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Rude and condescending towards other members (not me)
05/06/13 06:21 AM

Stated to one of our newer members that "no experienced mycologist" would ever use h202 for anything but to fight cobweb mold and that h202 WILL damage mycellium even in a low concentration (6%) and was very rude and condescending towards them.  I have some published work (a textbook) that states that h202 can be used for anything from agar work to contam prevention in casing safely without damaging mycellium plus I have used it myself without any harm to mycellium.  Spore germination of course being a different matter all together.  1 Star mostly for rudeness to our newer members and also for poor information spreading.  Dont feel like you know it all sir/maam because you have 9000 posts.  You are clearly lacking in information.

PussyFart responded on 05/07/13 02:35 AM:

How old is that published work you are referring to?


And H2o2 already comes diluted to 3%, so 6% is a high concentration.

I do not think I know it all, but I know you know even less.

Last Edited 05/07/13 02:01 PM

OfflineDr. uarewotueat
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back at you
06/01/07 03:31 AM

If you really think bad ratings make a difference...
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tsk tsk
05/30/07 09:46 PM

Turning turtles on there backs so you can get a shotgun from your house to shoot em is not cool, especially for eating a 3 leaflet leaf from a few 1' tall mj plants. Overkill in my opinion. Save the shooting when your crop is ruined by them. That turtle is jus tryin to survive, and seemed to have only took what was needed from your plants.

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Ohhh Yeeaahhh
05/01/07 04:07 PM

:thumbup::thumbup:  Not only fast, but offers free support for growing the seeds he gave me, but threw in a few extras.  Thanks, my ethno garden has a chance now. :thumbup::thumbup:

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not cool man
04/25/07 11:18 PM

You told us that you would be back in 2 days to help out with your discovery on salvia, and you havent. Your only letting those who believed in you in the first place think your full of shit and shenanigans like most people on there did. PROVE US WRONG!!! (I'll edit the rating once I find out that your discovery is true and not shenanigans.

EDIT: Sorry about the bad rating, but you dont get +5 for bad mouthing me still yet.

Edited Apr. 25, 2007 at 9:20:04 pm by unseenat17
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04/13/07 02:40 PM

The only one endangering lives on the road is probably idiots like you that dont pay attention and dont communicate. Speeders is the least of the problem you fucking asshole licking lil bitch!
Electro Penguin

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spreading lies?
04/13/07 02:33 PM

you are the fool that obviously doesnt know what they are talking about, and by your other ratings, im not the only one who thinks your a moron. have fun, and pull the stick out of your ass.
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10/05/06 08:14 PM

Sorry it took so long to rate ya, been without internet for a while.  Thanks for the trade, and if you get any others, jus talk to me, cuz i wanna get em all! :cool:
Shroomable Action Figure
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Sweet Design
09/24/06 09:23 PM

Sorry it took so long to rate ya, good design for glove box.  Soon as I finish movin, Im gonna make one.  Id rather do g2g rather than live culture anyways.  :grin: :wink: :p
Growing in Bags Doesn't Work

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Awesome Info
09/07/06 01:01 PM

Again, thanks for the info on the water delivery and substrates.  A few things in there i didnt know about, and am glad you explained them! :grin:

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Not Cool
08/03/06 02:29 PM

no need for excessive abuse towards pokalot...cool it down man
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