trouble with them at all. Thanks for the generosity and kind care with the prints!

1/22/18 Edit: I'm editing to add an extra thumbs up for a recent trade/gift exchange. I offered tom an APE swab since he sent me prints before and asked for nothing in return. After reading that my blender attachment gasket broke, he offered to make me one of his custom 1-piece blender blade rings. He didn't owe me anything for the swab, but still offered and asked for nothing in return. tom is an awesome poster, very talented cultivator, and all around generous guy. Thanks again, tom!

Last Edited 01/22/18 03:00 PM
Full on... Bossley Baggins
 User Gallery

Registered: 10/14/13
Posts: 3,563
Last seen: 8 days, 8 hours
Awesome poster and grower!
10/23/17 12:12 AM

I always love your grows, man! Thanks for being a great member of the boards and such a solid contributor! 5 shrooms for you!
Mushroom Maharaja
 User Gallery

Registered: 06/23/11
Posts: 13,880
wtf, I haven't rated you?
10/10/17 09:15 PM

I WISH I COULD GIVE YOU 6! Thanks for all the help over the years, whether from direct postings or your videos and and general advice. Cheers!
Smurf real estate agent
 User Gallery

Registered: 04/30/13
Posts: 58,740
Beautiful PESA Print!
10/05/17 03:00 PM

Thanks again for the super rad PESA print. It was shipped professionally and the print is gorgeous and properly packaged in foil. Very large print with probably a million BABILLION foFILLION! spores present.

bodhisatta responded on 12/09/17 09:09 PM:

:grin: hope they treat you well. Happy Trails!

Mushroom Maharaja
 User Gallery

Registered: 06/23/11
Posts: 13,880
Ghostie Print
08/02/17 01:27 PM

Thanks a lot, Munch. You've always been a very helpful poster and an incredibly talented cultivator. Thanks for your generosity!

Munchauzen responded on 08/03/17 09:34 PM:

glad you got it. never had anything get stuck in the mail for months like that.

Let's boogie
Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/05/16
Posts: 9,637
Loc: Under your bed Flag
Thanks for the clone!
05/24/17 02:33 AM

Thanks a lot, bro. I definitely get you on another culture as soon as I have something viable for you!
 User Gallery

Registered: 01/21/15
Posts: 2,887
Loc: the abyss
PE Swab Giveaway!
05/05/17 04:39 AM

Thanks a lot, dude. I can't wait to put check this under the microscope. You rock!
⇜ ✯ ⇝
 User Gallery

Registered: 11/06/14
Posts: 6,214
Very awesome and generous member!
01/11/16 09:26 PM

Grey hooked me up with an awesome print and a culture, both in professional condition. Thanks again, Grey. You're the man!
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 06/18/14
Posts: 7,615
Loc: up north
Last seen: 2 hours, 52 minutes
Awesome guy!!
12/24/15 02:27 AM

Psilo hooked me up with a Lion's Mane culture and asked for nothing in return. Without me asking, he threw in a few PP5 slants, some Brewers Malt, and Blue Oyster culture as well. Very solid guy and an awesome member of the community!
 User Gallery

Registered: 09/06/15
Posts: 2,265
Generous and professional trader!
12/15/15 12:55 AM

Kali sent me a beautiful clone plate and a 2 boxes of new Glad cups, asking nothing in return. Very awesome of her and I'm very happy!
Lightning Shaman
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 01/01/09
Posts: 26,648
Thanks for all the help!
12/02/15 01:48 AM

Your AMU thread has helped me enormously throughout my cultivation time. You personally have answered many of my questions. Thanks a lot, 13!
InvisibleImperfect Iam
^means imperfect,not I'm perfect
Male User Gallery

Registered: 03/05/13
Posts: 7,237
Loc: center of the universe Flag
RIP, Iam!
10/19/15 04:14 PM

You were a really friendly and chill guy on here. RIP. :frown:
Fun Guy
 User Gallery

Registered: 08/12/15
Posts: 247
Loc: United States Flag
Last seen: 8 months, 19 days
Very rude, ignores rules, etc.
09/20/15 03:34 PM

You should chill out, dude. We're all here to help people and I consistently see you talking shit and being a general asshole to people, including TC's. Take a chill pill.
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