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Registered: 11/08/12
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Last seen: 8 years, 8 months
12/09/14 02:42 PM

Beutiful chanterelles you have there!
mm... my favourite food
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Registered: 03/31/09
Posts: 1,590
Loc: UK Flag
UH MAZE EENG solar dehydrator!
11/04/14 11:54 AM

Nice work home slice!
OfflineAlan RockefellerM
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Registered: 03/10/07
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Yet another quick and accurate ID,
09/04/14 02:41 PM


Last Edited 10/31/14 09:50 PM
Biochemistry + Mycology
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Registered: 08/30/13
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Informative post
09/04/14 02:39 PM

Thanks for the help!

leschampignons responded on 09/05/14 06:09 PM:

Glad to be of service  :cheers:

is the name of me
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Registered: 09/02/10
Posts: 11,420
Loc: North GA, God's fav
07/18/14 04:16 PM

+5 for IDing my houseplant mushrooms!

doctorghosty responded on 08/15/14 11:49 PM:

My pleasure

Say hello to my little friend
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Registered: 09/15/12
Posts: 37,750
Loc: Canada
10/23/13 07:54 PM

Can't understand a proper English sentence and flames my post, stick to the pub.  :rolleyes:

Pastywhyte responded on 10/23/13 08:08 PM:

Butthurt or what? My post was mostly in jest and anyone with even a moderately thick skin would not let it ruin their day. If I posted something that disjointed I would expect a little flaming, but rather than get all sad about it I might try and prove them wrong. Usually its the pubbers that get sooo sensitive about that shit and are quick to leave negative ratings. Maybe its you who should go back to the pub :shrug: Not like I ever see you in cultivation much anyway.

Last Edited 11/01/13 10:11 PM

The Lurker

Registered: 03/01/13
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09/19/13 02:53 PM

Awesome delivery, much love.
Collector of Spores

Registered: 08/24/05
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Loc: Puget Sound
Found Psilocybe guilartensis in puerto rico!!
05/12/13 02:04 PM

Awesome man, I'm glad for you and envious of your experience.
Invisiblethe mad machinest
Medicine Man
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Registered: 04/18/13
Posts: 4,249
Loc: parallel universe #420
Makes wicked awesome wood pipes that I want.
05/11/13 12:57 PM

Yeah that is sick dude, I love wood pipes, especially hand made ones.
Frilly fungal fruiter
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Registered: 07/05/09
Posts: 1,021
Loc: seattle, wa
Last seen: 1 year, 9 months
03/13/13 05:01 PM

Delivered professional goods extremely fast. Couldn't be happier.
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Registered: 10/09/07
Posts: 4,069
Had fun hunting with you!
03/09/13 07:49 AM

Hey bro good times!
Danny Tanner
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Registered: 10/12/03
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Loc: Souf Carolina
Last seen: 8 years, 1 month
01/25/13 12:05 PM


DannyT said:When i was in third grade i tried to set my desk on fire.

OfflineEllis Dee
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Registered: 06/29/01
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Loc: Fire in the sky
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Signature wtf
01/12/13 02:39 AM

New, slightly less annoying sig.

Last Edited 01/19/13 04:29 AM
Offlinejet li
The One
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Registered: 07/09/07
Posts: 4,042
Loc: penis double yew
Last seen: 1 year, 5 months
Made a meme so funney he actually redeemed himself.
12/04/12 07:17 PM


Last Edited 12/04/12 09:09 PM

Registered: 11/22/12
Posts: 23
Last seen: 8 years, 6 months
Nice find!
12/04/12 06:05 PM

Nice first patch!
The Inquisition

Registered: 01/04/11
Posts: 10,573
Fucking hilarious signature gif
11/22/12 09:28 PM

5 shrooms up!
Lightning Shaman
I'm a teapot User Gallery

Registered: 01/01/09
Posts: 26,717
20k posts!!
11/14/12 07:10 AM

Thats a lot of posts man.
Worm Dehydrator
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Registered: 01/07/11
Posts: 1,530
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Cool guy
10/22/12 09:42 AM

good guy fun to hunt mushrooms with, would camp and hunt with him any time.
end of the line

Registered: 08/08/08
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full of ghey
10/21/12 11:08 PM

full of whiney ghey talk about crack.

Registered: 04/20/03
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crack head
10/20/12 01:09 AM


Deviate said:
Lately I've been using what I call the two pipe method.
Basically, I realized that even if you load a good sized rock into your pipe, it will never hit a well toward the end as in the middle of the hit because the crack slides away from the flame.
So instead, I ready two pipes, melt the crack onto the choreboy and then as soon as the best part of the hit is over on the first pipe, I begin bhitting the second one. It's a bit tricky to do it right but once you get the hang of it, it allows you to take the most insane hits.
The reason I had to develop this method was for times when I could not get my hands on good crack. If you have good stuff, one pipe should be enough enough and actually I would honeslty be scared to do two pipes of good stuff in one hit, it might be an OD or close to it. so be  careful folks.
However, if you  if you have crappy crack that just won't give you that rush you are looking for, which is imo, the best rush out there, better than  IV coke (which i just dont find as euphoric for some reason) and better than IV heroin (assuming your in the mood for exhilaration  and not trying to just relax, in which case nothing hits the spot like IV heroin.

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